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I believe.. Do you????

posted 10/17/2008 12:31:33 PM |
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tagged: mama, ghosts

Ghost ….who believes??? And anything that goes bump in the night….I know I do.

There are so many things of the un-know that no one really knows if it is really real..
But I have become a true believer after so many years of living in the house I live in..
You know that feeling you get when you are alone and it feels like someone is watching you?

The shadows of something there and you turn to look and it is gone?
A cold chill that you get and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up?
The feeling of someone is touching you? And there is no one beside you….
The un-know noises that you hear and you are the only one home?
Lights that flicker on and off and you know you just put a new bulb in??
You go for something you know was just there and it is now gone??
10 to 1 it is a ghost……
See years ago it all started my sister in-law liked to play around with just a kids game called ouija or so she thought.. She opened up something in the house Like a portal that lets spirits and ghosts and things that go bump in the night come out and play games on us and live amongst us..
We have come to learn to live in the house with all the things that happen around here..
Nothing bad ever happens here at least like so many stories out there do happen…

We have one that is a trickster that plays games on us that likes to take things and move them.. In the middle of the night we can hear cupboard doors open and close We think it is him not really sure..
We have one that we can see as a big shadow that wears a black cape with a hood on it never getting to really see his face.. This is the one that gives us our chills, that watches us, makes the hair on the back of our necks stand up, the one that makes us feel like some one is touching us..
Oh and we have a dog that walks the house in the middle of the night.. We can hear it’s nails as it walks up and down the hallway..
We also have family members that have past that come and see us just to let us know they are still there.. These are the spirits that we love to know are there.. They give us help sometimes when we can’t find something, They come to us in our dreams in the middle of the night to let us know they are ok.. Or to give us a message… Or just to let us know we are still loved by them..

So now after all of this who believes I know I do……

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Oct 17 @ 12:58PM  
I do...there is definetly something here in my home. My daughter and my man have seen it many times. I know it's here and I said to it, you are welcome in my home, but please don't show yourself to it doesn't. But, my daughter and man do still see it or them, I think there are 2 men here and an orange cat.....the cat I have seen on occasion. I don't own a cat.

Oct 17 @ 1:00PM  
Oh....and the Ouija (or WeeGee) isn't something to mess with......I won't allow one in my home. They scare me and I'm very superstitious!

Oct 17 @ 3:25PM  
I also believe . I grew up in a house that you would hear footsteps upstairs . Feeling like you were watched . Had a friend over ....I was 17 ....we went to sleep in the middle of the night we we`re awaken to some one breathing ...we grabbed our blankets and slept downstairs that night . Had friends see someone looking out windows when we were not home . Someone watering the lawn one home . Very strange things happened . Spooky

Oct 17 @ 4:07PM  
Yeah I believe too. And further more...I've learned to be really careful of what I get mixed up can scare the crap right outta ya.

Has anyone ever heard of James Van Praagh? He's a medium. I first saw him on Dr. Phil and he perked my interest. A couple of months ago I got one of his books from the library and I joined his site.

WRONG THING TO DO!! I immediately began to get unseen night visitors that brought horror with them. I had two of the worse nights of my life and I took the book back and got off his site. Learned my lesson I can tell ya!

MmmmMmmmm..ain't fuckin' with that stuff anymore It was worse than any ouija board experience anyone can have...

Oct 17 @ 5:04PM  
I do believe in ghosts, spirits or whatever you want to call them. There are indeed many things in this wonderful world of ours that have been to even be discovered, let alone explained.

Oct 17 @ 5:35PM  
I have a serious question...actually I think I already know the answer. Did your sister ever close the portal? I just got a "feeling" that she didn't.

Oct 17 @ 6:53PM  
Sure Casper & I go way back to the early 60's

Oct 17 @ 8:15PM  
Somewhat do

Oct 18 @ 8:26AM  
yes i do.
good topic

Oct 23 @ 8:26PM  
The ouija is the main source to conjure up stuff from the other side. I new a pastor who was constantly performing rituals to get rid of demons after some kid opened one in a home. Oh yes, i most definitely believe in this stuff. No ouija in my house either. Excellent topic mama.

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I believe.. Do you????