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Ever Gotten An STD E-Mail??

posted 10/21/2008 7:29:26 PM |
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So, you go to open your email one day and you get one of these:

More than 19-million new cases of sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) are diagnosed each year in the United States and most health professionals agree that notification is the key to prevention. Now, say one finds oneself with an STD and has had a casual encounter with someone -- what's the best way to let them know?

Yes, we know you want to say e-mail. And guess what? It turns out that e-mail is perfectly okay, at least according to the San Francisco Department of Health (SFDPH) and the non-profit Internet Sexuality Information Services (ISIS), which have partnered together to create inSPOT, an e-mail service that provides anonymous form letters e-cards to send out to recent sexual partners! The e-mails offer up information on where to get tested, what questions to ask, and, most importantly, that the recipient may be carrying an STD.

Now, would you notify everyone you've had sex with, including oral sex, in the past six months? ISIS reports that in 2006 and 2007, 23,594 e-cards went out and only 10 recipients have received e-cards in error since the program was started. Apparently it works, as long as no one knows the identity of the sender.

The cards are cheeky, but we wish they'd use a little more tact. Some examples are, "It's not what you brought to the party, it's what you left with," and "Got laid.Was happy. Got tested. Wasn't Healthy." The cards encourage the recipient to get tested for an STD as soon as possible. But still, however sweet and friendly the e-card, the message is always the same, "You've got an STD," and maybe there just isn't much of a way to say that nicely. And said it must be, particularly with STDs that are potentially lethal.

ISIS is currently available in San Francisco, Philly, Portland and a handful of other US cities, with plans for reaching all 50 states. [From Scientific America].

What would you do?

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Oct 21 @ 7:54PM  
Usually blogs are tongue-in-cheek but this is a very serious topic. My question is how do you know the e-mail address of someone in a casual encounter? There were times in my incautious youth I did not even know her name.

Oct 21 @ 8:33PM  
how do you know the e-mail address of someone in a casual encounter
good point
if I'd received this and had been active recently
I'd get tested

Oct 21 @ 8:59PM  
If I felt that I had a reason to get an mail like this, I would go get tested too. Like Click said, if I have been sexually active, got to do it. Way better safe than sorry. So many STDs can be asymptomatic.

Oct 21 @ 9:27PM  
Well, since you brought it up.....

I get tested at the STD clinic in the big city north of me. On my first time there, I learned something I didn't know and maybe others don't know it either.

Your initial tests are back within a couple of weeks. But...with the HIV test, it DOES NOT COVER THE PAST THREE MONTHS. HIV takes time to show up so if your test is negative you're still not out of the woods.

You need to go again three months later....and until then not have sex at all or use protection so the second test will be accurate...just one little tryst in that 3 month period and ya gotta start all over again.

Someone I know had her HIV test come back positive the day they did the test. It was then sent to the lab to double check and it was negative. She was one of the rare people whose test has to be sent to the lab because the quick in clinic test will always show positive. Anyway...........they offered to do the contacting for her if she wanted them to...and it would be anonymous...but what you described, I've never heard of. Yet even that way is better than not contacting someone suspected of giving you an STD.

I've made my last visit to an STD is a horror beyond words to sit there and feel like you're about to receive a death sentence. NO sex is worth it so I have chosen to do without...that's just my choice and it works for me.

I can't tell you of the guys ...and a few gals....I've talked with who think your chances of contracting an STD is really low. Or they think it's just in the Black community...or young people. One guy told me his DOCTOR told him it was only in the homosexual community.

I'm not that far away from death's door as it is....but by gawd I wanna die by natural causes...not an STD. JMHO

Oct 21 @ 9:29PM  
I have as of yet to get one of those, thankfully. I go for testing at least three or four times per year, even when I'm not getting any for a while. I always ask for a way to contact the gal, even if I thinks it's only going to be a 'casual encounter' (which, by the way, I rarely do one night stands anymore). If the day ever comes, and I hope it never does, I have a telephone. I dread the thought of ever having to make those calls. Safer sex sucks, but...

Oct 21 @ 9:34PM  
I read this article today and about shit blue rocks! It made me thankful for my monogamous relationship but, I have to say that if someone had to contact me or anyone else and decided they'd rather do it by email or not at all, I'd take the email, hands down!

Oct 21 @ 10:15PM  
I read this article today and about shit blue rocks!

Oct 21 @ 10:39PM  
Well you would be a millionare if you could shit blue rocks ...... Remain monogomus & don't poke the same sex in the butt & you have nothing to worry about !!!!!

Oct 21 @ 11:30PM have GOT to stop subscribing to that stuff!!! And stop watching the infomercials!

Next thing you know, you will be all about shamwows!

Oct 22 @ 1:00AM  
STD = She tried dildo


Oct 22 @ 3:14AM  
They're talking about this same thing right now on Red Eye on Fox News.

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Ever Gotten An STD E-Mail??