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Did I miss the memo?

posted 10/20/2008 5:26:15 PM |
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I haven't been online as much the last few days as I normally am, so maybe I missed the memo. Did all the lady bloggers go on vacation at the same time? Or get ticked off at the blog-gods? Or finally get so disgusted with the guys on AMD they all joined a convent? (It would have to be multiple convents, for no one religious order could handle that much pent up angst, no matter how much forgiveness they are used to dispensing!) Where did they all go? I saw a few of the regulars around. Sunshine is always writing, but she's the Blog QUeen and has to keep her numbers up. I'm beginning to think there are two or three of her, all with that slightly off-center sense of humor we all love.

No, it can't be a convent. Too many women at the peak of their sexual prime for that. (None of the priests would be safe.) I can hear the confessions now, "Forgive me Father for I have was better than yesterday, I've only masturbated 12 times..." or "Gee Father, how was I supposed to know? When he said he was here to lay the carpet, I just seized the moment! And his tool "

We need our lady bloggers back! I need them back. As much as I enjoy whappers ramblings, I find myself looking forward to seeing his blogs. Even worse, I'm starting to understand him.

Ladies, COME BACK!!!!!

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Oct 20 @ 5:33PM  
Sunshine is always writing, but she's the Blog QUeen and has to keep her numbers up. I'm beginning to think there are two or three of her, all with that slightly off-center sense of humor we all love.

Aww....I don't do it for the can ask the Blog King himself....I never looked at my numbers. He would message me and tell me I was getting close to him, that's the only way I knew I was getting up there in numbers.

I do blog for my own sanity and for my friends here!!

But, I'm here!

Oct 20 @ 5:51PM  
Yikes! I ain't goin' to a convent. Nope. No way. It does, however, remind me of an old joke.

Two nuns were riding bicycles, going up hill and down hill, yelling "whee!" Over and over, up hill and down hill.

The mother superior noticed the noise and came out of the convent. She watched for a moment, then yelled, "You two get back in here! And put the SEATS back on those bicycles!"

Oct 20 @ 5:54PM  
Its getting repetitive and mediocre that's why some of us aren't posting enough. Personally,I'm trying to think of a topic that's "safe" and everyone can comment to.

Oct 20 @ 6:08PM  
its another boring day pent up in the penthouse.
women on the walls of the attic. beats
living on skid row. fuck it. beats
living in a homeless shelter.
my x, she lives in campgrounds
or in her car. gets raped and
robbed regularly. i can't
do anything for her and
neither can the law.
most of the guys who
rape and rob her are
in law enforcement.
its a sick world
getting sicker. so i'm
glad you're beginning
to understand my writing.
if you need a scapegoat
i'll do fine eh? i'm used
to it. hazing is constant
in my line of work.
they throw rotten eggs
at ya, when the mobs
riot. you think the
l.a.riots were bad?
nothing compared should
anything in the least
happen to His Royal Majesty Obama.
forbid the thought. get ready for 13 days in november.
4th through the 17th. november 4th is election day.
and the winner is..........the anointed one

Oct 20 @ 6:13PM  
i just bought seventeen magazine. at rite aid pharmacy.
and i bought two enchiladas to go at panchos.
at the drive thru. major event. on page
159 it said that every two minutes in the usa
someone gets sexually assaulted. so it discusses
the issues. in my humble opinion, all these
sex sites on the internet? its to identify
sex offenders. these are all part of
our police states we live in.
the government/media complex.

Oct 20 @ 6:36PM  
When he said he was here to lay the carpet, I just seized the moment! And his tool

I seldom blog...but I always comment....when there is something to comment on.

Oct 20 @ 6:41PM  
Since I have been on more the last few days I haven't seen this

Oct 20 @ 8:41PM  
Olivewitch reminds me.. anyone seen father Max lately?

Oct 20 @ 9:04PM  
Olivewitch reminds me.. anyone seen father Max lately?

I haven't seen him on since he wrote a friends bulletin about three weeks ago going on vacation.

Oct 21 @ 12:02AM  
I don't blog like I use to for a number of reasons....the main one being, I just don't have a life anymore... I mean how many fuckin' time do people wanna hear about my cleaning house and rearranging furniture????

I gave up men so there goes at least half a dozen good blogs per day...

I've gotten pretty tight-lipped about the subject of sex...I don't get any so I don't wanna talk about it. I don't use toys so not much to contribute there.

Sex stories? They don't seem so popular anymore so I quit posting them.

Ranting about Peyton Place? Fuck 'em! I washed my hands of that maddness.

I don't do politics or religion.

And in my opinion, the blogs are so overrun with the same bloggers with the same shit that I spend half my time scrolling trying to find something intelligent. There. That outta piss some off....oh well..............


Oct 21 @ 2:03AM  
Well if I happen to be one of the ones you're wondering about I just dont feel up to be honest I am having trouble trying to stay interested in blogs when we have the same people posting 20 plus blogs in 3 days and none of them make sense..............and than like softie the politcal blogs are getting way over done..........and I have gotten to the point I am inclined to become the female WOW and just start commenting on the political blogs Who the fuck cares? I have always said everyone has the right to blog what they want.........but i have the right not to read the shit either JMO but mostly im just to ill right now to think let alone write..........

Oct 21 @ 8:45AM  
I haven't had anything to blog about the last few days....let me think of something

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