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Leave me alone

posted 11/18/2008 1:37:51 PM |
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tagged: rant

I'm not talking about anyone here....well not here on the blogs (at least not as of late), but it seems as though I cannot escape the bullshit opinions that people are constantly trying to shove down my throat whether it be online or in real life

First of all, most people don't get me. I never deliberately try to outright offend someone....usually I'm kidding around and it seems to usually get taken wrong (especially online because you can't hear the humor or sarcasm in my voice). I have a sense of humor, but it seems like a lot of people just don't....or they need to lighten the fuck up. Jesus...if everyone has to be so damn serious all the time about shit, then please lock me up and throw away the key because I'd rather not live in such a serious world all the time.

That's just how I am I'm not gonna be changing any time soon and if I ever do, it's because I want to change not because someone else wants me to, especially someone on the own mother can't change my ways so what the hell makes anyone on here or on any other site or in real life think they are going to change me? Won't ever happen

If you don't get me or don't get the fact that I have a sense of humor and like to joke around and don't get the fact that there is so much more to me than what you see here, please just move right on along and don't bother me and keeps your opinions to yourself.....or go tell someone who cares

To my friends here....thank you for getting me

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Nov 18 @ 1:50PM  
I think your a gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 18 @ 1:58PM  
Rowrrrr....feisty! I don't know,I guess some folks tend to fail reading comprehension or something like that. I know snarky when I see it.

Nov 18 @ 2:03PM  
I dont understand why people dont get your sense of humor use emoticons which usually show the way in which you show how you mean things........a lot is whether in the past you (generalization not meaning you personally) seemed like you were being bitchy and if you make a comment and dont show emoticons how else is someone suppose to take you.........of course the reverse is true.........if you have always showed that you are just goofing around and dont show emoticons.....people would instinctively take it that you are just joking around as usual.........personally In my opinion........if people dont get you.........joke em if they cant take a fuck.......people who are constantly telling you how to live your life usually do that cause their life is so unmanageable they figure they can have more control over someone elses........again JMHO

Nov 18 @ 2:40PM  
I gotcha! Now what should I do wit'cha?

Nov 18 @ 2:52PM  
I can't believe you wrote a blog about me. I thought we had a connection now it's over forever. I don't understand what I did wrong. Why don't you just poke me in the eye with a hot, pointy thing? If there is a way to straighten this out, please tell me how.

Nov 18 @ 3:54PM  
Please refer to my blog from a few days ago........

Seriously, I'm just fuckin' around. I feel the same. This isn't serious. I've been through serious shit...this ain't it. I'm right behind ya!

Nice rant, though...........

Nov 18 @ 4:38PM  

Nov 18 @ 5:12PM  
You tell em! People need to lighten up, geeze life is too damn short for all this bullshit, yanno?

Nov 18 @ 5:46PM  
i dont git it ......... ..............

Nov 18 @ 6:32PM  
That's why I like using those little guys in the box to the right---------->

I remember making a smart ass comment once in a blog way back when, and someone took it wrong. So now, I use the little smiley guys over there -------> to hopefully avoid someone else "not getting it" when I make a smart assed comment or a sarcastic one.

Nov 18 @ 6:47PM  
I don't getcha.. but thats only cuz you are too damned far away.. otherwise.. *leers*

Nov 18 @ 7:26PM  
How about this?

Nov 18 @ 8:00PM  
I didn't get you
please resend

Nov 18 @ 8:42PM  
I lubs you!!!

Nov 18 @ 9:15PM  
I gotcha

Nov 18 @ 10:09PM  
goes out to you , humorous in my opinion

Nov 18 @ 10:41PM  
your cool, I usually pay the negative and Drama bearers no mind, and say howdy to them anyway, i figure i got that option of like Willie Wonka's Skwirl's had if they are a "Bad nut?" just hit the button and let'em go down the tube into limbo and don't say a word LMAO! like me or love me? it's me I have to face each day in the mirror, not them LOL!

Nov 19 @ 1:53AM  
I getcha, don't see why everyone else doesn't, in fact I like your blogs.

Nov 19 @ 4:59AM  
Buy some Calgone, that should help.

Nov 19 @ 9:33AM  
Thanks for the comments everybody. I was having a bad day yesterday and had a few people on here (nobody in the blogs) emailing me and giving me their opinions I didn't ask for and something else happened that someone did before work yesterday (don't even want to go into it). That's all...I just felt like thanks for letting me bitch. And I'm not menstruating lol

Nov 20 @ 12:25AM  
LOL! you'll be ok DMB! just take a chill pill like I do! The Tylenol PM works great I highly recommend it! it helps with stress and at the dame time kicks the shit out of the migraine's! haha! You learn this trick alot on here hehehe!

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Leave me alone