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Just my opinion

posted 10/25/2008 12:18:23 AM |
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I posted part of this blog as a comment on another. However the author of said blog doesn't seem inclined to post it, so I shall just post my own.
Perhaps you'd like to get your facts straight before posting such statements and looking rather foolish. If you've received this in an email, I highly suggest Snopes before posting or passing on anything of this nature.

As to Barack Obama
1) He attended Muslim school in Indonesia. He also attended a Catholic school there as well. Now I don't know where you went to school, but in my geography classes, Indonesia was quite some distance from Africa.

2) He has never had to "give up" his citizenship for anything. As he was born in 1961 in Hawaii (and it had been the 50th state since 1959) and as his mother Ann Dunham Obama was an American citizen it would make him one as well, regardless of where he was born. Just as Senator McCain was born at the Coco Solo Naval air station, Panama Canal Zone, Panama, he is still an American citizen as his parents were.

I really don't mind someone posting about the issues, debate why you back your candidate on their issue stances. Perhaps you're Pro-Life or Pro Choice. Perhaps you make over $250,000.00 per year and worry that you'll have to pay more in taxes, or you've worked 30 years for a company that has sold out and outsourced your job to some company overseas. Healthcare, another big issue. One wants to make sure each and every person has it, another wants to do the same but charge them more for it and tax the health care benefits as well. The war in Iraq, another hot topic. One wants to bring the troops home on a timeline, the other wants to go to the gates of hell with no time line in place. There's plenty to debate over the candidates without posting outright falsehoods about either side.

And one more little observation of mine.....If you can't spell Muslim, you should probably leave the topic alone in the first place.

Just my .02

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Oct 25 @ 12:26AM  
I agree, with you 100%!!!


Oct 25 @ 12:28AM  

Oct 25 @ 12:38AM  
I listen to people get their facts wrong all day long just so they have a reason to believe what they think...who told them this shit? Why do they make up stories? Bottom line is...government is here to govern, and you don't get shit from them, and your not supposed to...keep it real folks!

Oct 25 @ 12:44AM  
Hear, hear!

Oct 25 @ 12:46AM  
Dude needs to build a bridge and get over it,personally and stop listening the vitriol the Right is spitting out. Also, he has so many spelling and grammatical errors that it would make an English teacher commit suicide,lol

Oct 25 @ 12:48AM  
Thanks for putting that out there, Stormy.

Oct 25 @ 12:54AM  
Thanks y'all! Some things have to be said, y'all know me, I'm not afraid to say them!

Oct 25 @ 12:55AM  
I did post a comment on his blog. I wasn't agreeing with him other than to say that I hate to see Obama in there. But you all know it's what we have debated back and forth on here over a period of time to why I don't want him in there. I'm not looking to hash up another debate, just giving you all a heads up about my comment on his blog so people don't get the wrong idea about my comment post on that blog once it's approved.

stop listening the vitriol the Right is spitting out.

Luna, I see crazy shit being thrown out there from both sides. It's not just the right that's doing it.

Oct 25 @ 1:02AM  
Luna, I see crazy shit being thrown out there from both sides. It's not just the right that's doing it.

It brings out the worst in everyone,but I did recall a certain Alaskan "milf" saying something about "palling around with terrorists",ne pas? I'm not always up on the news in a rabid manner,but I'm sure I read that she said that.


Oct 25 @ 1:04AM  
That blog is the exact reason why I hate to see political blogs posted here......too many times they are posted not to debate the issues but to "bad mouth" the one that the OP doesn't want in office.........When a polical blog is posted .....In my should offer a chance to debate the pros and cons.......not make a voting decision as to who the reader should vote for.........personally I think anyone that judges thier decision to vote for president by anyone that has written a blog here.........needs to take a politcal science class.........

Stormy as always you posted from your heart and with a lot of thought.....I didnt feel once thru your whole blog that this was a campaign blog for obama.......there are others here who should follow your lead..........You simple stated some facts.........thank you........ oh yea and a kudo for you.....

Oct 25 @ 1:09AM  
It brings out the worst in everyone,but I did recall a certain Alaskan "milf" saying something about "palling around with terrorists",ne pas? I'm not always up on the news in a rabid manner,but I'm sure I read that she said that.

OMG! You go and just think of things what the right says all you want, show's that you're pretty partisan yourself. Of all the shit the left has said about McCain and Palin, you seem to ignore, and believe me, a lot of that shit was truly vicious. The only thing I will agree with you on, AND I MEAN ONLY THING is election has gotten downright nasty from both sides!

Oct 25 @ 1:11AM  
Shawn, we all know that you are a raging Republican. As for myself, I always vote for whom I feel is the best person for the job. This year I will most definitely be voting Democrat. As to the slinging of slurs. I've been working as a volunteer for Senator Obama's "Campaign for Change" most of this summer (I know you people thought I just stomped out of here for no good reason!) And I can state most empatically that we have scripts that we use, when speaking to people in person and on the phones. No where in those scripts do we slur Senator McCain or Governor Palin. We are asked to remember to be respectful to our Republican friends and neighbors. We don't publish or state out right untruths. It's called good politics. When you state outright lies, and down your opponent rather than state what you can and will do while in office, it merely makes you look bad.

Oct 25 @ 1:12AM  
yeah, that's right people are real law abiding.
do what the government tells them to do.
for example, its against the law
to go over 65 mph on the freeway.
most of the time people
are passing me at 80-85 mph.
i like life in the slow lane now.
plenty people out there
living life in the fast lane.
now who sang that song,
kinda 1978, life in the
fast lane. eagles?
i can't remember.
i was sorta in the middle lane then.
mild wild. mellow and yellow.
some people back then
were going faster than the speed of light.
let us pray. amen. nuff said.
slow down, beatles. matchbox.
you move too fast.
as if my vote really matters.
i voted peace and freedom
party already absentee.
maybe the natural
law party will steal the election.
and then we'll all mediate
and meditate. sure. i guess
its war and slavery forever.
chains, another good song.
chains of love.
well, i'm a chainsmoker.

Oct 25 @ 1:17AM  
We don't publish or state out right untruths.

Stormy, I was referring to the main stream media being pretty vicious with attacks on Republicans.

Oct 25 @ 1:21AM  

His lies and false innuendos are unbelievable.
I guess that's why he won't post any replies.

Good call LB. kudo 4 U

Oct 25 @ 1:22AM  
Thanks Chuck. Good to see ya!

Oct 25 @ 1:32AM  
*Off topic*

Did anyone see the news today where a reporter (or someone) had asked "Joe" the plumber if he was open to possibly running against his congresswoman. He stated that absolutely he was open to running against her. Now "Joe" may be a very nice guy, but I honestly think he's out of his league with considering running for office. But then I have seen stranger things happen. lol

Oct 25 @ 1:36AM  
oh boots ... please send me a double dose of your patience.
the slimeballs just will not give up on their crazy lawsuits about Obama's birthplace,
citizenship etc. and on and on and on and on and on.
make it a triple dose.

Oct 25 @ 1:59AM  
Two thumbs up and a green thingie LBS.

I agree that there is enough legitimate issues to debate rather than try and use lies, innuendos, and other miscellaneous BS to support your reason for supporting a particular candidate.

Oct 25 @ 2:29AM  
You think that guys blog was should check out some of the political forums and blogs on the vanilla site. They say things like Obama is a terrorist from the middle east planted here to destroy the USA or he is a Muslim not born an american citizen. In my opinion most of these comments come from rascists who can't stand the fact that a black man is running for president so they make up stories and hope people will believe them. Unfortunately some people will.

Oct 25 @ 5:23AM  
I just love how Obama's always accused of being a socialist Manchurian candidate, who, once he takes office, will flip the government on it's ass. Wait a minute- which president did several years in a Communist prison camp, possible being exposed to brainwashing? Oh, yeah. McCain.

But in all honesty the more we argue about who loves America more, or who's personal background lends itself better to heartwarming acts of cheesy patriotism, the more power we hand to the bullshitters. Obama should just run with it. He should say, "Yeah, I'm steeped in the Muslim culture. I learned a lot from studying the Koran, and I'm a better person because of it, BITCH! What'choo got to say now, huh?"

Oct 25 @ 8:51AM  
There are plenty of things the Left could say about McCain...things that are proven historical fact that are public record...that are not brought up at all. Yet the Right continues to bring up innuendo and rumor...basically using scare tactics to entice the fence sitters to their side in a desperate attempt to win at all costs. This is one of the main reasons Obama won the support of former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

I was recently engaged in a discussion with a Right-winger on another site, mainly about the issue of gun control. When I brought up facts into the discussion, the Rightie; instead of trying to refute my comment; resorted to smartass remarks and relying on one of his cheerleaders to bolster his ego.

Its a shame that on both sides, too many people are relying on half-truths, innuendoes and outright lies to make their decision. I'm not out to change anyone's mind...but I do believe that in this election, decisions have to be made based on where each candidate stands on the issues Stormy mentioned. Not on what a candidate's rumored religion is or who they may have had loose associations with...or even whether or not they are supposedly traitors to our country and used their family and/or political ties to avoid persecution.


Oct 25 @ 9:00AM  
"You can fool some of the people all of the time and those are ones that you need to concentrate on." George W. Bush

Oct 25 @ 9:00AM  
it's almost over
another - what? - ten days?
and then all can get back to posting
"wanna fucks"
I still haven't decided - healthcare might swing me - butt
what they say now is damn near never what they do later
so far now
I'm leavin' a greenie
and stayin' away from politics and political blogs

Oct 25 @ 9:09AM  
main stream media being pretty vicious with attacks on Republicans.

Attacks: That is what reporters and journalists do, digging up dirt is there job with a spin. That is what the the liberal TV pundits and squawk radio conservatives do. That is what Joe Biden and Sarah Palin do. That is what you and I do. It's all the same.

But people are often very biased in their perceptions. It is kind of like an alleged date rape involving alcohol, how you feel about it depends on which end of the dick you're on.

Oct 25 @ 9:39AM  
tiptoes in...leaves a greenie...slips out the backdoor.

Oct 25 @ 10:04AM  
I just left him this comment that I certain will not be approved.

You have a very dry sense of humor. I say that because there is no way that anyone could seriously believe it is true. Even Archie Bunker wouldn't fall for that.

Oct 25 @ 10:21AM  
Honestly? none of the presidential candidates.. from any party.. not just the two front runners, is worth voting for. Unfortunately writing in Borty, Dick or Queen Elizabeth is wasting a vote... so you do the research on your own... real research not this group said that.. and that group said this.. actual research about what each candidate has done in their own careers that makes them qualified to be the figurehead... remember the President is NOT the government... he is the Commander in Chief. Not the whole ball of bananas.

Then you decide which issues are most important to you, yourself, and see which candidate most closely matches your ideals.

Campaign promises are smoke and mirrors.. maybe they will come to fruition.. but most likely not. I'm still waiting on the computer Slick Willy promised me.. (well I would be but I had already bitten the bullet and purchased my own.)

Once you have established which candidate seems to most closely match your ideals.. then you really need to look at their running mate. Which one is more likely to be able to assume the roll of President if something should happen to the President?

I'm sorry for all the republicans, and I'm not saying it because she's a MILF or because she's kinda back-home-ish... I'm saying this because I practice an alternative religion and a bit of an alternative lifestyle... her ilk scares the hell out of me. I'm sure that Senator McCain would be perfectly capable as President, he strikes me as that kinda person. but if Caribou Barbie ever got to be the President of the United States.. I'd move to Canada or Mexico so fast it would make my head spin.

Oct 25 @ 11:26AM  
but if Caribou Barbie ever got to be the President of the United States.. I'd move to Canada or Mexico so fast it would make my head spin.
I might just go with you Sam....

Good facts and blog, Stormy. Thanks for putting it out here.
Kudo and


Oct 25 @ 12:25PM  
Attacks: That is what reporters and journalists do, digging up dirt is there job with a spin.

I disagree with you, Bruce. Journalists didn't do this lying and spinning at one time, well, the good ones anyway. They may do it today, and that's why I feel that journalism is almost dead now because of this upcoming election. There is rarely truth in any story anymore in politics it seems.

Oct 25 @ 4:42PM  
To Quote LBS in another blog - "Be careful what you wish for"

Oct 25 @ 6:30PM  
Good for you LB set him straight
By the way how have you been?

Nov 1 @ 11:46AM  
Personally I have no interest in the US election as whoever wins our prime minister will be kissing ass! I also believe a lot of the worlds troubles are actually caused by politicians as they are always looking out for themselves rather than the good of their nation or others around them. I love America almost as much as I love the UK and whilst it has been said that I am very nationalistic, a lot of this was tongue in cheek. As with any country anywhere in the world it is the people that make it what it is and not some publicly elected spokesman. We need rulers to guide us, to lead us and show us how we as a nation can come together and make our country great. I refer not only to the US but the UK too.
The true qualities of a leader are to coach, inform and guide, these qualities are sadly lacking in the majority of politicians who fail to realise that by bringing the nation together ensures the prosperity of the all of us as well as showing the rest of the world just how strong a united nation can be. That is possibly why the UK, small as it is, was able to hold on long enough during the last two great wars until our greatest allies came to our aid, because the people of Britain would not give in. Until politicians realise it is the people that make the country and that they are there to serve the nation, it matters not who wins but then again if this were to happen maybe the world really would live in peace. It's a nice dream but I am certain it will never happen.

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