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posted 11/28/2006 11:24:29 AM |
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I mentioned something about a stolen dicpic a few days the time I had just found out that this pic had been posted for the second the same person! being a smartass...I tried to leave a comment on the pic. It said something along the lines of "I know that dick...and it ain't yours!" I just received a reply this morning:

Subj: Your Right

It's your mothers

OMG!!! Are we in High School? Is that truly the best response you could come up with?
Ok...I'm going to be blunt here. I may get called on it by the Bear, but I don't care.
First...this male claims to be 38 years old. People...look at that response!
He also claims to be a Navy Seal. That's an insult to all Seals and they don't tolerate insults well.
Well I'm here to tell this male that your play ain't workin. You are the laughing stock of this site. Between the dicpic you stole and obviously saved to your computer so you could keep using it, and your cut-and-paste "Two Hour Kiss" which you sent to way too many women on this might just as well give it up and start over. Maybe this time you could try actually living up to your profile which goes on and on about honesty.

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Military Marine Mammals
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Nov 28 @ 11:41AM  
You a smartass NEVER!!! Hey I agree about the Navy Seals part pulllleeezzzee, don't pretend to be something you aren't especially one of our fighting men, that just pisses me off!!

Nov 28 @ 11:52AM  
Oh...and he did take the stolen pic down again! What does that tell you?

Nov 28 @ 1:12PM  
Damn, he couldn't even give you an original response! Belle got the same one!!! What a loser!!!

Nov 28 @ 2:39PM  
My reply from him was funny too, he called me dickless least I don't steal other cocks, lmao, he's like the x-rated McDonald's charactor, the cockburglar!

Nov 28 @ 3:32PM  
The Dickless Wonder! So that's who you are! Now it all makes sense...your evil plan to destroy Nipple Lad and the Busty Brigade...yep, all clear now! Your secret is out - your time is coming....muwahahahaha!

Nov 28 @ 4:20PM  
a new target!!!?!?!?!?!? *announcers voice ..BUSTY BRIGADE!!! TO THE BUSTY MOBILE!!!! QUICK!!! there's a cock thief tryin to steal all the cocks..and he must be stopped at ALL COSTS.....especilly before he gets MINE!! " and NIppleLad runs to fire up the Busty Mobile!*

Nov 28 @ 7:08PM  
I did ge the exact same response to the comment i left! Smart ass that I am I had to reply with "Gee didn't know mom was hung so well!"

Nov 29 @ 12:30AM  
Wow that cock got around more than I though lol....

Nov 29 @ 6:02AM  
i was gonna leave a witty comment but it disolved after reading cockburglar

Dec 21 @ 5:58PM  

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Dec 21 @ 7:44PM  
WTF??? Should give this one an honorable mention for most random comment left on a blog!

Jan 19 @ 8:51PM  
Yeah what she said!

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