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For you men...I'm just curious....

posted 11/14/2008 9:14:09 AM |
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Why do women put up pictures to pleasure the man's eye, but men seldom put up pics. Then when you start talking to them,....they want MORE pics from the female?? That confuses the heck out of me....(smiles) Any responses?

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For you men...I'm just curious....


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Nov 14 @ 9:17AM  
i am no pics from me but please........send me sum 4 my spank bank

Nov 14 @ 9:24AM  
Ok....8 years and 600 blogs later.....I have to rant. I'm so tired of getting messages from guys, especially ones with NO pictures and they have the audacity to ask me to send them pictures they can't see to their personal email.
I was nice a few times and sent some out. Never to get anything in return. Frankly, I give up. I'm not sending ANY pictures out to ANYone, ANYmore.

If you can't see them, not my problem. I don't care. There are plenty of porn sites
you can go to and oogle at the myriads of nekkid women. But, I'm taking a stand. I'm not gonna be one of them. So, tough to you. No, I won't feel sorry, no I won't care and no I won't back down. I never ask people for pix. I can see everyones nekkid pix even though I'm not a gold member. Yes, I was granfathered in.

No, I don't want to trade pix, I don't want to see your cock. After awhile they all start looking the same. And while I'm on this rant, I have to add....and I know this isn't going to change, but I wanna bitch about it....I'm tired of people not reading profiles. It clearly states I'm not here to cam, trade pix or chat. So, go take a fuckin' hike!!! that I got that off my chest. I feel better.

I do want to say, thank you all here on AMD for being my friend. For reading my blogs and for the special people who...well are just extra special. You know who you are.

Cheers to you all and may the party never end!!!

You can find that here!

I blogged twice about it.....a BIG pet peeve of mine!

Nov 14 @ 10:02AM  
I don't know why. Perhaps after a certain age we men are not pleased with our appearance (gray hair, receding hairline) while women look good for a very long time. If a woman posted recent pictures of herself then it would not even occur to me to ask for more. For me its personality personality personality. Obviously from what one reads in the blogs I'm an anomaly.

Nov 14 @ 10:06AM  
no wonder my spank bank needs a federal bailout

Nov 14 @ 10:13AM  
I do want to say, thank you all here on AMD for being my friend. For reading my blogs and for the special people who...well are just extra special. You know who you are.

Cheers to you all and may the party never end!!!

That's my boss Sexretary lady!

Nov 14 @ 10:16AM  
but men seldom put up pics
how many beer bellies and bald heads do ya wanna see .......

Nov 14 @ 10:35AM  
Personally I get turned on by bald heads

Nov 14 @ 10:39AM  
I would echo the idea that as a man (and not an abercrombie & fitch model) that I'm personally not very satisfied with my appearance, AND isn't it always pounded into our heads that men are visual and women are romantic/cerebral?

That said.... of course if I'm going to be serious about meeting a romantic partner she'll actually 'see' me at some point, and if she's not attracted to me, then I need to get that out of the way.

I expect to see a woman to determine a level of attraction before I agree to a meeting, and it's only fair to do likewise.

I don't respond/reply to women who have no pic. If I was a woman, I'd be the same way.

I think some men figurethey can steal a woman's heart through their verbage so much, that said woman will agree to meet their mystery man and desire him regardless o his appearance.

Dudes wake up.

Sure, my pics mean that many women will wander into my profile, take one look, throw the gear into reverse and stomp the gas pedal.

You know what? Better for me. If they dislike my appearance, that saves me the bullshit of trying to get to know them when they really have no interest. My ego doesn't need the 'boost' of talking to a gal who can't tell what I look like just to convince myself she's interested.

So post your pics!

Nov 14 @ 10:44AM  
That's my boss Sexretary lady!

And don't you forget it!!

Nov 14 @ 11:12AM  
I don't have any problems putting up pics. I do not have graying hair, receding hair line and now that I have lost 30 pounds no beer belly. I really don't care what people think of me but if they ask for a pic I would give it to them no matter how I look. Hell I'm 58 years old. I have the right to look a little tattered and worn.

Nov 14 @ 12:55PM  
men are visual creatures. Of course we are going to want to see as many pictures from women as they will allow us to see.

Nov 14 @ 1:11PM  
My take on this is...I know men are arroused by visual, and women by touchy feely romance. However, that is not to say that us women would like to see if there is a somewhat of a physical attraction. I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested in pictures of the man's "STUFF", but I would prefer mental stimulation first. Thats when I REALLY start getting curious of what he's got. I'm very much enjoying all of your insight.....


Nov 14 @ 1:21PM  
Personally I get turned on by bald heads

WHICH head you talkin' 'bout there, Lisa ? ? ? ?

Nov 14 @ 2:43PM  
if theres no pic, reguardless of gender,,then they are trying to hide something,

me ,,I'm comfortable with who I am and what I look like, ,if you dont like the way I look then f**ck you.. move on to the next pic

Nov 14 @ 4:32PM  
They are married sweetie.

Nov 14 @ 7:16PM  
the one above is on target. do you realize
how much a divorce would cost these guys?
i have 39 x's. just briefly each one.
well, i lived in the san pornando valley
all my life. born downtown just off
skid row on hope st. its a show business
town, and a defense industry town.
los angeles, ca. is. they think they
can hide, they can't. the cameras
are always on, candid camera 24/7/366.
the secret of invisibility is real.
its like the old santa song, santa claus is comng to town.
and he knows everything. how did they know? they
just knew that's all. they make dirty pictures
on the sly, and act like the holy virgin mary
on the other side. double lives. triple lives.
multiple lives. fooling everyone but themselves.
but 'they know'. but to let on, is wrong.
when confronted with the raw evidence,
just say, you're krazy, that's not me,
that's my double, i was framed. maybe
they were.

Nov 14 @ 11:29PM  
I'm but ugly...yet I post pics dammit.

Get with the program guys.


Nov 15 @ 7:11AM  
if theres no pic, reguardless of gender,,then they are trying to hide something,
While that is often a good possibluity, it's Not always true!

Nov 15 @ 10:22AM  
I had my doubts concerning the validity of the contention. I just went up and clicked on who is online-women in gallery view and I counted the number of women online without pictures on the first two pages, 11 out of 48 didn't have pictures. I just did the same for men, 14 out of 48 didn't have pics. I don't see a significant difference.

I do know that there are people that don't want their family, friends, and coworkers seeing their pic on a "sex" site.

PS, if you set your comments preferences to automatically approve all comments, you will get more comments.

Nov 15 @ 11:46AM  
thank you mr Wordsofwit, for the words of wisdom!! I appreciate that, and I fixed it.


Nov 15 @ 1:37PM  
I think you have 2 main reasons for people not posting pics wow said, not wanting personal contacts able to see you on a sex site
( this comes in quite handy for the people who are "cheating" )
#2....not being totally comfortable with their own appearance

I can see the validity of both reasons, but after a few correspondences, they should be willing to show themselves. That being said, most guys love the pics because the "visuals" do it for us....while women, once they are ok with how you look, tend to lean towards what's in your brain and your heart

Nov 15 @ 2:11PM  
i think you nailed it right on the head, there, mr. big man9624. Men are visual creaters, and women are touch feely,, with the romance. Very few people have tapped into that little tid bit....Thanks for sharing


Nov 16 @ 12:49PM  
yeah! and u have a few up and the man has no picture and wants more pics of you! Jan

Nov 16 @ 5:34PM  
I didn't have pictures up for the first few months I was here because I didn't have the kinda camera I wanted...also because I was kinda self-conscious. Which makes me think,are men just as self-conscious despite their bluff and bravado?

Oh,and additionally something I thought of: they may not have one because of a high profile job,married/attached or they just like to collect picture because their pathetic virgins who like to beat off to them.

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For you men...I'm just curious....