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Telephone.....Do you still own one?

posted 10/20/2008 6:49:07 PM |
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How many people still own a telephone? I don't. I haven't owned one for almost 5 years.

It seems since the cell phone, alot less people have a telephone. I mean, the way I see it, I gave my daughters school my home phone # and my cell. Every time something was wrong, they dialed my cell 1st. When most the time, I was here at home. God knows I don't go anywhere!!!

So, I got rid of it. My mom and dad also got rid of theirs too....however, they still are holding that number for a few bucks a month. We like to use that number for store sign ups and things where you don't want to hear from those people, but they want a we give them that. Good luck, they will never get thru!!

Now, I did call an old guy from the work phone the other day and asked him if my delivery guys could give him a call 1 hour prior to showing up in case he wasn't home he could go meet them....He says to me "Cell phone? What's a cell phone? Just call my home phone please!"

So how many people still have a "Home Phone" or have you just went right to the cell phone.

Oh....and I do hate the phone....the easiest way to get me is to text me or email me, you will get a faster response than calling me, cuz I don't answer and my voicemail basically tells you to fuck off & don't leave a message...LMAO!

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Oct 20 @ 6:58PM  
I still have a landline phone. I love it because unlike a cell phone, I can continue talking on the standard desk top phone (when the electric goes out) and my cordless phones a hell of a lot longer than I can on a cell phone. I also don't get a very good cell signal here at my house, so that's another reason for keeping my landline phone.

Oct 20 @ 6:59PM  
I've actually got 3 home phones and a cell phone. I use my cell phone less and less now that everything is free from my home phone. I only ever got a cell phone for the free long distance as most of my calls are out of state.

Oct 20 @ 7:08PM  
I have a home phone (though it is an Internet phone) AND a cell phone. But, unlike you, the best was to get a hold of me is to CALL. And, really, don't bother texting unless it is a one shot message. I hate texting...especially when the other person knows I am driving. Sure, you can email or IM me too but, really, I prefer the phone. I see the rest as a way to getting a hold of some one to share information when a phone call isn't convenient or practical.

Oct 20 @ 7:13PM  
i havent had a home phone in years. dont really see any since in having one long as i got my cell. which hardly ever leaves my hand. when i aint on computer i am texting and emailing from cell. it actually broke last month and i thought i would die waiting the 4 days it took to get a replacement.

Oct 20 @ 7:17PM  

Haven't heard from a telemarketer, pollster, religious wacko, etc. since I stopped using a land line. Plus my cell's battery lasts about a week, so I'm good for when the power goes out- except for the 10-day outage when we had the hurricane.

Oct 20 @ 7:18PM  
I still have a landline phone. I love it because unlike a cell phone, I can continue talking on the standard desk top phone (when the electric goes out) and my cordless phones a hell of a lot longer than I can on a cell phone.

I am on board with that! I can call anywhere in the US and talk as long as I want for twenty bucks a month plus taxes and fees. My profession also involves interviewing people over the phone and recording the conversations. That is much easier with a land line.

I do have a cell phone. I don't give out the number. It resides in my car and costs me five bucks every three months. I rarely ever use it, mostly when traveling. I maybe make or receive five calls a year on it.

Oct 20 @ 7:24PM  
I have both but rarely answer the home phone due to 1-800 numbers & ones I don't recognize ... Now if I'm calling out I use the home phone but as of late the most activity is my cell from friends & family

Oct 20 @ 8:11PM  
When we had that major blackout about 5 or 6 years ago I was able to stay in touch with my Dad on our land lines. His health was going and I ended up bringing himover to my place to wait it out.
I like the sound quality of the landline, they don't constantly cut out and idiots from work can't get a hold of me when I'm busy on my own time.

Oct 20 @ 8:32PM  
I have a landline - cell phone - email addy's out the ass
the only way to "get me"
is to walk up and say hi

Oct 20 @ 8:32PM  
No landline anymore.. couldn't afford both.. and our cells are cheaper for us to call back and forth with my family.. you know.. the att thing.

Oct 20 @ 8:49PM  
I have both a cell and landline.............I use my landline alot more than my cell is basically a phone book for me.........and goes with my Triple A in the car...........but i have a family plan with my daughter and she uses it all the time..........

Oct 20 @ 9:57PM  
Nope just a cell, and Skwirl I have AT&T too, so you can call me anytime for free!

Oct 20 @ 10:25PM  
Yep, I have a telephone and a cell phone.


Oct 20 @ 11:32PM  
Yep still have a land line.. hsve to where I live just to get online... But also have a cell phone so people can get ahold of me...

Oct 21 @ 9:02AM  
I have a home phone and don't own a cell phone (one of the few people in the world..I am sure). Honestly, I DESPISE cell phones. I think they are way overused and it's ridiculous how people feel the constant need to have them jammed to their ear 24/7. My biggest pet peeves are driving and talking on the cell phone....I think a law needs to be passed about that being illegal, as it causes way too many accidents and talking on your cell phone in a restaurant....RUDE!!! What the hell is so important that it can't wait? I don't know...I guess I'm old school when it comes to cell phones and I think they should be used for emergencies only...not to jibber jabber on all the fuckin time!

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Telephone.....Do you still own one?