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posted 11/1/2008 7:09:52 PM |
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tagged: courtesy

I belong to several dating sites,because I work alot and I dont hang out in the bars,so it is hard to meet women,other than in the grocery store or at the gas pump.,when I have a few minuted of free time,I like to get online and browse thru the profiles(and at times it seems like a meat market) ,I read the profiles and sit and think "is this a woman I would like to meet?".so if the answer is yes,I email her with what I think is a very polite introduction letter,telling her what I thought of her profile and telling her a little about myself.I dont make it too long,and ask her at the end :if its possible that we could chat?" now you know that the email is read...what gets me, is most of these women dont have the common courtesy to reply if they are not interested,,I mean have the balls/courtesy to reply saying your not interested,,I'm a big boy!I can handle rejection! Its not in my nature to respond to your rejection with hate mail,, I'll just move on,,when this happens (no replies) I think to myself this isnt a person I want to know anyway,if they cant even tell you this then how are they ever going to talk about other things in their relationship,,and dont hand me the crap of "they might be to busy to respond" thats a bunch of sh$t..Im busy!! and if I can make the time to email you with interest then you have the time to reply,,it just comes down to they have no common courtesy for the next to those women...KARMA

now that I got that off my chest ,I feel better

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Nov 1 @ 7:38PM  
I understand what you are saying, and I try to answer all of my emails, but I have noticed that when I send a seems to set up a dialog....I say "no thanks, ect ect" then a reply shows up....and after saying "no thanks" a few times....well it is so much easier to just not reply.

Also, I do not respond to emails when my profile has clearly not been read.

Nov 1 @ 8:07PM  
I used to answer all the emails that i got. But then it got to the point of me getting emails from 18, 19 and 20 year olds. It gets old and i know they are just playing games and really not into me. I am a woman who weighs 260. Not to much seriuos interest there from anyone. Then i also get a lot of emails telling me that they have read my profile and was very impressed and they are mesmerised by my profile that is all they have thought about. The funny this is all my profile says is i am here to read blogs only. BUt i can see your point and you are right. It is just plain disrespectful for someone to not send you some reply if not just a small "no thank you"

Nov 1 @ 8:49PM  
You must be new to the Online dating scene?
Welcome ....!
If You get a Decent email..lets say... 1 out of 100 you are Lucky!
So hang in there!

Nov 2 @ 11:12AM  
I agree with what you said, but I gotta be honest here.

I get these letters like this: Hey there, I saw your pictures and profile. You sound like a really fun chick to get to know. I think we have alot in common, yada, yada, yada. How about we chat sometime? honest opinion here?? I get tons of these.....and I automatically assume that when they say chat, they mean cybersex. And had they really read my profile, it says I don't chat. So, I normally don't respond. It's not to be rude, it's just me and an assumption I make.

So, now after reading your blog....I feel

Nov 2 @ 11:17AM  
I very seldom if ever write back...........i dont get many emails anymore cause I stay invisable but even the few i do.......i dont write back.......its not that I want to be rude.......but i make it pretty obvious in my profile why I am here.....and way to many times when I have emailed someone back telling them thank you but no thank you........i have gotten a nasty email back from them...........nope would rather they thought I was rude and not write to me again........

Nov 4 @ 6:36AM  

I don't know what to tell you and I won't give you lame excuses for the lack of courtesy and grace that these women obviously don't have. I too, have emailed men and I didn't get a response back. I didn't do this very often because I always got a fair amount of responses from men. My theory was that they read my profile and looked at my pictures and didn't like the way I looked or what I wrote - was I too independent for them and can think and do things without a man's help? I would always think that it was their loss (I would never write this in an email to them) and they were just a waste of my time to write to.

I've been on this site since July of this year and was lucky enough to meet a great guy here and I changed my profile to reflect this. We still hang on this site because we love to read and comment on blogs and threads. Before I met my boyfriend, I responded to every one of the emails that was sent to me - I got a lot of really nice sincere emails, then there were the ones that were downright rude that I basically told to "piss off". I got one on another site that said - "You're overweight, but I'd f*ck you anyway." Did I really need to read that? No, I would have preferred that the prick kept his comments to himself. Would I every write something like that to another human being - hell no. I have a way too much class for that.

One of the things that I wrote in my "new" profile after my boyfriend and I got together was that I would not be responding to anymore emails. I get a lot of scammers writing to me saying that they loved my profile and want to get to know me better, but I still get emails from guys who obviously haven't read my profile asking me if I want to chat or cam. I still get the occasional rude and nasty emails from men too. These are unwanted so, what's a girl gonna do?

Hang in there - the one woman for you will read your introduction email and write back. I didn't respond to my boyfriend's 1st email to me because I thought he was being a smartass (which he was and still is) and it really didn't warrant a response back. It wasn't until after he emailed me and made nice comments on the new pictures I posted of myself did I respond back. Sometimes it takes something as little as that to get the ball rolling.


Nov 4 @ 9:04AM  
All I can say is patience my friend...patience Sometimes I respond to people and sometimes I don' really just depends on their initial email...and like someone else said, if I can tell someone hasn't taken the time to read my profile, then I don't feel I should take the time to give them a response (not saying you aren't reading profiles...this is just coming from my point of view)

Nov 4 @ 9:59AM  
I won't give you lame excuses for the lack of courtesy and grace that these women obviously don't have
Is she talking about us?

Nov 4 @ 10:28AM  
Is she talking about us?

Believe it or not, it's not always about Ewe!

Like dmbchick, I sometimes reply, I sometimes don't. Usually depends on the email. Seldom will I reply to a request for a chat, like Sunshine, I usually assume that it's a cyber request and I have no desire for that. If I feel that the guy had decent intentions in writing his email, I do make a point to a point. if the emails continue after the no, thank you, then I will ignore them usually. Maybe you need to drop the chat request and make sure the email is worded in such a way that requires a response...the start to an email conversation.

Nov 4 @ 10:44AM  
Believe it or not, it's not always about Ewe!
Well Why not....if it isn't....It damn well should be........

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