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90 percent of Americans

posted 10/19/2008 7:56:42 AM |
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The need for a fresh start in America has grown markedly in the two years of this presidential campaign, and became imperative as the crippled financial system punishes workers, families and retirees in the country.

The U.S. is in want of leadership that repairs a damaged economy, restores faith in government as an engine for the common good and returns competence to the White House after the spectacular failures of the Bush administration.

Barack Obama holds the greater promise of accomplishing the mission than does John McCain. The Daily News endorses the 47-year-old Democrat, the first black American to win a major party nomination, for President. ....

The times call for boldness backed by expertise, not by ideology. We support Obama in the expectation that he would tap the brightest minds, regardless of political affiliation. He would need seasoned advice on every front, not least in adjusting from the rhetoric of a hasty Iraq withdrawal to the facts-on-the-ground duty of commander in chief.

We also expect that Obama would fulfill that oft-stated pledge to bring bipartisanship to the White House in forging solutions that work. That spirit will be essential to engaging the gears of government on issues that cannot wait.....

John McCain is an outstanding U.S. senator and a man of character. His courage in the face of torture and imprisonment as a Navy flier in North Vietnam met the highest standards of honor.....

McCain's misfortune is that he is the standard-bearer of a party whose leadership, starting at the top, ran the U.S. onto the rocks.....

With the latest poll showing that fully 90% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, the Republican Party has precious little credibility in laying claim to continued leadership. And the necessity of making a sharp break became all the more pressing with the sudden arrival of financial distress.

Unfortunately, a centerpiece of McCain's economic plan is an extension of Bush tax policy - a bad idea anytime, but horrible in these newly dire circumstances.

As the fates would have it, now is simply not the moment for this fine public servant.

Millions of Americans vest great hope in Barack Obama - and there is good reason why. It has been a long time since many have felt the government was in their corner. And here came an accomplished, fresh figure - a black man, at that - with plans for restoring the faith.

The agenda is sweeping, but the theme is clear. Whether on tax fairness or health care or the cost of college, Obama pushes the balance toward the working and middle classes and those farther down the ladder.....

In sum, we are banking on practicality trumping political dogma in an Obama White House. The fantasy that the U.S. can move toward energy independence without fully committing to domestic drilling and nuclear power must be banished. The reality that America can't make strides toward universal health care without fiscal discipline elsewhere must sink in.

At this critical juncture, the nation must elect a President who will renew bipartisanship and hard-headed pragmatism to rescue America's standard of living, secure the country from global threats, whether of arms or of climate, and lay a foundation to meet 21st century challenges.

That is our hope for Barack Obama.

• Daily News endorses Obama for President: He has the promise to renew America at home and abroad - Editorial, Sunday 10.19.2008

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Oct 19 @ 10:11AM  
Well done. My only concern with Obama is that he that he is not a policy wonk and lacks experience. He needs to pick and choose his supporting cast very carefully. Jimmy Carter failed to that with horrendous results.

Oct 19 @ 10:15AM  
Colin Powell has just endorsed Obama.

Oct 19 @ 6:16PM  
well while i admire collin powell tremendously ,,,,,
you hit the nail on the head right mentioning ole jimmy carter in relation to obama and im from ga .,,,,

while america may think we have the next jkf,,he's not even close

and of course ill be smashed for being pro -capitalism and the damage he's going to do there,,,i damn sure hope i am wrong,,,,and maybe he will surround himself with top people and bring about true change

he is a very eloquent speaker ill grant him that and looked very composed on the last debate while mc cain much to my dismay looked flustered and had one good comment - i am not george bush

and i apprciated obama's comment on parents being included in the educational process and holding them accountable ,,,,,and giving top pay to teachers that do make a diiference proven by data to back that up ..i sure hope he stands firm there ....cause i work hard have high test scores yet others that are less marginal get exactly the same money if hes going to make the educational system more competitive thats a bonus

however i am going to look up the link to the wall street journal i read not too long that showed some concerns that can not be ignored,,,and if we want big govt., more welfare, and move toward a socialistic society then by all means

yea obama!

Oct 19 @ 6:19PM  
sorry typo in difference ,,,

Oct 19 @ 6:25PM  
dang another in appreciate ! I HAVE never claimed to be a perfect typist!~

Oct 20 @ 10:17PM  
i could not resist!

i guess im in the 10 percent that understand that while maybe 90 percent think Obama is the deeply tanned second coming of JFK ,,coming to save the universe!!
there are no simple answers to complex problems!

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90 percent of Americans