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The Smell of Dildos!

posted 11/16/2008 12:58:07 PM |
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tagged: toys

Has anyone ever wondered about the smell of dildos?

NO STRADDLE....... NOT after they have been used, and have juice all over them!!!!!!

Seriously..... I keep my toys in my head board, and I swear that when I lay down on the bed, I can smell them .....

it is a horrible, strong, rubber smell!

I thought it would go away after they "weren't so new" anymore, but no luck!

Does anyone else's dildos smell????

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Nov 16 @ 1:05PM  
Does anyone else's dildos smell????
Thats kinda why hard plastic is a better choice.......... also i figure if the scent of the rubber can be in there after many many washings (at least i hope they are being washed) what kind of stuff gets into them from being used? Personally i think the ones that can be cleaned up and no lingering odor is probably the best way to go..........JMO

Nov 16 @ 1:05PM  
what r dildos? haha, my gf told me she washes hers with hand soap in luke warm water and spray it with air freshner,

Nov 16 @ 1:07PM  
spray it with air freshner,
Ewwwwwwwwwwww i hope she washes it again before using way would i want air freshner (even if it has dried) in any of my body's openings...........

Nov 16 @ 1:16PM  
does my dick count as a dildo?? i mean i love not washin it after morning sex and then i can smell her all day long when i go pee........course i sit and think...alot of times i don't wash my beard b4 work EITHER

Nov 16 @ 1:20PM  
does my dick count as a dildo?? i mean i love not washin it after morning sex and then i can smell her all day long when i go pee........course i sit and think...alot of times i don't wash my beard b4 work EITHER
Can we say TOO MUCH INFORMATION...............

just out of curiosity tho............does either your dic or beard smell of strong rubber.......cause that was kinda the question here...........

Nov 16 @ 1:27PM  
does either your dic or beard smell of strong rubber.......cause that was kinda the question here...........


I AM the highjacking king

dont told ya what my dick n beard tend to smell like......and it AIN'T rubber

Nov 16 @ 1:32PM  
I AM the highjacking king
Your forgiveness, Sire? I had for once forgotten the powerful position you carry here...........

Yea you dont remind me of it everyday............

Nov 16 @ 1:32PM  
Just used a rubber one a few nights ago, and now that you mention it, they will keep that "rubber smell" no matter how often they have been used and cleaned off.
( I could smell it before it went into action )
My friend keeps hers in a cloth pouch...that might help.

I would think that one or two would not emit enough of an odor to be discernable.

Is it possible that your collection amounts to enough rubber to outfit several automobiles??????



Nov 16 @ 1:33PM  
What you are most likely smelling are phthalates...I found this information in an article here:
Can't you smell that smell?

There have been a number of news items recently about "toxic sex toys," specifically related to the use of phthalates in sex toys. Unfortunately, headlines about killer sex toys often fail to give us the information we actually need to make decisions about whether or not we should use sex toys that contain phthalates in them. Here is some basic information about phthalates and their use in sex toy manufacturing.

What are phthalates?
Phthalates -- pronounded "thal-ates" -- are a family of chemicals used to soften hard plastics to make them more flexible. Derived from phthalic acid, and often called a plasticizer for its plastic-softening properties, phthalates have been produced since the 1920s and have been used in everything from perfumes to pesticides and medical instruments to sex toys.
Why are phthalates used to manufacture sex toys?
Phthalates soften the rubbers and make sex toys have a soft cushy feel to them. They are used in a wide range of sex toys, but there are many other toys that are phthalate-free.
Is there a health risk?
There is simply not enough data to answer this question directly because few studies exist using sex toys. But the information regarding safety of phthalates in general is instructive.

A variety of individuals and research institutions have weighed in and expressed concern ranging from mild to serious. There is a growing body of research that suggests phthalates have a toxic effect, particularly on the male reproductive system. Most organizations (with the notable exception of the chemical industry) agree that phthalates pose some risk to health and reproduction, both directly and indirectly through the impact on the environment.

Studies on rodents have revealed that when exposed to very large doses, phthalates can cause damage to the liver, lungs, kidneys, testes and can cause hormonal disruption. Preliminary studies on humans (where they have measured phthalate levels in the body and compared them to other health markers) have suggested a relationship between phthalates and poor semen quality and a relationship between phthalates and genital development.

In 2002, the FDA issued a warning that infant males who were ill and undergoing treatment, as well as other "vulnerable patients," could be harmed by phthalate exposure from vinyl medical devices.

In 2006, the National Toxicology Program reviewed the science and concluded that:

"There is serious concern that certain intensive medical treatments of male infants may result in DEHP exposures levels that affect development of the male reproductive tract."

"There is concern for adverse effects on development of the reproductive tract in male offspring of pregnant and breastfeeding women undergoing certain medical procedures that may result in exposure to high levels of DEHP."

Phthalate molecules are not chemically bound to the plastics they soften, and as such, phthalates can "break free" from plastic fairly easily, causing rubber and jelly toys to deteriorate over time. Some studies have reported that phthalates may mimic the female hormone estrogen.

Most recently, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency released a report on the safety of phthalates in sex toys. According to the report, titled Survey and Health Assessment of Chemical Substances in Sex Toys, using sex toys with phthalates for one hour a day or less poses no health risks unless you are pregnant or nursing.

At the same time, there is a move on the part of healthcare leaders in the U.S. and Europe to prefer products that don't contain phthalates in the interest of both patient and practitioner safety.

Given all this, it seems reasonable to say that it would be better if nothing were made with phthalates. If you are able to afford sex toys that are phthalate-free, I would certainly recommend them over toys that contain phthalates.

Nov 16 @ 1:59PM  
Condoms promote safe sex in more ways than you might think. The beige rubber dildos look awful in addition to smelling awful. The colorful jellees are nicer to look at but still smell awful. All the rubber dildos except for silicone can't be really sterilized, so you end up with sort-of-clean at best My gf was getting a reaction from one of her dildoes so she puts a condom on it all the time.. Condoms are good for dildos. I like the flavored ones, even if it is just for a nicer smell.

On another note glass dildos are easy to clean, looks gorgeous and feel yummy. They are more affordable if you buy them on eBay.

I havent tried stainless steel, but I think I might like a metal dildo too.

But there is nothing better than a nice cock on a wickedly nice man. They can make dildos that vibrate, wiggle, thrust and spurt warm liquid, but they are all just cheap imitations.

Nov 16 @ 3:07PM  
to ewe.... I will check out those hard plastic ones again.... I had a vibrator made of that material once, and it just didn't feel real enough for me....and oh yeah..... I am supposed to wash them?????? what??? I thought licking them off would be good enough!!!

feather.... OUCH to the air freshener and soap! I used soap on one of mine one time, and it burned when I pissed for days afterwards!!!

ynot.....or course your dick counts as a dildo!!! why wouldn't it??? and are not alone on that sex smell....Mmmm...nothing like it!!

bigman.....your automobile comment cracked me right up!!!! infact enough to go and order another one!!!!

looking4ever......thanks for the info.... wow!!! who would have thought????

aftershox..... I may have to try that condom thing, although I hate the fell of condoms! YUCK!! ...and oh yeah...about that metal dildo thing....Mmmm... I have a small metal thermos that I use!!!

Nov 16 @ 3:08PM  
and oh yeah......WHERE IS STRADDLE!!!!! Oh yeah....I know....probably watching his BENGALS team LOSE again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 16 @ 3:09PM  
oh bad Straddle..... they are up by 3 points right now.....

Nov 16 @ 3:22PM  
Use a condom?????

If you're trying to rid the smell of rubber from the dildo...why would you cover it with more rubber?????????

Nov 16 @ 4:05PM  
not sure if miss Crow has any hiding in her purse or the bedroom, but if they smell that freaking strong like rubber? I know what's leaving and getting buried out in the yard and hope that rascal's batteries isn't Energizer where it can burrow out of the ground to come back and haunt me! LMAO!

Nov 16 @ 4:47PM  
This reminded me of an incident at an adult novelty store I visited a while ago. I saw a guy shopping for those glass dildos (the ones under lock and key). As the saleperson was handing him the dildos to observe closely, he would run it across his nose as if he were smelling a fine cigar.

Nov 16 @ 4:57PM  
Look at what they are made of. Its the latex ones that have the smell forever. Silicone doesn't have a smell at all.

Nov 16 @ 5:06PM  
And what if you are allergic to latex... rubber...
And do I want the maid to go empty the dishwasher and find the top shelf full of my assorted marital aids ..
(not that it they stopped me from amputating the 200# asshole)
They had more value than he did... And even the ones I sent back because of the odor, smelled better, and were less toxic.... Ok, baggage back to the bus locker!

Nov 16 @ 6:15PM  
Where is Sunshine?

Nov 16 @ 6:20PM  
Maybe sunshine and straddle are together!!!! Cause neither one of them have commented!!!!!!

Nov 16 @ 6:25PM  
My GF keeps tellin me that my dildo smells like
the neighbor lady...
I keep askin how she knows that

Nov 16 @ 8:28PM  
Glass has no smell.....

Nov 16 @ 9:12PM  
Hey Sunshine.... I will check out the glass type....and oh yeah..... so.... do YOU know where Straddle is at?????? lmao!!!!!

Nov 17 @ 9:37AM  
My toys are in my nightstand. I also have scented candles in there too (unlit for those who need to know). I like the glass idea though. Might have to pick one of those up.


Nov 17 @ 1:11PM  
I do offer a toy cleaning service.

toy cleaning service

Nov 19 @ 5:36AM  
NO STRADDLE....... NOT after they have been used, and have juice all over them!!!!!!

Damn, you know me all too well! lol

My Bengals ended up with a damn tie with Philly Sunday instead of that win.

Nov 24 @ 1:13AM  
get the silicon ones

Jan 4 @ 3:36AM  
And when you are really allergic to latex... well, it can be really embarrassing to be in the medical field, and end up in the ER with everything swollen shut!!! Cause you accidentally grabbed the wrong raincoat in the heat of the moment!
Especially if they didn't manage to escape before the door shut!

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