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Interracial Relationships

posted 11/9/2008 1:42:52 PM |
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i've oticed that interracial relationships have been around a long time but are becoming more open. I personally don't care about the color of the skin because this narrows down your options considerably. I find it a little strange that the vast majority of men who have ever asked me out have been white men. I haven't been with a black man for over 20 years. Not because I don't like them but it just worked out that way. I am told by many white men that one of the reasons they are attracted to me is because I am exotic, whatever that means. And I have also heard that we, black women, have the reputation of being very good in bed. Well, I have to say that that is one thing I do live up to. And I also have to set one thing straight.....most black women DO give head. I am very happy that these relationships are getting more and more accepted. Of course, we are going to always get those ignorant few. You are entitled to your opinion as long as you don't bother me when I am with one of my white men. What do you think about interracial relations, huh?

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Interracial Relationships


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Nov 9 @ 1:57PM  
Since I'm in one, I may as well respond. I always dated white guys (my race) until last year. The reason for the change was simple - the individual I met.

I've never had a problem with interracial relationships. Or straight vs. gay. Personally, I just can't get bent out of shape about who someone loves. Love's a good thing. Getting bent out of shape is for the bad stuff in life - and I hate wasting time with that, too!

At times, I think this relationship is working because our differences make us keep communicating. Our backgrounds are very different and taking anything for granted really messes things up. Since communication is key to a good relationship, the differences are a very good thing!

Nov 9 @ 2:06PM  
If two people are happy it doesnt make a difference in my book.
Love or lust...if the chemistry is there go for it !!!

Nov 9 @ 2:48PM  
As I age [recently made it to 25, GO ME !!!!!] I really pay attention to 5 things.

1. Love yourself
2. Love me.
3. Respect yourself
4. Respect me.
5. Be affectionate.

I've been slammed [no, *sigh* not the good kinda slammed] for this. Apparently, it makes me desperate. When you take a look out your window, it's humbling. Not everyone (even with some level of attraction) holds these things in high-esteem. Ironically enough, it [can] be, due to low self-esteem.

At the end of the day, if you have these 5 things, I'm interested. Being endowed, is a bonus. You are a very pretty lady. Being dark-skinned, I've noticed attraction in all races. [reciprocated] attraction, is another blog for another time.

I would never mind dating outside my race. In fact, I welcome it.

But then again, what do I know *shrug* ?


Nov 9 @ 3:31PM  
My daughter married a black man and I have the most beautiful grandbabies from her!! I figure, as long as y'all are happy, that's all that counts!!

BTW....where's my email at, girl!!!???

Nov 9 @ 4:43PM  
I luv interracial dating I have dated white women,latino women,black women and so on. To me race is no issue and if I like what I see you better watch out ...LOL

Nov 9 @ 5:45PM  
What others choose for themselves doesn't matter one iota to long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of someone else. As long as the persons in the relationship are consenting, is it my business? This goes for inter-racial, hetero sexual, homo-sexual, partner swapping.,,,whatever. I only draw the line at adults and children; human and animal. I choose for me and you choose for you. Isn't life much simpler that way? I live my life and let you live yours. Vive la difference.

Nov 9 @ 5:50PM  
There is nothing wrong with it @ all !!!

Nov 9 @ 6:01PM  
I'm all about interracial dating because my extended family is almost every shade of the rainbow - jewish, italian scilian (sp?), american indian, black and various types of caucasian and some asian thrown in the mix. And contrary to popular believe, not all black lives in the ghetto/public housing. What I hate are people telling me I'm not black enough because I don't sound like I'm from the 'hood.

So Sugar, don't sweat it and just remember as long as you are happy, that's all that matters.

Nov 9 @ 6:16PM  
That's probably true ... but then, to me, every woman is exotic, unique, magical. Its the heart I seek.

One heart ... Beating for two.


Master Gry

Nov 9 @ 9:14PM  
Hmmm....I never heard the rumor about black women not giving head. I always heard it the other way around...that black guys don't eat pussy.
Either way, I had two relationships with black ladies years ago. They were both great, and neither one of them had any issues with giving head. you got me thinkin about the one girls mouth and lips!
Anyways, I probably got more shit from the black guys than anybody else. But hey, ignorance is color blind. If two people are enjoying each others company, people should just leave them be and mind their own business.

Nov 9 @ 9:27PM  
I'll fuck anything that moves, so race realy isn't an issue.

I've noticed that some black men go for obese white women. I figure that they therefore make perfect wingmen. O.K. big fellow, you take the fatty , I'll take her hot friend.

Nov 10 @ 9:41PM  
to be 100% honest, never been with a 'black' lady. I hate that term. the colour of ones skin has always been a huge issue since time began.. my question is.. why ?
I personally don't care if you are black,white, pink or purple . its the personality of the person that interests me.
oh, and i reckon you'd be hot in bed

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Interracial Relationships