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same sex marriage and other thoughts

posted 11/8/2008 12:29:37 PM |
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Why cant we come to a center ground on things as humans?
You walk your side of the street and I'll stay on mine has been my motto for the last 37 years. If two women or men love and care for each other then LET them have the same benifits as a man and a woman!
Ok, yes the Bible says Marriage is Man and Woman. Ok then heres my ideas:
Call it something else! - No marriage certificate? give them a Union certificate or something.. Give them the same benifits and tax status as married couples.
I am a Christian and CAN NOT figure out where in the Bible it says to stop people from doing their own thing. If to you it's a sin, then YOU dont do it, leave the others alone!
It's not your job to dictate how someone else should live! Welcome to America home of the FREE! Dont like it, get out! Go thump your bible on some other civilization.
No, I am not Gay or Bisexual by any stretch, but again my belief is if they arent hurting anyone, leave them alone. In fact I would almost bet that if we were to legalize or find some other means to recognize same sex unions, they might show us more loving and healthy relationships then what the straight people seem to be having latley.
It seems to me that certian groups of people are to busy running the lives of others and not paying attention to their own lives, their children leading a path to self destruction and malice.
Clean your freaking windshield! Or go get your eyes checked!
Yes it suddenly is now dark when you leave work, it had been sunny up till now.. What happened? The same freakin thing that happens every year, and now that you haven't cleaned your windshield in 4 years, the headlight glare and the visual glaze is making you drive "safer" at a speed of 15 - 20 MPH under the speed limit.. Problem with this is the people comming up behind you that arent so lazy arent expecting you to be so slow and are liable to ram you, OR at best have to slow down, risk getting hit, and get mad and road rage.. If there is a line of cars behind you and you dont feel safe going the speed limit, PULL OVER! Let cars go by and then rejoin the road.
And to those of you who tail gate at the speed limit, Go around me! I DO panic stop for tailgaters and it cracks me up everytime when at the light they yell at me that hitting the brakes like that is illeagle. Get real you retard. I saw a squirrel in the road. The law, in PA at least, is to follow two full seconds from the car infront of you. - 2 Mississippi - From their back bumper to your front bumper.
Thats enough for now.. Maybe somemore later today
Go Obama!

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Nov 8 @ 12:37PM  
give them a Union certificate or something.. Give them the same benifits and tax status as married couples.

Nov 8 @ 12:42PM  
Strange post, should have been two as I had to stop and revert back to reread it due to the rapid switching detour.

But my applause for the first half of it and a kudo. Thanks, it was very well stated and succinct. I like like succinct. I appreciate your contributions and hope to see more.

Nov 8 @ 1:19PM  
Give them the same benifits and tax status as married couples.
Well... I'm NOT gay... but I am single..and tired of Paying High taxes... I need a Tax Break!!! So can I Please Marry My Male Doggie? Just asking

Nov 8 @ 1:29PM  
I agree on the whole gay marriage issue. To add a little, I was raised to believe that, in America, we separate church and state. Moral issues should NOT be legislated. (After all, if your issue with gay marriage is due to religion, 'nough said.) With some of the 'morals' demonstrated by our legislators, I sure don't want them choosing 'right' and 'wrong' for the rest of us!

Nov 8 @ 4:26PM  
I agree with your thoughts. Great to see you back and blogging again.

Nov 8 @ 5:32PM  
I'm with WoW, the first half of your blog was excellent! I totally agree. Ya kinda lost me on the second half though.

Nov 8 @ 5:45PM  
if gay people want to live as a married couple,who are we to intrude on their decision.

drivers should clean their windows,those lazy bastards,
and if your going to drive slower than the rest of the trafic,then pull your ass over and let the rest of us go on by,,we got stuff to do

Nov 8 @ 5:49PM  
Sorry about the second half.. It was originally to be a post of "open my head and see what pours out" I was on my soap box and needed to bitch a little

Nov 8 @ 10:15PM  
I guess I've always been a little different..I liked and agreed with the whole blog.
It's no ones business that two people who just happen to be the same gender are together. To those who bitch and complain about it, Leave them alone and live your own life. Whether you like it or not or believe in it or not is irrelevant. It's their life, not yours. And Everyone is entitled to be happy..

BTW, welcome back.........

Nov 8 @ 11:12PM  
With some of the 'morals' demonstrated by our legislators, I sure don't want them choosing 'right' and 'wrong' for the rest of us!

My thoughts exactly!

Nov 8 @ 11:52PM  
The problem is that people think we should have government control over moral rights ect ect........i think each individual should be allowed to do what they want to do and we should leave it up to the churches to preach what is right or is love no matter who is doing it.......

Nov 9 @ 12:13AM  
it seems - to me anyway
that same sex marriage and gettin' rear-ended
well - I mean
for certain "couples
ya got another way?
I see the relation of front to back
or top to bottom
of dis blog

Nov 9 @ 4:36AM  
I say we go back to TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE. .

Watch before you bitch please

Nov 9 @ 9:31AM  
beefygoblin that was TOO funny

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same sex marriage and other thoughts