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There are few here.

posted 10/11/2008 7:44:46 AM |
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So many fakers and lonely people that want only to chat and collect pictures. In the short time we have been here we have seen some sorry examples of human nature. Maybe it is because you are not who you pretend to be. Pretending only brings you misery, from the people you play your game with to the tormented soul you deal with everyday. Try being HONEST...come on.... give it a try and maybe you will find someone like we have over the past few weeks. Trust is at all time go between the lines...give it time to settle in and BE HONEST! Maybe you will lose contacts this way...maybe you will cultivate a FF...maybe you will find a long term lover. Whatever it is...HONESTY...will bring to front...the one you will want to be with. For the ones that have collected our pictures with a promise of sincerity, and have turned and run, hid behind a blocked e-mail, or changed your name, we will always know who you are and you will never come into our lives again. For the ones we have been talking with and have had the pleasure of seeing my beautiful wife, we thank you for your HONESTY! For the one who will be meeting this weekend, it is because of your honesty and straight forward no B.S. attitude that is bringing you and us, I know a fantastic night we will remember for a long time, especially since it our first.

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There are few here.


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Oct 11 @ 8:06AM  
Honesty also brings isolation....I know, I've always been honest to the bone and you'd be surprised how many people don't like it. They wanna play head games. That applies to real life as well, not just cyberspace.

But then again....I'm not here for sex...that brings isolation too. Oh well....

Oct 11 @ 8:16AM  
The people that need to hear what you are saying are not the people who will be reading this. I am pretty much retired from the dating scene but have engaged in online dating a lot in the past. If I may suggest, you will fare much better if you search the profiles, read the essays, and then choose people who pique your interest as opposed to settling for what ever drifts into you inbox.

Oct 11 @ 9:02AM  
to be perfectly honest with you, hollywood is make-believe, so is this
site, so is love, so is honesty, so is truth, and no one has that kinda money
really. the cost of love is too dear. love conquering all? i don't think so.
the cost of taking a crap is going up. the cost of taking a shower is going up.
not to mention the cost of raising children, and medical costs from all that
good, good love. so whose honest? liars are people who tell the truth?

Oct 11 @ 11:02AM  
If Isolation means loneliness then maybe you are looking in the wrong place for whatever your needs are. You sound smarted than letting someone play head games with you. Honesty will pay it's dividends. Better to wait, I think, than take anything. You know...the kind..."It's all about me". I think here, I am putting that mildly.

We search the profiles and do not take any Tom, Dick or Harry that stumbles along. We haven't met anyone yet and we have been here about 3 weeks Maybe you missed the point of this...You have to birth a conversation to the point where it is someone you trust and someone you don't. It takes time...We have no problem with that...and I would hope any of you would have no problem with that....but...Taking this time and then finally realizing (because you are cautious) that who you are talking to is not who they are portraying is a bit unsettling. Especially when you are being up front. The people you don't want to EVER meet are here...and it seems they are in full force. This was not for them...but for all of you that are trustworthy and upfront. Caution is what I am trying to say.

No this place is not "make believe". It is a place to find what you are looking for. If we are here looking for something that interests us...that does not make anyone a liar...Perhaps they, we are open enough to share the truth. Take the time to find out what your truth is and then speak it, share it and make it happen...talking in riddles and believing there is nothing but games...well I BELIEVE that is a problem.

Oct 11 @ 4:29PM  
Thanks for setting the rules for applicatin to dittle with you and your wife, excuse me if i am too honest!

Oct 11 @ 5:01PM  
some people are here to solve the murder of their sisters. and other
reasons too. we're not all here to think with our penises or our pussies.
people go to AA for lotsa reasons. not just to get sober. mull it over.
knowbody really knows who is who. how 'honest'. subterfuge abounding.
closer i got to the truth, the more lies i found. do you really believe
they are just gonna 'let it slide'? sure. and 'revenge' has been outlawed.
oh, osama bin laden blew up new york city. no problem its cool, come
rape all the women, kill all the men, enjoy. and half the people here are
in osama's camp. dig? and now there is eternal peace under who? A.L.A.
the alcoholic liberation army. what are you here for? lies or lying around,
laying lyin lyin lions? are you gonna take that lyin down? in lying position?
people who say they don't like games are those who say there are no
war games. and end up bushwhacked by themselves. well, maybe we
should go back to the stone age. no electricity. wouldn't that be cool.

Oct 11 @ 5:56PM  
I admire you being honest maxximuss. What I don't admire is you being vulgar and not having the ability to spell simple words. You would be easy to turn down.

Oct 11 @ 6:01PM  
I'm not sure I follow you funnywhapper. You speak in many riddles. Whatever you are looking for...I hope you find it.

Oct 12 @ 10:43AM  
If Isolation means loneliness

I'm not lonely. Jaded might be a better word. I've been in single sites for 5 years and came into them blindly...very vulernable and naive. I spent years making stupid decisions because I trusted too many men.

Then one day I grew up. Yes a sprinkling of people find a mate in these places but there are millions that don't....and they get hurt terribly. Single sites are not reality when it comes to finding a solid, LTR/marriage.

It may be reality for those seeking a sexual relationship to suit their many here looking for the same thing. It's just a matter of time involved and finding a match for what you want. But time is the keyword here.

As for me? I will never again settle for less than what I'm looking for and I have no expectations of finding Mr. Right here or in any other single site. There is peace of mind in being alone and I wouldn't sacrifice that for "just sex" any day.


Oct 14 @ 5:43AM  
i am very dishonest............but then again........i lie about fake guys dont have any fun around here

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