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All Your Kudos R Belong 2 Me!

posted 10/28/2008 11:11:58 AM |
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I know it's my responsibility to keep you Verts amused.. sadly I feel like wretched stank poo today.. leftovers from flu shot yesterday so..

for today.. all you are gonna get is..

A KWhore's lot is to beg and whine.. that all your Kudos will soon be MINE!!!!

Don't forget to leave one.. or I'll hunt you down and bite you.

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Oct 28 @ 11:15AM  
I'll leave one cause I ain't gettin' bit!! You have had your rabies shot, right?

Oct 28 @ 11:16AM  
ok-ok there is your kudo..
Hope you feel better.....

Oct 28 @ 11:17AM  
Ok grab the big warm comforter, get the hot toddies ready, put on some good lifetime movies & lets get this Skwirl all better you guys. Oh & of course a kudo for you.

Oct 28 @ 11:20AM  
here you unforgetable Skwirl you

Oct 28 @ 11:21AM  
ok brat here is you cookie I hope you eat it slowly and that you feel better soon

Oct 28 @ 11:27AM  
Here...have a kudo...ON me!

Oct 28 @ 11:30AM  
Theres your kudo...!! Get Well soon!

Oct 28 @ 11:44AM  
I work hard for my kudos. So I'm going to write a blog and give them all to me.

Oct 28 @ 11:56AM  
Oh this witch's brew of newts and snails
bewitching power that never fails....
drink my pretty, do not fear
drink it'll see my dear
this magic potion, this witch's brew
contains a greenie...just for you.

Now where the hell did I park my broom.....

Oct 28 @ 12:06PM  
heres a kudo for my favorite skwirl.........and all kudos given to me on my blogs will be saved for you..........anything to keep the kudo whore around for a while..........

Oct 28 @ 12:45PM  
the Kudo Kween
doth reign supreme

you can have my greenies
I'm still hidin' the nuttzzzzzzzzzzz

Oct 28 @ 12:55PM  
I swear I just gave you a greenie, that didn't tie you over?? Fine, here's another one....use it wisely!!

Oct 28 @ 1:44PM  
Yes`m ...MRS. SKWIRL

Oct 28 @ 1:58PM  
ummmmm........i dont have any

Oct 28 @ 2:04PM  
If I give you a Kudo ...will you still bite me ..Pleazzzzze...

Oct 28 @ 2:13PM  
I could use a little nibble from the beautiful skwirl. So here's your greenie and where's my nibble? hmmmmm????

Oct 28 @ 2:38PM  
now what game is that famous mistake from? i cant remember, but a badly translated video game has that phrase, or one like you know?

Oct 28 @ 2:58PM  
Well, I'll leave you a kudo...but umm was that an actual bite or just a nibble?

Fell more better soon................

Oct 28 @ 3:40PM  
Don't nip me on the booty! Here's your kudo,sheesh!

Oct 28 @ 5:18PM  
*Stop's in and leave's a kudo*

Oct 28 @ 5:51PM  
yeah I told you that damn shot would try to kick your ass!!! Kicked mom's all weekend!! She's feeling mo bettah today so give yourself a couple and you'll be back to brushy tailed and bright eyes!

Now quit biting my damn ankles, I'm leaving the kudo right fucking now!!!!

Oct 28 @ 6:05PM  
OK! As the Nominated candidate for Secretary of Defense, I just wanna know one fucking thing!!!! Who is the greedy wiseass that didn't leave a kudo??? When there's twenty one comments and only twenty kudos??? Step forward, drop it off and no questions will be asked.........if it don't show up soon.......well you just don't wanna know what's gonna happen then!!!

Oct 28 @ 7:01PM  
now what game is that famous mistake from?

Zero Wing.

All your base are belong to us

*Waves a Kudo around*

Kum git it.........*Wicked Laugh*

Oct 28 @ 7:08PM  
I know it's my responsibility to keep you Verts amused

I love bilingual puns. Vert is green in French. So I guess that means you are keeping us greenies amused..

Tossing you a "vert"

Now instead of "Wanna Fuck" us "verts" should start saying "Voulez vous couchez avec moi".


Oct 28 @ 7:15PM  
Ya know......any other Skwirl were to say
I'll hunt you down and bite you.
I'd be

BUT........this might be a good time to not and just hand over the kudo peacefully.....................this time!'s your kudo.

Oct 28 @ 8:42PM  
Heres your kudo my furry friend

Oct 28 @ 9:15PM  
kudo's for you........


Oct 29 @ 6:57AM  
I came, I saw, I didn't kudo.

So, Skwirl, where's that leave us?

Voulez vous couchez avec moi

Dammit! No I'm gonna have a bad disco song ear worm all day!

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All Your Kudos R Belong 2 Me!