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A Sick Skriwl

posted 11/10/2008 2:39:33 PM |
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Skriwl Isn't feeling very well these days. As a matter of fact Death Warner Over is her discription. So I'm sending her some Luv'n. Join in if you want

Blessing and all good stuff


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Nov 10 @ 2:41PM  
Even if I can spell Skwirl right, I hope you all know who I mean.

Now were are some Nutz to send her.

Nov 10 @ 2:44PM  
I am very sorry to here this. Skwirl Honey you can have all my nuts! Wishing you well and supporting you from afar! Bunny

Nov 10 @ 2:47PM  
*lotsa snugglze for skwirl*

Nov 10 @ 2:48PM  
FEEL BETTER SOON ....and I'm sending nuts your way (LOL that sounds funny)

Nov 10 @ 2:53PM  
Hugs and kisses sweetie.........hope you get to feeling better know where i am if you need me...........

Nov 10 @ 3:14PM  
Big get well wish to The Skwirl.

Nov 10 @ 3:14PM  
For Ms Brushtail. Get well. **brings you all the kudo cookies and soup you want**

Nov 10 @ 3:18PM  
Feel better soon my furry friend

Nov 10 @ 3:22PM  
Spanks y'all.. friggin sick bastids at my house finally got me.. cough cough snot snot ugh... Hopefully this isn't one of them computer borne viruses...

Nov 10 @ 3:25PM  
Just in case it's a computer virus you have, I'm sending you some virtual home made chicken soup. Hope you feel better soon.

Nov 10 @ 3:45PM  
speaking of the sick, jesus christ will heal you.
hopefully. christian science, religious science,
ernst holmes. founder, mary baker eddy.
its all about feeling better. but if you feel
too good, they arrest you. so don't
get too well. they get mad if they see
you smile and joke and laugh and enjoy yourself.
there i was sitting outside the motel 6 in the car, having
screwed my x wife all night. laughing to myself
feeling great. suddenly the police surrounded
me from nowhere, asking if i was okay.
and asked for all my i.d., my papers, a big
inquistion followed. and i explained
she didn't want to leave the motel
and could you go in, get her outta
there, i had to go to work. and i put
on a real sourpuss face. they did
as i ordered. the motel 6 was being
shutdown right then as a public
nuisance of prostitution and pandering
and pimping. i just happened to be
there. boy how square. and fair.
but feel well. be well. i hate being
sick. i went to the doctor today at 8 am.
they did the big investigation of me.
blood tests, the whole fifty yards.
even though i feel fine, they insist
that i am very ill. i escaped the
doctors office with my life. then
i had to get my meds, buy my
food, head home and be sick all the
rest of the day. even though i feel okay.
how dare i be well. the russian
doctor was particularly sexy and exciting.
and so were the two nurses. but making
a pass at employees of the county
is punishable by death by us marines
who are either their boyfriends or husbands.
i have to go back in a few weeks for results,
and see family medicine. for counseling.
i told them my x wives most likely
gave me std's. so its being checked out.
nobody really wants to get checked.
they are afraid to find out the truth.
and besides how do you know
they even do the tests. most employees
are lazy. how about the dna rape tests
in los angeles. they are backlogged on
rape tests for about ten years. not
to count trials. good luck guys and gals.
guys get raped too, believe it or not.
protect your ass. amen. what kinda nuts, kind you put bolts in and screw in?
we will pray for you to st. dymphna. we will
ask st. dymphna to pray for you. president skwirl. the presidency can
really be stressful. see?

Nov 10 @ 3:46PM  
Here, come get in bet and snuggle with me and we'll burn that icky virus right out of your lil body!

And, leaving you a kudo here...just know it's yours, k?

Nov 10 @ 4:22PM  
awww skwirl girl, I'm sorry that you don't feel good! here's hugs and kisses going your way to help you get better soon!!

Nov 10 @ 4:36PM  
Hi Skwirlie Girl.. ...the same thing happens to me around this time of far the bug hasn't got me and I'm hoping it won't. Drink lots of flush's things out somehow and go outside ...if only for a walk around the block...and eat alot of protein...nuts if you so desire...keeps up your strength. Plus can count on me to send some good stuff your way...all ya gotta do is breath in and it will be there....lots of love from Bort...

Nov 10 @ 4:47PM  
I'm gonna give you a greenie to give to her.....Maybe that will make her smile a little....

Get better Skwirl lady!

Nov 10 @ 5:19PM  
Chick'un soup with nuttin'...ya just get the broth.
A pair of Borty's panties...made of cotton cloth.
Keepin' said he'd rub the Vick's that vapors up ur nose;
Heat up Borty's panties....cover boobies under clothes.
Add Ewe's wooly blanket...Mama 'll help to tuck you in,
Luna'll feed you kudo soup to bring a skwirly grin.
BlueEyes sends a fairy with healing in her wings..
1bunny makes ya cookies but only ones in greens.
Wrapper raps 'n raps 'n raps...c'mon she needs her rest!
Knight hugz da skwirl tight to his cyber chest.
Chickie gives you all her nutz..oh my what a fan!
Dragon makes da chicken soup and does a virus scan.
Mudshark does the wishin'...while Lookin says....Come here..........
Her and girlcountry sends you kisses full of cheer.
Me? I write the poem....well it isn't very much;
But full of hugz 'n healing...applied by a soft touch.

Hope you're better soon.....

( Hmmmmmm not bad for a quickie.... )

Nov 10 @ 5:36PM  
Hope your feeling better soon skwirl.

Nov 10 @ 5:53PM  
Kick the Eppezzutti & get well soon

Nov 10 @ 6:43PM  

Get well soon Sam. I'm making you some nut soup.{ minus the nuts }

Nov 10 @ 7:08PM  
Sam, I hope you get well very soon.

Nov 10 @ 7:17PM  
Get well soon my little skwirly friend. If I had your address I'd send you some honey roasted nuts, maybe some soup. Any kind you'd like, just name it.

Nov 10 @ 9:14PM  
You's guys make me feel all warm and snuggly.. beautiful poem Softy! I am glad I can't give y'all smooches cuz .. this cold is an ass kicker.. I've slept more in the last couple days than in a whole month! Ugh... but I'm starting to feel almost like half a skwirl again. Couple more days and I should feel like 3/4 a skwirl.

anyone wanna feel?

Nov 10 @ 9:54PM  
Prez Skwirl not feeling well? awwwwwww here's a kudo for her and hoping she gets better soon. And I hope she's getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of fluids.

Nov 10 @ 10:18PM  
Skwirl ....I hope get to feel`in better soon

Nov 11 @ 12:32AM  
Hope you start feeling better....

Nov 11 @ 1:20AM  
Whoooohooooo a chance to feel up the Skwirl!

Maybe we should wait a few days til you feel a little better. But i'd be more than happy to snuggle with ya!

Nov 11 @ 2:54AM  
Aww Sam, I'm sorry you are feeling bad. C'mere, I'll move the blankets and you can curl up in bed with me. I'll make home made chicken soup and we'll sleep and watch videos til you feel more better.. Then I'll fix you some hot cocoa.

Nov 11 @ 8:44AM  
Take care of yourself and stay warm.

Nov 11 @ 9:30AM  
Get well soon!!!!

Nov 11 @ 11:00AM  
I told you my lil squirrely girl!!! Those fucking flu shots are a conspiracy with the flu and cold medicine companies to make you sick enough to think you're gonna die without actually killing you!
Much lubs to you, I'm lighting a candle and call me if you need me!

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A Sick Skriwl