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posted 11/4/2008 12:42:41 PM |
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how it oughtta be
in my opinion
electoral votes - should be allotted in direct relation to
registered voters - not population
the percentage of registered voters that cast a ballot
would equal the percentage of that state's allotted electoral votes
that will cast a ballot
each candidate would receive his or her actual share of electoral votes
determined by votes cast
a single rep would present each state's electoral votes to congress
they be tallied and
what the fuck am I thinkin'
if it were done this way
your vote would actually count
all ye pervs
return to whatz it wuz you wuz

over and out

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Nov 4 @ 1:25PM  
I've wondered, and wondered why we (the American people) even bother to vote when the electoral college can vote against the popular vote. I went and voted anyway today......even knowing my opinion doesn't count. How's that for the American way????

Nov 4 @ 1:37PM  
I've thought that for years!!!

Maybe someday we'll/they'll get it right!!!

Nov 4 @ 1:42PM  
Let's get rid of the electoral college all together and just go by popular vote. Then each vote would really matter.

Nov 4 @ 2:00PM  
The electoral college was enacted to prevent Virginia and Pennsylvania from dominating the smaller states. If repealed all the many rural states would not have even the equivalent of one electoral vote. Do you really want California and New York dominating? Perhaps you do. However getting the thriteen smallest states in terms of population to cede that much influence to the populace states is a pipe dream. It has worked pretty well for 200 years. The occasion of 'disloyal' electors is few and far between. To the best of my knowledge only three times has the candidate with the most popular votes not won the elctoral college (Jefferson, Bush, and in the 1890's. Arthur maybe.)

Most states utilize the winner take all method (Nebraska and Maine are the exceptions, I believe). This could certainly be worthy of discussion.

Nov 4 @ 2:17PM  
The reason that the electoral college developed was that our contry was made up
of thirteen unique states, each wanting to preserve their independent voice.
The concept of one country, as opposed to an organization of states, came later...
The occasion of 'disloyal' electors is few and far between.
Correct! The elector who submitted tallies contrary to the concerned state's ballot count
wouldn't last long...
Most states utilize the winner take all method
I thought they ALL did...!!

The electoral college, like the two houses of the legislative branch, is a product of
compromise by the founding fathers. It is a basic tenet of the Constitution, and would
require an amendment to the Constitution to change it...Not very likely!

Nov 4 @ 2:20PM  
I'm not so sure it has worked all that well for the past 200 years. I can understand why it was put into action so long ago. Some of the states weren't as populated as they are now. I guess what my concern is, is that they seem to have too much power. Then again I believe the president has too much power, and this is not something i believed before Bush got The Patriot Act pushed through. I believed there was a system of checks and balances that kept one person from having too much power, now i'm not so sure. I used to believe this country was "for the people, by the people", and i'm not so sure about that either. It seems like every year there are more and more freedoms taken away from the citizens of this country.


Nov 4 @ 3:01PM  
I believe that Nebraska awards 1 electoral vote for the winner of each congressional district. Maine, if memory serves awards on the basis of popular vote but I could be wrong on this.

Nov 4 @ 9:04PM  
How about instead of just registered voters.. how many actually show up to VOTE.. so many register and never bother with the actual voting.

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