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So it seems

posted 11/8/2008 11:31:02 PM |
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We have a blogger in our midst that is trying to stir things up a little here in blogland. Yeah, I've read the blogs...all I'm seeing is total ignorance being spouted yet again, and bragging of this "Masters Degree education". Ok, whatever.

I almost commented, then thought, what the fuck for? Hop into the fray of yet another blog war? Nope, not this time. Not mentioning names, as that goes against the TOS here, but I will say, when one brags about having a Master's Degree, and yet spouts off hateful crap, that alone raises a lot of doubt to the truth of the level of education.

We're all entitled to our opinions, thoughts, etc. We are also entitled to ignore the ignorant ones too.

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Nov 8 @ 11:42PM  
How about that.

Nov 8 @ 11:45PM  
I'm with you, I'm staying out of that one.

have a great weekend

Nov 8 @ 11:48PM  

I agree. I'm staying out of it. I'd much rather look at your legs.

Nov 8 @ 11:53PM  
Hop into the fray of yet another blog war?

Nehhh, thet's my job.

Hey sugar...

Nov 8 @ 11:59PM  
hardly a blog war
one person expressing themselves
and the whole resta dis planet
and I had a whole bunch more
no sense stirrin' stuff here
I'll wait for another of his blogs
and really get him riled
then sit back and
naw - would I do that ?

Nov 9 @ 12:01AM  
who stirred it up? looks like you just did?
stirring up the soup with a big spoon.
who is she? the mystery woman
with a master's degree in ?
is it rita cosby? hurricane rita?
i'd love to get stirred with her.
spoon with her too. i should
be so lucky. shaken not stirred?
james bond's favorite drink.
vodka martinis. i suppose
listening to the flowers grow
is more fun? could be?
i admit i' m hot on ya too.
i couldn't see how anyone
couldn't be hot on ya.
mystery ladies.
mystery guests.
and i'm the king named kali khan.
my daughter is the princess
kali khan. course isn't
it sexy, when you meet
an x lover on here, or an x wife,
you haven't thought of in
years and years.
you pop open the window
and you recognize her tits.
right off the bat. you and
her prowling in the same
set. spring fling? fall ball?
i was just dreaming of
dancing in a russian
dance during the tschiakowksy
era there. so many women
to dance with, so little time.
its trite to say that i admit.
who cares? i can't decide
who i am in love with more.
britney spears or taylor swift.
or rita cosby. or the woman
in the neighborhood i've
known since she was going on one.
lotta reunions going on.
who will ya go back to?
or will it be someone new?
gee i wish it was 1967.

Nov 9 @ 12:01AM  
education and intelligence may run hand in hand but you can have one with out the his case he may be educated..........but that doesnt mean he is intelligent.........sad thing is .........he doesnt want to debate the issues he just wants to place a race card.......what we all realize is that assholes can come in all colors........

Nov 9 @ 12:06AM  
geez whapper
how many keyboards do you go through a year?
is that a deductible expense?

Nov 9 @ 12:08AM  
Ok...who left the kudo? I don't want Prez Skwirl threatening to bite me again.

Nov 9 @ 12:12AM  
Ok...who left the kudo?
And Now there is 2...

Nov 9 @ 12:16AM  

Skwirl Girl could be lurkin'
look out
yer pile of greenies is buildin'

Nov 9 @ 12:26AM  

Damn she's really going to bite you. look at them all building.

Nov 9 @ 4:31AM  
I've met some biggots with doctors degrees before, who hasn't.

Some people are just a waste of a good education.

Nov 9 @ 6:55AM  
I`m American ....I`m not a color ....

Nov 9 @ 9:24AM  
geez whapper
how many keyboards do you go through a year?
is that a deductible expense?


Nov 9 @ 9:55AM  
.what we all realize is that assholes can come in all colors........ It's like skittles...... taste the rainbow

Nov 9 @ 10:15AM  
there's ALWAYS gonna be douchebags...some are new and some are actully OLD with NEW names.........just sayin

Nov 9 @ 11:04AM  
I guess you haven't read that the quality of ED, is dropping at all levels. It's the liberal values of the teachers union taking hold of our satiety. Hang in there pumpkin, you will get over it in time.

Nov 9 @ 11:56AM  
We are also entitled to ignore the ignorant ones too.
Zactly....I be particle-er on wheres I dipsplay my learnin at.

Nov 9 @ 1:49PM  
As someone who got a degree in English (with a buck, that gets ya coffee), I read both the blogs and the profile and essays. Blogs lay claim to a Master's degree, profile and essays indicate Baccalaureate degree. Hm....

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