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posted 11/17/2008 2:54:47 PM |
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Having been around the on-line Sex/Dating/Friendship scene for a number of years now, I have finally analyzed the data, based upon my personal experiences, as well as the experiences of a few "Friends"...

Now, let me clarify....By Free, I mean sites just like AMD, that allow e-mailing and posting among members, without restriction...not the "Free-to-Join, Pay-to Contact" sites (and we all know there are thousands of those).

Now, for the straight forward comparisons.....

On the Free sites, I have found that you will get approximately 1 reply for every 50 e-mails sent...Whereas, on Pay sites, you will get approximately 1 reply for every 2 e-mails sent.

On Free sites, Winks are generally viewed as a "bad" thing, or an annoyance, But on Pay sites, they are considered the first line of contact. A Wink means nothing more than "Hey, I read your profile and find it interesting, take a look at mine, and see if you are interested"....A returned Wink means "Let's e-mail and see what happens"

I have friends here, on AMD, as well as some other free sites....And the chance of us ever meeting in person is nill. I'm not referring to a "hook-up"...Rather a cuppa, or dinner, that sort of thing.....

To date I have met every one of my friends from the Pay sites, in person (with the exception of 2 of them).

On Free sites, Women (no offense, Ladies) tend to post their profile, then sit back and wait for the Men to contact them, Whereas, on Pay sites, They tend to initiate contact as often as the men do.

I'm not saying that meeting, or hooking up from a Free site doesn't happen, because I know for a fact it does....And there are a lot of good things about Free sites, such as AMD.

What I am saying is that if you are ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, intent on ACTUALLY meeting someone...A Pay site is the way to go.

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Nov 17 @ 3:02PM  
Maybe it's different for guys, but I've never had to pay on a site to hook up with people.....that's just my experience though. Honestly, I think it's just the luck of the draw.

Nov 17 @ 3:38PM  
1 out of 8 people who hook up meet on the internet
my self do much better meeting younger attractive females going to strip clubs ,bars or at work
most of the girls here are not worth meeting but a very small number are .
guess im a hard person to please and like his woman to make at least 5 figures .
have the best of both worlds .a good job and a big dick .
know this much years ago free date sites use to be more women than men for local people to hook up . like (excite) for example .just come here to have fun
buy American its like being married and having 3 girlfriends most important you have to choose the home base first
this message is labor donated

Nov 17 @ 4:57PM  
Maybe it's different for guys, but I've never had to pay on a site to hook up with people

Of course you haven't...You are an attractive young lady, looking for other young ladies....The purpose of my blog was not to demonstrate "Having to pay" in order to hook up, but to demonstrate the probabilities of hooking up.

1 out of 8 people who hook up meet on the internet

You should really check your figures, it's probably more like 5 out of 8 these days, But still, the question is, did they meet on a free site, or a pay site?

most of the girls here are not worth meeting.....

It's been my experience that ALL are worth meeting, It's just that there seems to be a trend on Free sites, that they have no intention of meeting.


Nov 17 @ 5:05PM  
Rather a cuppa

Is that a new thing???

Nov 17 @ 5:25PM  
my self do much better meeting younger attractive females going to strip clubs ,bars or at work
Yes I am sure...........just as I am sure they charge by the hour.............

I have been on sites that were paying sites......although some paying sites allow women there for free.........i guess i never noticed much difference.......for that matter other than here I have met more men in person on POF than any other site..........but i also think it has a lot to do with what your looking for........

Great blog and good to see you back.......

Nov 17 @ 6:36PM  
Good to see you back.

Nov 17 @ 8:15PM  
Only site I ever paid for, I ended up with a schizoid stalker that took me a year to get away from.

Found the love to end all loves for me right here.

Know several others who have, too.

And some that havent, either.

I don't have any of the numbers, but I personally believe a LOT of it falls on the responsibility of the individual themself. If you come here to shoot the shit, you definitely can. If you come here for sex, that's around, too. If you want permanent standings with someone, that's achievable.

However, all of those take TIME. And this because it is free. Because each and every one has to personally verify a potential partner here. With a pay site, the site has a valid record of a person through their credit card. Tightens up security right away, to a POINT...see my personal experience with a pay site.

And I myself have told many a person I talk to online...never sit looking on ONE site....spread your search around, much better odds, too.

Now...there is one more category as well...those who think making a profile will instantly have someone knocking down their door and their mailbox jam in two milliseconds....
Well, I won't go there.....

Just my nickel.

Nov 17 @ 8:59PM  
Welll, me and my woman met on the other MD site 3 months ago, in 1 month I'm moving south to be with her (We did meet 2 times mind you for real) I was a free member there, my strategy was I had nothing to loose to look as far as in Alabama and Georgia as i have no roots in Ohio and I'm willing to relocate to be with my lover as well. So i guess timing, making those decisions, and all made an impact on who and what kind of relationship me and Miss Crow wanted. Not to say it works for just ANYBODY, people are different. Main thing is timing I think versus the free or pay site also. But that is my opinion and 2 cents worth. I might be in error. LOL! Crow.

Nov 17 @ 9:10PM  
most of the girls here are not worth meeting.....

I kinda would like to respond to that myself If you go around thinking like that and sending that kind of signals? Women are more sensitive to that kind of emotion than guys being of feminine nature of course, I wouldn't recommend for single guy's wanting to meet ladies to have that kind of chip on their shoulder, LOL! That will get you a cold time in the bed for sure LMAO!

Nov 18 @ 2:40AM  
most of the girls here are not worth meeting.....

I take offense to that and I'm sure a lot of others do too. I'm sure that my boyfriend who I met on here thinks I was worth meeting since he drove >200 miles to meet me in person.

Nov 18 @ 8:26AM  
Is that a new thing???

It's an OLD thing

Nov 18 @ 8:33AM  
Good to see you back

Thanks, WoW, And Ewe...It's good to be back...

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