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What Are You Thankful For?

posted 11/17/2008 8:54:36 PM |
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tagged: serious, holidays, sunshine

It's that time of the season. However, we should be thankful all year round.

What is it your thankful for??

I'm thankful for my beautiful son and daughter. For having a roof over my head, a car that runs, food in my fridge. I'm thankful that I'm able to work from home for money, not enuff money, but none the less it's better than nothing. I'm thankful for my dumb dog, who I love very much and is a great protector and he keeps me warm at nite. I'm thankful for having the best parents anyone could have. I'm thankful that my mom is always a phone call away and very thankful that she's always been there for me no matter what. I'm thankful that my dad was a hardass while I was growing up, thankful he taught me to be who I am today. Thankful for all that he has done for me and for setting my ass straight when I really needed it most and didn't think I did. I'm thankful that my dad is a mechanic and always takes care of my hooptie when I need it. I'm thankful for my sisters, even though we don't keep in touch as often as we should, I love them all very much. I'm thankful that I wake up each day and get to be a momma. I wouldn't change that for the world. I'm also thankful for the online friends I have made here over the 8+ years, you all really mean alot to me and have been there for me, thank you. I'm thankful for my real life friends, the few that I have, but they are great. I'm thankful that I'm able to live in America and not a 3rd world country. I'm thankful for all the men and women who serve our country.

What are you thankful for?

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Nov 17 @ 9:05PM  
I'm thankfull that I managed to avoid marriage and am able to enjoy the single life without worry over alimony or child support. If there was a god, he must love me

Nov 17 @ 9:06PM  
My thankful list would take up too much space.. let's just suffice it to say.. I'm thankful!

Oh.. and grateful that I don't have gas money and a pistol.

Nov 17 @ 9:12PM  
I am with Skwirl...I can't list it all...without boring the hell out of everyone, (that part didn't have anything to do with what she said)...Let's just say, I m thankful for it all. Every last minute of it! I wish you all the best and am hoping and praying it turns out the way you want it, need it, and see it! Peace in your hearts, like I have in is the only way to live. Bunny

Nov 17 @ 9:28PM  
I'am thankful to have got my head on str8, stopped drinking and smoking, meeting a wonderful lady from Georgia and soon to be with her, and to all friends new and old on AMD and myyearbook, and to be able to look at myself again in the mirror and to forgive myself. life is good! Crow.

Nov 17 @ 9:45PM  
I am thankful for....

My mother. I know I give her hell and I annoy the everloving fuck out of her,but I love that lady,and..(lol,tears...tears here!) anyway,I have many friends who's moms never gave a damn for them,despise them,abandoned them,control their lives...but mines gave me space and room. Kicked my ass when I needed it,was someone I could go to and still do and she would give me that no-nonsense counsel only a black woman could. She's kind,patient and hospitable to all...I am grateful to her.

I am thankful for my net service and computer. Trite,but hold-on. Before I got this,I was basically living in a modern dark-age before that fateful 2003. I've gained more knowlegde than I never thought and I learned more than the public school system ever taught me. I've met people up to 10,000 miles away with the touch of a button and gained perspectives and insights to different cultures and subcultures. And music and porn. I thank Al Gore or the scientists back in the 40s..whoever thought of this wonderful tool. I am thankful for that.

I'm not gonna take up anymore room on your blog,Sun. So,to any specific people,I'm going to tell them how much I care back on my own blog. Here's a green cookie for a good topic.

Nov 17 @ 10:18PM  
i'm thankful for my wonderful son, my health and the fact i have a job and can usually pay my bills. iI'm thankful for my first stepmother and the rest of my family, or at least the ones Ican stand. And I'm thankful that my neice will get her surgery and her parents won't have to pay for it as a non-profit group is picking up the tab. With 3 kids her parents don't have the money. And I'm thankful for all the nice and interesting people I have met here.

Nov 17 @ 11:14PM  
1. Thankful that I have been able to keep 250 employees working, 3 stockholders in furs throughout a challenging environment.

2. The Florida Gang: Sunshine for making me laugh and Luna for making me think.

3. Many of the people here going through rough times have made me realize how fortunate I am.

Nov 17 @ 11:25PM  
Oh, there is a lot but, like Bunny, not going to bore you with most of it. Luna's blog has given me the incentive to email them and tell them personally what they mean to me.

After going through what I deem hell the past few years, I am ever so grateful to have hope and my dreams back in my life. It's something I would have never thought to ask for myself but it is amazing what a change it has brought over me.

Nov 17 @ 11:41PM  
I am thankful for many things.....some of which are my children, the most adorable grandmonster there is, Eye, my friends here who have helped me thru some of the worst times of my life...and shared some of the greatest.....I am thankful that no matter how bad life gets sometimes i know that I am not alone..........

Nov 17 @ 11:55PM  
I'm thankful for being able to awake every day and see life as it is... And try my best to make it better...

Nov 18 @ 12:10AM  
i'm thankful for wal-mart. i bought a 30 million dollar
diamond ring there today for $9.61. and i'm thankful
i'm not in a penetentiary or in iraq in the marines.
and i'm thankful i wasn't in the los angeles fires.
they lost all. and i'm thankful that jesus
christ exists still somehow. and that
the catholic church exists as a guideline
for behavior. not too many people
follow its tenets very well. but some
have. like the saints. i'm thankful
for the saints. st. valentine especially.
who died bravely in the roman colosseum
eaten alive by lions with his girlfriend
and her parents. as they were mocked
they held to their faith. i could never
have that kind of courage. somehow
they protect us. who knows how.
many martyrs and saints still today.
of all kinds. teach tolerance.

Nov 18 @ 12:37AM  
I'm with Bunny !! I am thankful for it all.

Nov 18 @ 1:06AM  
I am thankful for all the things most everyone is thankful for. But most of all I'm thankful for a praying family who prayed me through bad times with I couldn't. And for a Pastor who gave me a solid foundation and taught me that like the Prodigal son....I could come home again.

Nov 18 @ 1:23AM  
I'm thankful for the friends i've made on this site (who'd a thunk it, on a sex site)

I'm thankful for the support i've been given this year, when i just wanted to curl up in a ball and die. My friends helped to lift me out of a severe depression.

I'm thankful for the wonderful family i have, and the love they show me every day.

I'm thankful for this site, I think I may have finally met a man that's worth it.

I'm thankful for my little furry friend, whose love and support I cherish.

I'm thankful for a chance to start over.

I have so much more, but i won't bore all of you with them. These are just a few that made the top of my list.

Nov 18 @ 3:00AM  
I am really happy right now! I can't tell you why...yet, but I am really sorry I used the word bore in my comment cause I think it kept everyone from going all the way with their thankfullness...I just didn't want to list it all and make you feel like I was hogging the blog...

Nov 18 @ 3:23AM  
For the best woman a man could ask for. I know a lot of men claim that- but I will gladly step up to the Pepsi Challenge with any one of them- they may be good, but I find more men envying my girl than I find myself envying theirs.
For falling in love with each other all over again a little under a year ago- and realizing that she really was my best friend.

For doing what I really love for a living. A piss-poor, hand-to-mouth living, but a living that will only get more lucrative as time goes on.

For the education I just might be done with by the time I'm 30 or so.

For Barrack Obama. Because I couldn't resist rubbing it in everyone's face. You know me.

For High Street, and being able to walk to 50% of my life and hop a bus to another 30%

For the Black Beauty, which gets me to the other 20%. She's seen 3 coasts, and she'll hit 200k within a couple months or so. Still purrs like a pussycat without a hiccup. We've been together since I turned 16.

For 3 feet of snow in Telluride.

For the few inches we got here in Ohio.

For speelcheck.

For beer.

Nov 18 @ 4:15AM  
i am thankful 4 my kids

Nov 18 @ 9:48AM  
I'm thankful for my daughters and my husband most of all. I'm thankful that I live in a free country and have food on my table, a roof over my head with heat in my house, clothes on my back, a good job, and my health.

Nov 18 @ 10:14AM  
I am thankful God made me the dirty old man i am
Along with a great sex drive and the large tools to please anyone
I am truly blessed and thankful

Nov 18 @ 11:25AM  
I am thankful for life, liberty, and the pursuit of my sheep

Nov 18 @ 11:41AM  
Every time I move freely from one place to another, I am thankful for our Military...

Everytime I purchase something, I am thankful for the Truckers

And Every day, I am thankful for my life, loves, and fortune.

Nov 18 @ 12:44PM  
Is there a limit on how many things I can be thankful for? Because I'm sure I go way over it...
I like straights puts a lot into perspective.

Very top of my list, my daughter, grandchildren, son in law, fantastic friends and the chance to love and be loved by such a wonderful man.
For life. It may not be perfect, but it works just fine for me and I'm thankful for it....and eveyone in it.

Nov 18 @ 2:40PM  
I forgot stuff that's not so superficial...

I'm thankful I have my health. I know it sounds like something everyonelse has said,but I dodged diabetes by *this* much. Because of that,it reminded me that I need to un-chub myself which I am doing. I am also thankful for insurance that doesn't make me pay a shit-ton of money for the medication I am taking for my blood sugar. I am reminded that I could end up like relatives who have died because of it,but I finally woke up to a potentially fatal problem before it got worse. I am thankful for that.

Nov 18 @ 5:10PM  
I'm thanful for the incredibly hot sex I just had a few minutes ago!
...and the pasta primavera she brought over for my dinner Yum!!!!

On a serious note..I'm thankful for my kids, who are developing into fine young adults. I'm thankful to be a free man today. I'm thankful that my right leg is still attached and functioning properly. I'm thankful that I can wake up every day and not have the aches and pains that most men my age have. I'm thankful for my parents, long since passed, who raised 10 kids the "right way". I'm thankful for my brothers and sisters who know the meaning of unconditional love. I'm thankful for many blessings in my life...and I'm thankful that Sunshine reminded me of all the positive briefly got my mind off of all the negative crap.
Good job!

Nov 19 @ 5:31AM  
I'm very thankful that I continue having great health. Also thankful that I have a very loving family. I'm even thankful that my daughter no longer has cervical cancer. Sure, there are some things I continue wishing for, but I think that they will eventually come.

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What Are You Thankful For?