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Who we are!

posted 11/9/2008 10:40:49 AM |
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Hi my Name is OneHornyToad!!!
I'm Horny... but this is about "Who We Are" so.. I'll just have to be not Horny for a spell!!!
Well, I'm a Simple Country boy..grown older..

I dont hold Grudges...though.. I remember who did what to me and others...!
I have only blocked one person here..and that was because that person was going off on me .. for their missunderstanding!!! Not my bad!!!
But after a cool down time I Unblocked that person! No biggie!!!

I dont try to read someones mind.. Because I have learned.. everyone is different!!!!
If you wanna fuck say so! Daymn!!!

I'm a Lover Not a fighter... I'll take care of my own...but I cant deal with those that try to pick fights and all that! Shame, shame, shame!! (And No.. this isnt directed to noone, its too Everyone!!! and for Goodness sakes this is not a "Shot" at anyone!!!
I told ya I was an SIMPLE Country Boy!!!!

I Dont AIM anything to anyone.... so if i make a comment in someones blog.. its not pointed at you... unless I say ... Hey... I wanna give the Sqwirl some nuts.. or such! but on the other hand.. If you are that Vain.. then go for it!
Whats the point on "Slinging" a comment... if noone knows who you are talking about?
See.... I am Not that deep into this place.. I come to have fun..and talk to/with friends!
I love the Outdoors (and Love Sex outside also.... !) I just cant behave, my Bad..sorry!!!
I'm a Nature freak...though Im a hunter.. some ppl cant see... how a person can love nature and kill!!! Thats a blog in its self! (though I have not killed squat! )
I see so much Natural Beauty... it just blows me away!!! I'm a Virgo... shoot me!
I have an big Heart...too big sometimes!!!
I come here..cause I wanna fuck... but.... also.. I use to have a bunch of friends here..and Would like to get some new Friends..if the Old ones dont want me.... oh well... thats their call!!!!
So.... this is whom I am!!!!
Who are you????? Please do share!!! Thx in advance!!!

I'm headed outdoors to grill some ribs and chicken... So yall have a awesome day!!! God bless!

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Nov 9 @ 11:11AM  
I'm headed outdoors to grill some ribs and chicken... So yall have a awesome day!!! God bless!

now see what ya did!!!! it's just over freezing ...he he he but she IS lettin me have a controlled fire out back...and NOW we're gonna hafta cook boy scout dinners on the coals...never had it but sounds yummy....and then as the embers burn..and night cums.....mmmmm....nm....ain't tellin whats next

Nov 9 @ 11:38AM  
Beyond my overly long and detailed essays, about all I need to add is that my work is based upon the Internet and I am always on call so to speak. Consequently, I hang out here a lot especially weekdays as there usually isn't anything of interest to me on TV.

Nov 9 @ 11:55AM  
Who We Are ???

I'm a tall, short, skinny, fat man, with a Red flamey bald head and no sense of humor.

Nov 9 @ 12:01PM

Nov 9 @ 12:37PM  
I am me!!!! Love me or hate me, take me or leave me!

I am lovable, friendly, adorable, funny & playful. I can be mean when necessary, but don't like confrontation.

I am here for the blogs and my friends......

Nov 9 @ 12:38PM  
Who am I? Can be complex in my thinking at times
Would rather be at home in jeans and T-shirt then dressed up, although I can dress up with the best of them!
Love to cook, garden, read, and yardsales
Am a loyal friend, but once you do me dirty, you won't get the chance to do it again!!
I love with all my heart, very protective of family and friends, will do anything for just about anyone
Love the outdoors, horseback riding, hiking, camping, 4 wheeling and fishing

There! Does that describe me? At least that's the way I see myself!

Nov 9 @ 12:42PM  
I am Comet, and I am here to lure scammers away from the normal peeps on here

I dont quarrell with any one ever....OK OK,,,,I seldom argue with anyone.

Nov 9 @ 2:20PM  
Hi, I'm the other Dana. I'm warm and friendly most of the time, but can get my ire up on occasion. lol I'm southern born and bred, with all the old fashioned ideas that goes with it, I'm also a firm believer in live and let live. I don't fight unless I have to, but boy when I get wound up, I go on the war path. Must be all that cherokee blood in me. My best friend told me once that I'm a kitten pretending to be a lion, and that I'm the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

Nov 9 @ 2:23PM  
I'm just a horny girl lol

I've been called "short and full of fire". I'm a lot of things.....too many to list or think of at the moment, but I tend to be a bit sarcastic...if ya haven't a good way though

Nov 9 @ 3:53PM  
hell i'm just me and she's just her....i'm a sarcastic ass..........or so i've been told...just ask Eweeeee

Nov 9 @ 3:58PM  
..i'm a sarcastic ass..........or so i've been told...just ask Eweeeee
Yes you are also honest and dont shit on your friends to gain anything......and you stand by them no matter what.........sad there isnt more like you.

Nov 9 @ 5:10PM  
i'm a sarcastic ass

Yep I can agree with that statement But then Ewe also stated a good one also

you dont shit on your friends to gain anything......and you stand by them no matter what.

Now who is me??? I'm just your regular woman next door who lives alone and smiles and waves to everyone.

Nov 9 @ 8:06PM  
I'm L4E...but that is only here. Who I am here is only a part of who I really am. I am a guarded, private person and few will ever get beyond a certain point with me. I don't even use my real name very freely around here (yes, I know some of you know it and I appreciate the fact that you keep it to yourselves...that means a lot to me). I am fiercely loyal...on all levels. Once I come to care for you, you couldn't ask for a truer friend. It takes some doing before I will let people in and get to know the real me. I have very strong beliefs and one of them is that you are as entitled to yours as I am to mine. I try to avoid getting involved in any of the in-fighting around here; I try not to add fuel to the flame (and certainly not in the way Ynot seems to love! we had better keep an eye on him now that gas prices are coming down!). More often than not, you will see that I avoid all that garbage. So, who am I really? Maybe you'll get to know one day...but it won't be in the public forums.

Nov 11 @ 3:47AM  
I came on here as casuallylooking. but now I'm just CL. Cause I'm only looking for friends. I have a LilGriz that fullfills anything I was looking for..and then some.
I love life and just about anything about it. I like to smile and laugh, it's the one thing that's contagious that I enjoy sharing with everyone.
I'm a Mom, Grandma, friend, lover, woman and I love being all of those things. I'm sincere, trustworthy and honest...sometimes to a fault. But I try not to hurt others feelings with it.
I'm usually easy going,can find good in most situations and optimistic. Yet take very little at face value. I like getting along and being friendly with just about everyone, But intentionally hurt someone I love and I will rip your heart out without hesitation and hand it to you while you are still standing.
I'm extremely guarded unless I get to know you well and then we will most likely be friends for life. I can't stand liars or thieves, no place for them in my life.
I've been told I am extremely complex yet sincere and open at the same time.
When you figure that one out, let me

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