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Halloween Football Game

posted 11/1/2008 12:03:45 AM |
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Okay, so I went to a highschool football game tonight. I didn't expect to see too many costumes, but there was a girl ..... actually, there were a bunch of girls, but there was one in particular who caught my attention with her witch costume and hi-cut slip up to upper thigh. She was tall, and well built...

... she walked closer and looked up and I realized she couldn't have been older than 16............AHHHHHHH...........I thought she was like 30........DAMN MY EYES!!!!!..........AAAAAHHHHH

So the question is this.... Is it my imagination, or do the young ladies appear much more grown up now than they did 15 yrs ago when I was in high school?

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Nov 1 @ 12:23AM  
Way too grown up. I was dating a guy whose 12 year old daughter looked and dressed like she was much older...most thought she was at least 17, if not older until you were around her and realized how immature she was for that age. It was sick that her parents encouraged this. They bought her thongs, let her shop at Victoria's Secret, wear fill face makeup. I see pole dancing and or pregnancy in her near future. I fear rape with the way she acts and is allowed to act.

For me? I want my kids to stay young for as long as I can.

Nov 1 @ 1:07AM  
I agree with Looking4ever, I have a friend who's daughter is 16 and she looks 25

Nov 1 @ 1:44AM  
I have a sister who is 12 and is quite *ahem* mature-looking. I think its the hormones in the milk and meats we eat,because I had sprouted at an early age too.

I fear for my little sis sometimes because she's quite well-built and I've already been told stories of how guys at school and in our neighborhood have been trying to "talk" to her. Thing is,my mom doesn't let her wear anything revealing at all,but boys that age already get a hard-on when the wind blows,so it makes me think that I may end up having to do some head-busting if they lay a hand on her.

Not the "head-busting" you think.

Nov 1 @ 2:56AM  
Quite the opposite from what I can tell- when I first started high school, the girls all looked older- like they were in college. Now that I'm in college, high school girls look younger than they are- prepubescent, really. Though they're still all taller than me.

Nov 1 @ 6:03AM  
or do the young ladies appear much more grown up now than they did 15 yrs ago when I was in high school?

IMHO, yes.

Seems to me that teenage girls are much taller than when I was in HS. They have more cleavage and aren't afraid to show it off. If I'm out shopping, I'll see a hottie from a distance and as I get closer, I can't tell if I'm scoping out a 20 something or a HS kid. Kinda makes me feel like a perv, and not in a good way.

What kills me is to see a girl who is obviously barely in her teens dressed like she's going clubbing, but we're in Target or WalMart. So far, I've resisted the urge to ask Mom how much her daughter charges for an around the world. And yet, these same parents wonder why their daughters are knocked up by 16.

Sidebar: I had fun with the teenagers during trick or treat Thursday night. Yes, we had Halloween on the 30th, and only for an hour.

Any kids I deemed too old to trick or treat had to shout "Trick or Treat" loud enough for me to feel they deserved some candy.

The first group was 5 girls who were 15 and 16 years old (Yes, I asked!), dressed like college girls at a bar, in summer. Even though it was quite chilly, there was plenty of cleavage and leg being shown. It took 'em several tries for me to hear, but they got it.

My neighbor's 15 yo nephew heard the racket and came over. He hung around for a bit to enjoy the entertainment. The next group of girls, also dressed quite slutty, got loud right of the bat. The 15 yo had to wind his tongue back in.

There were other groups, guys and girls, that weren't as entertaining, but they did half heartedly participate. Neighbor boy was getting bored.

Last group worth mentioning was two 17 year olds. When I explained the rules, one walked away. The one that stayed had legs that could compete with Stacy Keibler. She set her bag down and screamed "Trick or Treat" louder than any other group. She got a big handful of candy. I was tempted to ask her for her mom's phone number, but I behaved myself.

Sadly, the 15 yo was too shy to get any digits. I refrained from asking for him. Didn't want to embarrass him.

Didn't mean to hijack the blog. I just got carried with the slutty teenager girl theme!

Nov 1 @ 9:59AM  
OMG....yes the kids look alot older these days.....all the chemicals in the meat....making them bloom faster.

And the boys too....I'll start oogling at them from my car as they walk down the side walks and I then notice they are carrying a back pack...

Even worse is when the high school boys go running shirtless through the neighborhood for track/cross country practice!! They have bodies of men damn it!!!!


Nov 1 @ 11:34AM  
they arent more grown up just trying to play the role of being grown up. they figure (can tell u this fresh since i was here short time ago) that the sexier n skimpier the clothes are the more sexy n grown up they seem. in truth when your their age and u see a girl like that the only word that comes to mind slut. girls who dress like what u describe are askin for trouble n when they get it they'll go cryin to their mothers... not too grown up then huh?

Nov 1 @ 11:38AM  
but! if you wanna talk bout not the way they're dressing and just teens in general, somethings gotta be in the cafeteria food. ill see little 12 year olds out who look 18.. idk bout back in ur day rob lol... jk! you know i <3 you and ur 87 year old ass! kisses!

Nov 1 @ 12:01PM  
I believe they look a hellava lot older than they really are.......but in my opinion a lot has to do with what the parents allow for their children to wear........look in the preteenagers part of clothing stores.....they advertise these are for kids.....7 to 14 (about 5 yrs old to 10 0r 12 yrs old) and its unbelieveable what they put out there for the kids to wear........and yet they wouldnt do it if parents werent buying it for their kids......but look how things have changed...........instead of 2 or 3 channels on the tv there is 5 yrs old are carrying cells, ipods, mp3 players and so on.......they now have the internet......look how things were different from the time you were a teenager and when your parents were teenagers.......its progress and progress is not always a good thing........JMO

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Halloween Football Game