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And this is what happened the first time

posted 10/23/2008 7:02:42 PM |
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Ever since we got this wonderful carpet shampooer, my wife has done some rather crazy things. This one wasn't to be out done. I walked in the front door after a long day of fitting super models into the correct size lingerie. Heather was standing naked in the living room cover in chocolate syrup. It was dripping all over the carpet and she didn't seem to care. She stuck a finger out and said "Wanna taste". I couldn't resist. I went from one finger to the next as she lured me into the bedroom. I stopped at the doorway. Stretched out from the brass bars that are part of the headboard were two sets of handcuffs. Heather looked at me with those depp brown doe shapped eyes and said "You promised you would let me do it." "Does it have be today" I asked. "Yes" was her answer as she began to declothe me. "A rubber sheet?" I inquired. "That's so we don't make a mess with the chocolate". I just nodded as she pushed me onto the bed and quickly fastened the handcuffs around my wrists.

Kissing Heathers chocolate covered lips was downright erotic. It didn't take long to get me hard as she was swishing her chocolate syrup covered body all over mine. She then proceeds to gag me with one of her stockings. It was thick enough to prevent me from biting down and talking yet thin enough for me to recieve kisses from Heather.

Just when things were getting hot and heavy Heather jumps up and runs out of the room. Moments later she returns covered with a blanket and accompanied by two real young looking girls, although they were both quiet attractive. One was asian and I'd find later the other was Brazillian. I look up at Heather and down at my naked body and grunt unnapprovingly. I know she understood what I was trying to get acroos but she just said "I know honey we'll get to that later". "These girls are from my English as a second language class. They are both virgins and want to learn about sex."

The two girls immediatly took their clothes off. The Brazillian girl walked around the and the two got on the bed at same time. Heather then instructed the girls to lick some of the chocolate of from me. She encouraged the girls to lick my nipples. Which they did with enthusiasm. My wife continued to give out instructions and the two virgins continued to follow them. Sucking on my neck, sucking on my lips, stroking my balls, I couldn't help but get a massive erection. The two girls looked down at my hard on and then looked at each other. The asian girl then said "I no think that goin to fit". My wife corrected her english and handed her some KY jelly and told her to rub that all over my dick. The warmth from the jelly almost had me cumming.

After my wife was satisfied I was hard enough she had the asian girl climb on me and slowly slide her pussy lips around my buldging member. It was so tight I thought skin was being rubbed off. "Oh, that hurt so much" the asian girl said. "I though this supposed to be fun". My encouraged her to slide down more, but to go just a little a time. After she was all the on my instructed her to go up and down, but slowly. After several strokes the asian girl said "Oh, that feel much better. I think I'm going to like this." The girl from Brazil had put on a fresh coat of bright red lipstick and began kissing my lips and running her tongue along them. I tried my best to kiss back but the gag was in the way.

My hips were going up and down matching the motion of the little asian girl. Mean while the Brazillian is just smothering me with her lips, all the while she was plying with my nipples. The asain began to breathe harder and her motion was picking up speed. I matched the speed as she was sitting straight up on me. She gave a loud squeal and I felt the rush her blood pour between my legs. Two seconds later I was exploding inside of her causing her to sqeal again though this time not as loud. She tried to jump off and realized we were connected. After finally getting herself worked from my member she said "Me don't think I like sex, my pussy hurt sooo much." My wife calmed her down and explained that it only hurts like that the first time.

Heather threw a bucket of warm water on my mid-section and wiped me down. The Brazillian girl didn't waste any time begining her turn. She covered my cock and balls with KY and was eager to get to learning. She wasn't as tight as the asian girl but it still took some work to get here in position. She was doing everything my wife instructed just right. Moving her hips from side to side, flicking and playing with my nipples and kissing my lips all over. Her kisses felt passionate. We were only into for about two minutes before she was yelling something in Portuguese. I felt the warmth from her blood running between my leges. She wasn't stopping. In her best english she said "I practice pussy contol now". She was doing a good job for a beginner. A few minutes later she yelling some more Portuguese. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head for a moment and she continued her up and down and side to side motion. If I hadn't just ejaculated I would finished by now.

She bent over one again and was kissing me as she moved her hips in multiple directions. As she dug her fingernails into my shoulder she let out some more yelling. I thrust my mid section straight up and came inside of her. For a moment I thought I killed her. She started laughing and moving around more furosiously. My wife tried to pull her off from me but she had wrapped her arms underneath my body. She wasn't going anywhere. I stopped my thrusting but that didn't stop this wild Brazillian. She continued humping me and kissing. And she came again. Still not content she picked up the pace. Her actions caused me to remain hard. My wife then released my writs from the handcuffs but not before I came inside the girl one more time.

As i was trying to free myself from her grip she had an orgasm that caused he to let out a yell that could have woke the dead. She then just collapsed on my chest. Just as was rolling her off from me she whispered in my ear "I love you". I just removed the gag and pretended not to hear what she had said, although she knew I heard.

As the two girls showered off I had a long talk with my wife. "I did it so we would have some money to pay the electric and the gas bill." She told me. "You pimped me out to two virgins just to pay some bills?" Hether changes the subject by saying "My grandmother's birthday is coming up. We should do something nice for her." I didn't stay mad at her for long.

Now you know the rest of the story.

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And this is what happened the first time