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Update on Alex, Willie, and Tash

posted 11/6/2008 3:43:54 PM |
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tagged: daughter, life, straddle

I just wanted to let everyone know that Alex is doing great, but his status is still the same. As for Willie, he will be sentenced to at least 15 years in prison on Nov. 13. He pled guilty to 3 counts with no possible parole whatsoever within 15 years. So he will be spending at least the 15 years in prison. Tash is doing great. She recently got her a little place in Peebles (in Adams county).

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Nov 6 @ 3:47PM  
So, what is the status of Alex? Good to hear that Tash is working on getting her life together. Gawd, if we could just keep making choices for our kids so they didn't have to live with the consequences of theirs.

Nov 6 @ 3:51PM  
well done mr. nose. your bust of the 640 kidnapped hookers between
the ages of 13-17 and the 73 pimps was well done. yay! high five and stuff.
pimps faced major felony charges. the kids under 18 were freed and
back to their 'rightful' lives. many times they are, snatched right off the
street while walking home from school. or out at night on a date with a liar.
or over at a pajama party, by foster dad five. etc. mull it over. well done mr.nose.
i've been blowing my nose over it. teary and bleary eyed. so are a lotta
others. or while going for a walk at night to 7-11. never heard from or
seen again. oftentimes they are snatched for ransom. big ransom.
its illegal to drive over 65 mph on the freeway too. but people do it all the time.
steady as she goes.

Nov 6 @ 3:51PM  
Good to hear Stradd
Sounds like things are working out.

Nov 6 @ 4:05PM  
So, what is the status of Alex?

Alex still hasn't fully awakend yet. He's doing great as far as the blood work goes, and he continues to grow. His breathing is so much better than it had been months ago. I'm still praying that he totally comes out of this and wakes up. His eyes have been open for the last few months.

Nov 6 @ 4:18PM  
Thank you for letting us know! My thoughts and prayers are with you and the babe...Alex. have missed you, and glad to see your here!

Nov 6 @ 4:27PM  
Haha,Willie! Don't drop the soap,muthafucker!

Anyway,I'm glad for your family,hopefully you guys can put this situation behind you.

Nov 6 @ 4:29PM  
Alex still hasn't fully awakend yet.

Does that mean he is in a coma? And they are still getting brain activity? I hope so.

What a tough thing to have to live through. To love your kid but not to be able to make it all better. Thoughts are with you, Strad.

Nov 6 @ 4:33PM  
Does that mean he is in a coma? And they are still getting brain activity?

Yeah, but we still have hope that he will come out of this. If and when he does he will still most likely have some brain damage. As far as how much, we won't know until that happens (him waking up).

Nov 6 @ 4:45PM  
Oh gawd Shawn, the hell you guys have been living through.. I cannot even imagine this pain. I do hope little 'Alex comes out of that coma soon and his damage is minimal.

15 years... and Alex is stuck with this for life.. bastard. Whatever happened to public hangings?

Nov 6 @ 4:46PM  
I'm so glad you let us know!

ALex & all of your family continue to be in my prayers!

The fact that he is growing has to be a good sign!!

All you can do is just take it one day at a time, like you have been
& know how many people continue to send prayers & powerful hopes
for him to wake up!!!


Nov 6 @ 4:47PM  
Glad there is closure Shawn.

Nov 6 @ 5:20PM  
He should get more. But glad to hear that there is finally some closure Shaun.

Nov 6 @ 5:20PM  
Whatever happened to public hangings?

I'm bloodthirsty, public hangings get it over to fast. I hope it gets out into the jail population why he is there, and that he bends over to get the soap in front of a lot of really BIG guys.

Nov 6 @ 5:43PM  
if there is 1 thing you can count on it's least 1 of the CO's in that prison will make it known what this scumbag did....and then most of them will turn their backs when he gets what's coming to him. Hopefully the kid comes out of this healthy and happy and hopefully daddy comes out of it with at least an asshole 6x the size of the 1 he went in with

Nov 6 @ 5:59PM  
prayers to alex

Nov 6 @ 6:01PM  
Thanks for the info on little Alex Shawn. I'm glad he is doing as well as he is and he is still in my prayers for a full recovery. Willie may have just been sentenced to 15 years but when the guys in prison with him find out what he has done he won't make it out alive. One thing I know is no matter what the other guys that are in that prison have done for the most part none of them have any use for a child molester or in this case someone that has harmed a baby so don't look for Willie to come out of there alive. Serves him right for what he has done to Alex, your daughter and you. Take care my friend and know you all are still in my prayers. Keep us posted on his recovery please.

Nov 6 @ 8:16PM  
Thank God. I was waiting to hear that. I hope the bastard rots in jail and goes to hell. Glad Tash and Alex are ok.

Nov 6 @ 10:10PM  
Thanks for the update. I've been keeping little Alex and Tash in my thoughts and prayers. 15 years isn't nearly enough for what that creep did to that little baby.


Nov 6 @ 10:12PM  

Nov 6 @ 10:35PM  
Love, thoughts and prayers to you and yours, Shawn!!

Nov 7 @ 1:16PM  
Thank you for the update Shawn...Glad to see things looking up for your family and doing better...

Nov 14 @ 11:11PM  
I'm glad to hear that alex is getting better. hope he wakes up soon. As for willie, as soon as the inmate population hears what he's done if he makes it out alive he won't come out unscarred. they're liable to fuck him up at every possible opportunity. Glad to hear tasha's finally settling down a bit. hope everything finally smoothes out for good soon

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Update on Alex, Willie, and Tash