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A Kudo Whore's Work is Never Done!

posted 10/26/2008 4:23:06 PM |
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Ladles and Jellyspoons, I stand before you today... hair going every which way and looking much like the needles on a blue spruce.. to give my inaugural speech as the new reigning Kudo Whore of Pervia. So, everyone please take a seat and put your Whisper 2000s to good use .. cuz I'm only gonna say this one time. (today)

I was born in a little rustic hollow in an ancient oak on the border of Lake Pervia. It was a one room home and my mother was a single Skwirl who worked seventy lebben jobs to feed her brood of 14. I have 8 sisters and two brothers.. or.. I should say.. HAD. Xquseme has been out here along with a few other dudes and their Skwirl hunting rifles so I'm not sure right now what the count is.

My momma taught me many lessons. Always line your nest with soft fluffy stuff. Hoard as many nuts and kudo cookies as you can before winter sets in, don't let anyone get between you and the nuts. Those kinda things.. She taught me to always stick up for the weaker ones and to never ever back down.

I'd like to spank all the spammers, scammers and katzenjammers I rode roughshod over to get to the top. Tonight... (tear) tonight is the culmination of a dream.. ok so it was a really smutty dream in which Pudge the Pretty and L4E were both nekkid and tied to my bed.. but it IS the culmination of a dream..wait..where was I goin with this.. oh.. right.. Of world domination by Skwirls and deposing all the Penguins who have been trying to take over.

My first act as Reigning Kudo Whore is to deport all Penguins back to the frozen nippy South Pole where their nasty cold feet and hearts will fit right in.. and to promise warm fuzzies to everyone who worships the Skwirl.. (oh .. I might be getting ahead of the game here) .. anyway.. right.. so what I'm really trying to say is...

Leave a Kudo at the door .. cuz I'm the bestest Kudo Whore!!!!

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Oct 26 @ 4:24PM  
heh I self Kudo'd and I'm not bliii iiiind.. momma was WrONG!!

Oct 26 @ 4:32PM  
Leav`n a kudo ......Runs out the door ..-------->

Oct 26 @ 4:33PM  
Nutty Ladee

Oct 26 @ 4:34PM  
Heres your Kudo....!!!!
Want my Nutz also? just asking...

Oct 26 @ 4:40PM  
Theres mine

Oct 26 @ 4:41PM  
the kudos are yours
I'm keepin' my nutz

I hope

Oct 26 @ 4:42PM  
But.. Skwirls neeeeeeeed Nutz tooo!!

Oh and no one yet has figured out that Skwirls can't count.. slackers!!!

Oct 26 @ 5:02PM  

You Skwirly waskle. Let go my's your kudo.

Oct 26 @ 5:07PM  
beeeeeeeez can count
they said it's so
down under
they can count to four
or so they think
the researchers can only get to three
then it Foster's time

Oct 26 @ 5:43PM  
I figured it out....


ok so it was a really smutty dream in which Pudge the Pretty and L4E were both nekkid and tied to my bed

Hey! I've been having that same dream!

Here's your anti-sex kudo...I really don't need 'em...I do fine not having sex on my own...

Oct 26 @ 6:30PM  
Crazy woman!!

before I's a green nut fer ya!!

Oct 26 @ 6:34PM  
Bravo!! Bravo!! Hail To the reigning Kudo Whore..........hail Yes!!!

And i have this kudo I have been saving for just this occassion.....*sniff sniff* It is my honor to give this one to you.....*blows dust off it* Finally a worthy cause for kudos..................

Can I um....touch you know just once more.....for old time sakes......

Oct 26 @ 6:37PM  
Leaving a green nut (must be a pistachio) for the Skwirl. I luv pistachios. I luv nuts of all colors...mmmm.

Oct 26 @ 7:04PM  
Congrats..Skwirlie Girl....sorry about last night....just wasn't in the mood after what that dog did to me...its ok though ...I'm getting counciling for Post Tramatic Dog Syndrome...I'll leave you my left nut for a kudo...not sure what happened to the other one...

Oct 26 @ 7:51PM  
I'm so glad you got the tiara from Ewe she don't share alot of things but ynot? So here is your cookie sorry its green the food coloring slipped outta my hand

Oct 26 @ 8:03PM  
Here's a greenie for ya .... Nice speech! 'Twas alot betta than some others I have heard lately.

Sure - you betcha - *wink, wink*

All hail the kudo whore-skwirl


Oct 26 @ 8:07PM  
Run men, it's a trick. She took my buckeyes months ago and I haven't seen them since.

Oct 26 @ 8:09PM  
as Her Holy Majesty demands - I comply

kudoing and ducking the nuts


Oct 26 @ 8:17PM  
She took my buckeyes months ago and I haven't seen them since.
Oh i wouldnt worry PP I'm sure they are safe............

Oct 26 @ 9:26PM  
Here's a kudo for the new Kudo Whore.

Enjoy...that's the only one I will give up willingly.

Oct 26 @ 11:15PM  
here's your greenie, you know i lubbs ya!

Oct 26 @ 11:20PM  
I'm so glad you got the tiara from Ewe she don't share alot of things but ynot?
Does this mean the only thing i do share is Ynot........cause ya know he isnt mine to share......ya knew that, right?

Oct 27 @ 12:25AM  
Congrats on your new position...

*Drop's kudo off on the table on my way out the door*

Oct 27 @ 12:34AM  
I'd give you a kudo but don't know how but this is better

Oct 27 @ 9:55AM  
Greenie for you Skwirl......I just went out and fed my Skwirls all my left over hamster food. It had corn and pumpkin seeds in it....They are all sitting in a line on the wall eating and plotting something against my dog......LMAO!!!!

Oct 27 @ 10:57AM  
here you go little squirly......cookie for you

Oct 27 @ 10:13PM  
And here's kudo number 2 from tonight's goof.

*walks out mumbling to myself I've gotta do a better job of not getting busted handing out my kudo's to others*

Oct 27 @ 11:18PM  
Here's mine, sorry it's a little late, but my daughter has a new online boyfriend and I haven't been able to get on the computer for a couple of days now. Dammit!!! May have to get another computer. lol Maybe then I can find one of my own.

Oct 27 @ 11:29PM  
a greenie for a rerun?
I must be nutzzzzz

Oct 27 @ 11:48PM  
shiny green thingy for you mi liege!

Oct 28 @ 7:10PM  
ynot leave a kudo

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A Kudo Whore's Work is Never Done!