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Leason time for married men.. It's my 60th blog!!!!!!

posted 10/29/2008 11:27:05 AM |
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tagged: mama

Yep I Noticed I was at 59 this morning so said what the hell gonna post this one today so I can say yeah.. I am at 60...

Now on to the leason for you married men...

I have been well playing online for about three years with men and well most of them are married men..
I always ask them first to as why they are on a sex site.. They all tell me because they are either not getting it at all from their wives..
Their wives don’t want to try new things..
Their wives lost there sexual appetite after having children…

Well to let all you men know a little something.. Us woman get like that…
First of all … After we have been married for so long and after having our children
Taking care of them.. Doing all the housework.. Cooking dinner all the time..
We do lose our wants and needs for sex.. We get tired..
And most of the time the last thing on our minds is sex..
Sorry but so very true…

I have told these men to get what you thought was lost…..
Is to start romancing her like you did before you ever got married..
You remember all those little things you did for her before everything changed??
Well you should of never stopped.. Cause that is what we need to keep our
Fires burning for you….
Don’t forget to let her know you still love her..
You will see that she might just respond to it and hopefully
You will see that your wife well the one you thought was no longer there
Has never changed life changed that’s all..

I hope this helps some men in figuring out what to do when you think all is lost…..
When really it isn’t.. Trust me.. I know all to well…
I also had to remind my hubby of what to do after me getting lost..
And well life and my sexual desires are better then ever…

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Leason time for married men.. It's my 60th blog!!!!!!
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Oct 29 @ 11:45AM  
Ya got to keep on keeping on!
I have also seen women in the opposite roll in my time as well.
Both need to make an effort I feel....jmo

Oct 29 @ 11:54AM  
Ok slap me and call me Shirley
Happy 60th Mama

Oct 29 @ 12:20PM  
Although I totally agree with your advice.....ya gotta know i am going to add my 2cents........

I think the reason sex declines when two people have been together also has to do with the fact sex becomes routine and boring......Now he would like to spice it up and try something new but is afraid to mention it to her....cause he is either going to hear......Ok who the hell have you tried this with (as in you cheating bastard) or she is going to think he is kinky and a freak.........(those are his fears why he dont suggest) she dont suggest something new.....cause she is afraid he is not going to think she is a lady and think he is just finding out shes a slut......(which is stupid.......but women do tend to act like that) or he will tell his buddies and that would embarass her....(which men do .....cause they are like that )

I think a lot of time the problems of sex would be lessen if they just sat down and talked about it....but they are so worried about what the other will think and of course because they have never been honest with each other before they will just assume that the other person wants out of the marriage or is cheating on them......damn people are stupid...........

Ok thats my 2 cents and Happy 60th Mama

Oct 29 @ 12:22PM  
Those are good points.

If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, it is probably because you aren't watering your lawn.

Then again, and I have heard this from several men, once the kids come into the family, the woman often becomes somebody's mother at the expense of being the friend, companion and lover she once was.

I recall my best friend from high school taking it to the street and his wife finding out about it. She was a stay at home mom and gained quite a bit of weight after the kids were born. But she made no effort to work out, exercise or go on any form of a diet. She didn't put forth any effort. She also just made herself available in bed once a week and put forth no effort in that either.

When confronted on his cheating he told her, "Even if you have prime rib, a little leg of lamb sounds good, and I have been on a diet of pork and fish since the girls were born." He moved out the next day.

Oct 29 @ 12:37PM  
Thanks peeps..
Yes it does go both way's...
I have posted a blog awhile back.. How to be a mistress for your mate..

Oct 29 @ 12:39PM  
Yeah, wife gets fat, hubby strays. Hubby gets fat and wife loves him anyway. So....which one paid real close attention to their wedding vows.....

Oct 29 @ 1:00PM  
Thank you Mama for taking the time out to let people know about the real world. You didn't have to, but it was very nice that you did! Even couples with no children can use this advice. Sometimes life just gets the best of you and you need to help eachother get back that sexy feeling you had when you first met! Your the best and appreciated!

Oct 29 @ 1:44PM  
Awesome!!! thanks Lady!!!!

Oct 29 @ 2:18PM  

Oct 29 @ 2:26PM  
Yeah, it takes both parties...if there was once something good, you owe it to yourself to try and find it again.

One thing I have noticed a lot of people do (in any sort of relationship) is to put conditions that require someone else to change before you are going to make an effort. Like, "I'll bring her flowers when she starts appreciating me better." or "We'll have sex more often when he starts helping with the housework." Can't do that, people. You have to work on changing YOU. Treat them the way you want to be treated. Yeah, sometimes you've got to fake it til you make it. But, eventually it just might pay off. If it doesn't at least you can walk away and know you really did try to find it again.

Oct 29 @ 2:48PM  

Good blog and well said. Yes it does take both parties.

Oct 30 @ 12:44AM  
My wife and I are staying together strictly for the kids. We don't like each other at all. 7 years since the last time we had sex and a kiss. I even have my own bedroom. She has to knock before she comes in. I let her use half the closet since it's the biggest in the house. We grew out of love and she strayed. I'm still looking, that's why I'm here. Neither of us want to do anything to try to back together. I'd rather eat caughed up cat hair balls.

Oct 30 @ 10:58AM  
Good advice for sure. Many men tend to take for granted the boatload of work their wives put in to keep the relationship, household, family together and the toll that takes. I also think Looking4ever says it well in that you can really only change yourself. When you do that, the other person hopefully comes around. I just that it's soooo hard to "fake it" while you're waiting to "make it." Anyway, congrats on # 60 and thanks for being there.

Oct 30 @ 11:37AM  
Thank IC....
Your welcome and always here when you need me hun.....

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Leason time for married men.. It's my 60th blog!!!!!!