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Life with a Dark Knight

posted 11/8/2008 1:36:48 PM |
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It’s been 6 months since DKW moved down to the Deep South to be with me. Let’s just say, after not having anyone in my life for more than 17 years this was a culture shock. We’re still trying to find room for his stuff. Most of which is in the garage I rented. Leaning to live with a self-proclaimed Vampire means he doesn’t even come to bed until after 2:00 AM most of the time it was later. This is changing because he now has a job that he starts at 8 AM. He has to sleep sometime. I actually have to plan out meals. He does expect to eat once in awhile. (Know body said I had to feed him) and then there is the double laundry which really isn’t that much more, so it’s not a complaint. And I had to learn to share a bed again. That was the tricky part, but I haven’t heard him hit the floor so I must be doing something right.

I’ve acquired three more Real guitars, A Peavey bass, a Yamaha 12 string, and a Gibson electric, 2 amps, one regular one bass. Then on to the PS 3 and we have every Guitar Hero, or Rock Band game on the market that works with this system. I’ve actually become a game junkie, something I swore I’d never do. This includes all the paraphernalia which includes four or five Guitars for these systems, including the newest one out, and my son found me gun you shoot at the screen for one of the games we play.

We’ve also acquire three more motorcycles. He says a full garage is a happy garage. All I know if to ride the one’s in the back we have to move the one’s in the front. But my new chopper is going to be cute.

Traveling with DKW is great. He will go where I want just as willingly as I will where he wants to go. Running up and down the Vegas strip was a blast, he’s a ham for my camera and we’re like two kids out on a big adventure.

Ladies I found a gem because he likes to shop as much or more than I do. If I say I want to browses in a store, he doesn’t roll his eyes or anything. We’re both crazy about book stores, we get lost in them for hours. He will actually let me take him cloths shopping. I was in shock the first time we went.
There are down sides but they are right now too few to mention. He can be bossy when he thinks I’m not taking care of myself. I’m not use to someone taking care of me, and it catches me off guard more times than not. But on a whole I’d say we are happy. He’s not ready to pack up and leave, so I must be doing something right.

So now you know, yes, we are as happy as our photo shows.
Thanks for asking

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Nov 8 @ 1:51PM  
I am so glad to hear that and to see you both back! i've missed the both of you!

Nov 8 @ 3:11PM  
very nice story...we should all be so lucky

Nov 8 @ 3:12PM  
But, but. one on this site ever meets. No one! Don't you guys know that? And, certainly, no one is ever happy if they do.

Gaw! Don't you love it when you can prove 'them' wrong yet again? I'm losing count on how many couples that are couples because of AMD.

Fantastic to see you both back...and even better to hear how happy you are and how well things are going for you two!

Nov 8 @ 3:27PM  
I've been waiting for an update. So good to hear you are doing so well together. I'm sure it will just get better from here on out!

Nov 8 @ 3:59PM  
Congrats to Yall!!!
I was wondering where Yall went too... till I was doing a Search one day....and read your Profile!!!!!

But, but. one on this site ever meets. No one!
Ummmmm, have I Not Tried at least 2 or 3 times to meet You? Just saying...

Nov 8 @ 4:42PM  

I'm glad things are going good for You an DK.. I hope you guys have the happiest
of lives together.

Nov 8 @ 4:54PM  
Glad to see you guy's back.. And to see you two are happy...

Nov 8 @ 5:44PM  
I know deep down that the two of you are another success story. I'm so happy for you and DK. I've always known there was a woman out there somewhere that would be perfect for him, and he finally found you. He's a good friend, and a good man, and you are a good woman (I don't know you very well, but if DK says you're ok then I know you are). It sounds like you guys are off to a great start, and it will only get better.

Nov 8 @ 6:00PM  
Happy endings are great.

Nov 8 @ 6:39PM  
Compramise is the key to love. Congratulations on figuring that out so quickly in this fun filled game.

May you both enjoy each other for years to come!

Nov 8 @ 7:37PM  
Congrats to the both of you.... like rnj said, we should all be so lucky!

Here's to a great future!!

Nov 8 @ 8:36PM  
And yeah, they are just as cute as they look in that picture too!! ;)

Nov 8 @ 8:39PM  
Good for the both of you.

Although...."my new chopper is going to be cute" is something
you will have to rephrase. If it's anything bigger that a Sportster
engine.....'cute' is not the word.

Nov 8 @ 9:23PM  
I've thanked you with personal notes, but I also want to thank you as a whole for all the great comments. As Skwirl will tell you, I'm not a huge blogger, but DKW and I have gotten so many e-mails I figure it was time.

There are certain powers on this wonderful earth, and great people who can edge those powers into a certain direction. I'm glad they nudged them mine. It was the best day of my life when I got my first Valentines card from DKW and he's showered me with attention every since.

Just so another fun loving biker doesn't get the wrong idea, I'm going to hi-jack my own blog. Yes, my new chopper will be cute. 8 foot wheel base, 300 cc Honda engine, with pipes loud enough to wake the dead. Will top out at 100MPH but cruise at 70 all day if you want it. 3.5 gallon gas tank 5 speed tranny, If the photo posts these are some of the colors, mine will be Silver with Silver ghost flames. but look just like one of these. It's my Christmas present from DKW.

And they say men never know what to buy a woman LOL

Thanks again for all the good wishes and wonderful comments.


Nov 8 @ 9:37PM  
He can be bossy when he thinks I’m not taking care of myself. I’m not use to someone taking care of me, and it catches me off guard more times than not.
I completely understand that comment.... but you have to learn to let him take care of you as much as you want and feel the desire to take care of him.. the pot calling the kettle black lol

What a Valentine's day, huh?
Continued best wishes to you both......for always.

Nov 8 @ 10:33PM  
Welcome back both of you. It's been nice seeing the two of you here again. And it's so wonderful to see how happy you two are.

Nov 8 @ 11:32PM  
(Know body said I had to feed him)

I had to learn to share a bed again
Lies...I get more than 5 feet from her, or leave the bed, she hunts me down...

I’ve actually become a game junkie, something I swore I’d never do

he’s a ham for my camera
Moi? *Wicked Smile*

Ladies I found a gem
Chunka coal, alrighty....

He can be bossy when he thinks I’m not taking care of myself
Ya think...?

But my new chopper is going to be cute
Yes....she IS spoiled rotten....

Love you, sweetness...


Nov 8 @ 11:41PM  
Love you to My Dark One.

Chunka coal, alrighty....
And remember a chunk of coal is nothing less that a Diamond in a very rough state.

Yes....she IS spoiled rotten....
An you have no one to blame but yourself.


Nov 8 @ 11:54PM  
Didn't say it was your fault...

Said I was going to blame you...

Nov 8 @ 11:56PM  
I am so happy that you two found each give others the hope of happily ever after.........I pray your togetherness always stays as close and even grows closer every two are such wonderful ppl you deserve each other.

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Life with a Dark Knight