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When Did I Get A Sex Change I Didn't Know About??

posted 11/6/2008 2:53:36 PM |
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tagged: funny, scammer, spammer, sunshine

OMG....just have to laugh at this shit.....

Hello sweety how are you doing i am single never married,I am new to this online thing so please bear with me . I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am interested in getting to know more about you after reading your profile. I guarantee that I am a nice Man and know how to treat a Woman... I have a degree in Art and Culture.and into the sales of Sculptures. you seem to be a very down to earth man and I really admire that! .I guess I will leave you with this for now. I hope your day went well and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading this! I practically wrote you a book! Here! .Feel free to write me back directly ,my screen name is
Adewole.david@ xxx .com

And the funny profile:

Up Obama's (He knows our president!)

About myself
I am single never married ,obtained my degree in the University of South Carolina ,and recently live in MS, I find very much peace and tranquility there .I am into the Sales of Sculptures , bees , gold , etc...I`m 5`10" 170 with a athletic build , mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listening, God Fearing, and a positive person (Keyword: God Fearing)

The person I would like to meet
a partner in crime, my mirror image. Casual dating only leads to casual friendships and I want something more meaningful than that. Seeking a good Woman who has compassion for others. A Woman with diverse interests: self-confidence, honesty, and a sense of adventure. Someone who understands the quality of passion to be had in a monogamous relationship. Someone who is easy to get along with and not afraid to be affectionate (Pretty good description!)

About my work
I inherit this business from my late parents , it has been an interesting business.My goals and dreams are to live a good life,and maybe meet someone that believes in unconditional love. (Ok, dead people, another sign of a scammer)

What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?
I like swimming , fishing, listening to music and dance to any kind of music, traveling ,and i love hanging out with my sexy someone that would be honest with me forever (Not bad)

My idea of a great date
Meeting Each other and be together forever with together,I know how to treat a Woman well still yet i was betrayed by my own Wife dating my best friend (together forever on the 1st date??)

If you are divorced/widower, you can talk about how that happened here.
I have been into 3 relationships and those are also my only sexual partners I have ever had.2 of my relationships ended because of my partners betrayal and infidelity (cheating) and the other 1 ended because the love was not there to grow.She scammed me $15000 I know this sounds strange to you but as I wrote above I have not been sexually active now for 3 years!!!!. (Oh, so now he wants to scam me and get his money back?)

What is your fantasy vacation?
Meeting people and having some Lil fun together (Nice vacation!)

What is your academic background?
calcusain and mixing (WTF is that?? Mixing what?)

Where did you last vacation and did you like it?
At the beach yes i love it but i wish i could be with someone that will keep my company worm and cool (He's got worms!)

What do you find attractive in people?
Honest and caring and being there for each other (Yeah)

What do others do that irritate you?
I hate lies and i Don't want a woman that will not being there for each other (Nice wording, no lies? Umm, your a scammer!)

What do you think is your best quality?
I'm talking about fate here - when feelings are so powerful it's as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams (That's your best quality?)

What one thing would you change about your personality if you could?
I am a man who is very committed to the special Woman I am sharing my heart and soul with. I totally dedicate and devote my life totally to this person 24/7, for she is my Queen and it is my belief that as long as she is my Queen, God would want me to treat him as such, by putting him on a pedestal that is reserved only for a Queen and showing him with an endless amount of affection, attention, passion, and unconditional love. (HIM??? Umm...ok Drag Queen maybe?)

What one question would you want answered in an initial email from another member?
Honest Person with a long time relationship (That's not a question!)

Describe your physique.
Happiness is as a butterfly which, when pursued is always beyond our grasp, but if you sit down quietly may alight upon you,To love is to place our happiness in the happiness of another,I am a woman of integrity and my word is my honor!. I have very high standards for myself and my life is all about providing love, peace and happiness to others (Ok, so now you don't know what sex you are?)

What do you do well sexually?
I like doing Doggy Style with my Girl so that she can feel me inside of are pretty (Pretty?? What's pretty?)

What is the favorite thing you like sexually done to you?
Making sex together and having some little fun with each other,cos I have not been sexually active now for 3 years!!!!. (Sure)

What fantasy(s) are you still waiting to experience?
Loving someone is like caring for a garden, love it too much or too little and it dies, but love it just right and it will live forever (That's a fantasy?)

What fantasy(s) have you already experienced?
Time will prove my love to you and cement my place in your heart forever. For time will give me the credibility and the believability that I need to convince you to want to spend the rest of your life with me. That I am worthy of such a commitment from you."If your are meant to be together forever, you will survive any obstacle or trouble that comes to you (Nice job of copy and pasting!)

Do you have any STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?
I don't have any diseases and i wont want my Girl should have any (Yeah, what he said!)

Are you looking for a one night stand, to play for a while, or a long-term Adult relationship?
I am looking for a long time relationship someone that would be my wife and be there for me for the rest of my life so that i can have my own son and spend my life in successful with my children (WHAT?!?)

Free Space. Say anything you want!
I've got a great sense of humor,I am more conservative politically than liberal...I work hard, and know how to

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Nov 6 @ 3:00PM  
awww....being confused is ruff! HA!...isn't what he wants what we all want...?

Nov 6 @ 3:03PM  
u gotta stop gittin sex changes

Nov 6 @ 3:14PM  
another dumb ass scammer

calcusain and mixing

this makes absolutely no sense...does he mean Caucasian???? And the question was "academic" background...NOT "ethnic"....LMAO.

Hey's a tip:
answers questions appropriately without sounding like some fucking moron.....because we can see you comin a mile away! Do they just take random snippets of text here and there and copy and paste into their profile or what???

Nov 6 @ 3:20PM  
What the hell was this asshole scammer thinking.

Nov 6 @ 3:48PM  

I thought he might be Nigefrian

Nov 6 @ 3:49PM  
Seems as though these scammers aren't as bright as they used to be...

Nov 6 @ 4:26PM  
i was betrayed by my own Wife dating my best friend

Um, didn't he say:

I am single never married

I work hard, and know how to

Work hard and know how to what?

Nov 6 @ 4:29PM  
Kill it with fire!

Nov 6 @ 4:37PM  
I got the exact same letter in my email today.

Nov 6 @ 5:19PM  
I guarantee that I am a nice Man and know how to treat a Woman... I have a degree in Art and Culture.and into the sales of Sculptures. you seem to be a very down to earth man and I really admire that!

er. so he's a man lookin for a man?

Nov 6 @ 5:44PM  
hey!!!! You cant go getting a sex change til after I collect my winnings or you have to substitute you for a prize of my choice

Nov 6 @ 5:49PM  
what the fuck i will kick this guys ass your my girl damnit!!!!!! wait sex change ? hold up you have a penis now? ok well i think we need some time apart

Nov 6 @ 8:32PM  
inconsistencies in upper and lower caps, pronoun confusion and the word "cos or cuz" in lieu of because, no doubt scammers

but Megan, just between us, how much was it for the sex change?

Nov 6 @ 8:38PM  
hey ya know what ? ? ?
did I ask for - I mean
do you see anywhere written - "send pictures" ?
couldn't ya wait for note number fuckin' 2
dammit ! ! ! ! ! !
ya think with just a bit of tweakin' the profile's cool?
you are costin' me so much time Missy
why don't ya just send the friggin' pics
and I can finally quit with the freakin' profiles ! ! ! ! ! !

Nov 6 @ 10:40PM  
So..since ya had a sex change, how does it feel to have a penis?

Nov 6 @ 11:09PM  
dayum!!! all those sex changes confused me!!!

I'm gonna go to bed now and sleep that one off!

Ya know..seeing that he can't answer simple essay can only hope he/she/whatever it is isn't driving on our roads.


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When Did I Get A Sex Change I Didn't Know About??