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Hello...Are There Any....

posted 11/19/2008 8:43:39 PM |
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tagged: funny, sunshine


Are there any assholes out there??

If there are....please respond here!!!

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Nov 19 @ 8:53PM  
If giving you a kudo counts , then

Nov 19 @ 8:53PM  

Nov 19 @ 8:55PM  

Nov 19 @ 8:56PM  

Nov 19 @ 8:56PM  
I've never been accussed of being an asshole but I have been called a bitch too many times to remember. May I post here?

Nov 19 @ 9:08PM  
ass hole here! And not ashamed of it.

Nov 19 @ 9:35PM  
1st step is admitting you have a problem!

I love it!!!

Nov 19 @ 9:39PM  
In b4 Beefy posts this....

Nov 19 @ 9:42PM  
Luna, that was great!!!!!

I give you a kudo on my blog for that!

Nov 19 @ 9:46PM  
Surrounded! I know THAT feeling!

Nov 19 @ 9:48PM  

Ahh.....somebody gets it!!!

Nov 19 @ 9:53PM  
Mustang Sally do you have a kink in your jaw?

Nov 19 @ 10:12PM  
Mustang Sally do you have a kink in your jaw?

Not as much as there's chinstraps on your toupee.

Nov 19 @ 10:43PM  
Are all assholes accounted for yet? This can go on all

Nov 19 @ 11:06PM  
Why the hostility?

Can't we all just get along... bed..untill you throw me out the next morning- as god intended

Nov 19 @ 11:07PM  
i prefer the term jackass.
no i am not an asshole.
i am a prick, a dick.
a dick in the mouth.
a real son of a bitch.
who is always being
bitched at. an asshole
might be gauche. or someone
with no manners or savoir faire.
a person who wears a tie
below his belt. or who
wears a birthday suit
to a performance of swan lake,
and wishes to go backstage
and ask the ballerinas if
they wish to fuck. or who
suddenly leaps onto the
stage of hamlet, wishing
to join the actors, in the big
scene, where hamlet says
to be or not to be, that is the question.
and he answers, no one should be,
this whole auditorium will explode
in ten seconds. and he produces
a large bomb and it is ticking.
and it goes off. and then they
were not. that is one definition
of an asshole. in fact there
are many defining terms
and ways of being an asshole.
one kind of asshole says every fucking
time you light up a cigarette, that you
should quit smoking, after you've
told them at least ten thousand
times, you've tried and cannot.
there is AA, Assholes Anonymous.
where people who have made
such assholes of themselves
in their lives as alcoholic assholes,
that they must remain anonymous,
to avoid such humiliation and
embarrassment they would die of it.
like people who got real fucked
up and drove through a red light
and killed 90 children on a church
bus headed to a hayride. this
would definitley qualify that
person as a bonafide asshole.
of course, said person did
much time in prison for it,
and on release went to AA
meetings as part of the conditional
release program. i know of many
vengeful people who attend
AA meetings regularly to hunt
down the sons of bitching
assholes who killed their
relatives while drunk, in order
to murder them. as part
of 'family honor'. they themselves
are teetotallers. and they wish
to kill every drunk that ever existed.
not to mention those who like dope.
narcotics anonymous is full of
people seeking to annhilate
dope addicts and dope dealers.
a safe haven AA, NA? hardly.
course the sayiing, hang
together or hang alone.
well, certainly all of them
will hang. eventually.
by one of their own members perhaps?
how well-hung. and then there
are those who go to sexaholics
anonymous meetings, or prostitutes
anonymous for purposes of revenge.
but all in all, a good time is had by all.
many people go to AA meetings
to find sober men to have sex with.
sober men have much harder dicks
and are much more long lasting. and
to find sober women to have sex with.
they remember it at least.

Nov 19 @ 11:08PM

Nov 19 @ 11:21PM  
Dammit Jim! I'm a Crow not a lower part bowel extremity!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!

Nov 19 @ 11:25PM  
Asshole....yeah, I guess I can be at times.
Just this morning, I was called a Jack-ass by an Old Woman.
(LONG and stupid story)

Nov 19 @ 11:26PM  
The tumbleweed for a hairpiece wearing fucktard seems to be logged off for the evening Sunshine......I think its safe to turn off the asshole alarm now

Nov 19 @ 11:28PM  
oops my bad he is still here

Nov 19 @ 11:49PM  
Since this the only one raising it's hand, here I am over here in left field waving my arm. "Count me in!"

Nov 20 @ 2:10AM  

Nov 20 @ 2:23AM  
As I have always said, and I will say it one more time... ...anyone can have a baby!'s what ya do with the kid that counts... ...So...yeah...I know an ass. looks like he knows one named HIS SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! him for he knows not what he has done!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 20 @ 8:41AM  

Nov 20 @ 8:44AM  
yeah....I'm here lol, although I prefer to be called "bitch" thank you very much

Nov 20 @ 12:05PM  
OK...... where do I sign up at?
Hi my Name is OneHornyToad..and I'm an asshole!!! (1st step..right?)
Wanna FUCK?

Nov 20 @ 12:38PM  
Wanna FUCK?

ALWAYS wanna fuck!!

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