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Careful is the word for meeting for relationship or sex! (For newbies only!)

posted 11/17/2008 7:29:06 PM |
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tagged: advice

Being back to AMD is great and grand,I have met new friends, i have talked to old friends, but the more things change? The more they stay the same, some newbies coming on here male or female, tongues hanging down to their belly thinking they are gonna get laid in 1 night! LMAO! I read so many newbies request in the sections wanting to meet someone and get laid, these people think that they have a button on their keyboard to "BEAM" men or women there to their home.
Well to those people? I would advise to look before you leap like i did with my woman.There has been scammers on sites, and according to reports? a few murders was reported as well as the victim being robbed. Some of these so called "WOMEN" are Nigerian men or Russian men posing as ladies and screwing with your mind, not to mention mad as a hatter with real knifes and guns that really go boom, and have no more remorse than to kill an American than you would as to eat a McDonald s hamburger! Or not to mention STD's (Sexually transmitted Diseases) someone dying of HIV+ or AIDS, in 911 blood was donated to the injured, out of all the people in New York that donated blood, 25,000 people were infected with HIV+ and AIDS IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK!!, and they knew it and donated out of hate and mean spirited reasons anyway so others would be infected uncaring if men,women or children were to get sick and to eventually die, mind you this is 1 state and not a nation or NATIONS, these are the people that are also out there on the web as well, to do serious hurt to the newbies and to the unsuspecting, these are the ones we also call SCAMMERS as well. So a word to the newbies and to the unsuspecting?
TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!! Get to know each other, ask questions, call on the phone and see if they are real in a few days when you are acquainted more.1 month home is better than 1 week and in a pine box! Do some studying and listen to your gut more than your heart!!! Speed kills, and on the internet? It is deadly to rush into unwise judgments like meetings! Avoid Russia,and Nigerian scams and people from there, also one clue is if you get a message? And they say "MUM" or "CHEERS" or English words (No one from the states talks British unless they come here to visit LOL!), and they don't spell good and speech is screwed up sounding in letters? They are a SCAM!, if you do meet someone? GET A PHYSICAL you and lover!! Everyone should have a Physical ever year anyway!, make sure there is no STD's!! (Sexually transmitted diseases) take the AIDS test!! Many Doctors give the test in their office right then and there! be safe, be careful and have fun!!!! Good luck with your searches and hope this advice helps, as this is an advice blog. peace!! Crow.

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Careful is the word for meeting for relationship or sex! (For newbies only!)
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Nov 17 @ 7:43PM  
Good Advice.

However, most newbs never read anything when coming here.
(Hard tongue in the Way Syndrome )
(Also see: Free Site Means Free and Instant Sex )

I might add that any city of any reasonable size gives FREE AIDS tests, no questions asked. Or that Drug Stores now sell home aids tests you do yourself and mail in (for a nominal fee )

Safety, safety, one can say it enough.

When I met my love of my life through here, I made her set in place FOUR safe calls. Two were hers, two were people who knew me for years from here. I made sure we BOTH knew as much as possible about the other before ever meeting and we made sure to exchange over a half dozen pics on each end, so we both knew we weren't getting cut and paste stolen pics. The list goes on...

But like I said, a lot of people do not register this stuff. Can lead em to water, but can't make em drink it....

But still as always golden advice. Kudo, my friend.

Nov 17 @ 9:55PM  
There are alot of weirdos out there......I've witnessed this......

Nov 17 @ 10:49PM  
It's better to be safe then to end up in the trunk of a car or out money because of a scam. Good lookin out.

Nov 17 @ 11:45PM  
It's better to be safe then to end up in the trunk of a car or out money because of a scam
Damn PP I told you was just a game as to why you ended up in my trunk.........had nothing to do with a scam...........btw you are still going to send me the money to get my mother out of that nigerian hospital so that she can come to the USA for that surgery on know how hard it is for her to walk with two big toes on the same foot.........

Nov 18 @ 1:38AM  
Good topic Crow. You're exactly right, safety first. Every time i've met anyone from online in person, i've always had a safety person who knew where i was, who i was with, thier phone number, and would call after a specified amount of time. If I didn't answer she knew to call the authorities and give them the information she had.

I hope some of the new people do read this, and abide by those few simple rules that can mean the difference between life and death.

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Careful is the word for meeting for relationship or sex! (For newbies only!)