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How far would you travel to get laid?

posted 10/10/2008 9:50:51 AM |
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I'm just wondering because I get a lot of mail from guys AND girls that want to talk to me and hook up that are really far me far away is more than 200 miles and most of the time, they are at least 500 miles or more away. This just seems like an awful lot to go through just to get a piece of ass

The furthest I have ever traveled to get some is 140 miles and it was a complete waste of time....the sex was pretty disappointing lol

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Oct 10 @ 10:18AM  
HA! Walking upstairs to fuck MYSELfFis pretty much a pain in the ass.! ..

Oct 10 @ 10:23AM  
I dunno.... I have been to Fl. and Mississippi, for relationships...but I have never traveled for Booty!!!
But there is a 1st time for everything!!! How far is bunny from me?

Oct 10 @ 10:29AM  
HA! That's cute OH HORNY TOAD!...mapquest!

Oct 10 @ 10:39AM  
I think about an hours drive is far enough. Now if you were to spend the weekend it may be worth a 2-3 hour drive.

Oct 10 @ 11:38AM  
I let them come to me

Oct 10 @ 12:13PM  
I can't be bothered with just getting laid. If that is all that is involved, I'm going...or cumming.

Oct 10 @ 12:48PM  
I will no longer travel for's ALWAYS been a disappointment when I have done so.....

I have a guy about 90 miles away that wants to hook up, but he wants me to come there.....Let's drive a motorcycle and I drive an Explorer....Let's do the math....Gas would be cheaper for you. And on top of it, I never get mine. Guys tend to be selfish and wants their dicks sucked and never want to return the favor. I'm done being nice...fuck you. You come to me. I'm not desperate for cock, I got some at home. You want to have a good time, you have to come to me....

Oct 10 @ 12:58PM  
I've traveled a LOT farther than Toledo........... and yeah, it WAS worth it.

Oct 10 @ 1:16PM  
It isn't far. My hand to the mouse,the cursor to the bookmarks of porn,then my hand back to my pants...and I didn't even have to rustle up any gas money.

Oct 10 @ 1:24PM  
I've travelled 650 miles to get laid before. I've also had a woman travel more than 2000 miles to come see me.

Oct 10 @ 1:48PM  
You want to have a good time, you have to come to me
Sounds Like a Plan!!!

Oct 10 @ 2:00PM  
A thousand miles for a taste of sunshine.

Oct 10 @ 2:03PM  
Sounds Like a Plan!!!

A thousand miles for a taste of sunshine.

Thank you!!

Oct 10 @ 2:28PM  
An hours drive at the most. But I will say that if the person lives somewhere farther away that is a cool place to visit with neat things to do, I would consider that.

Oct 10 @ 2:36PM  
Just to try to get laid? 45 min.
Guaranteed to get laid? 2 hrs.
For a weekend of sex? maybe 5 hrs.

For someone I really loved? 1 train, 2 flights, 27 hours, 2,485 miles.

At least, that's my record so far.

Oct 10 @ 2:44PM  
I rarely go out for ass! I usuall order in! lol!

Oct 10 @ 2:44PM  
I have travled maybe no more than 10 miles to get a piece. I know a lot of guys that will travel 200-500 miles to get some, but I'm not one of those guys. I have had women come to me in most if not all the time.

I would also like to add that women seem to do more of the traveling when it comes to meeting up with us guys.

Oct 10 @ 2:58PM  
How far would I travel to get laid? Several factors involved. Just to "Get Laid?" Nahhhh, not real interested. I need chemistry not just a warm body. Hell, there's no reason to travel for a warm body. If I have feelings, I can do some driving.

Oct 10 @ 3:02PM  
Just wanted to add....

The time I traveled for 140 miles was for a weekend and it was basically because I wanted something to horrible as that sounds Won't ever happen AGAIN!!

Oct 10 @ 3:39PM  
10 years ago, I travelled from Just south of Cleveland, OH to Ft Wayne Indiana - just for sex. Must have made that trip 50 times between April, 1998 and January, 1999.

She and I left our respective spouses and dismal marriages for each other. Within weeks of my divorce, she decides to bolt from Ft Wayne to Phoenix, AZ and her cousin - whom she married. You read that right! She left me for her cousin... and married him. It was her 5th marriage.

Long story for a short relationship. Sex was awesome. But her exit left a sour taste in my mouth for long distance relationships.


Oct 10 @ 3:41PM  
I wouldn't travel to just get laid, like alot have said here already. I need to feel something for someone. If that was all I wanted, there are alot of men right here where I live, no traveling involved!!

Oct 10 @ 3:45PM  
Seriously,theres a guy I've been um...."chatting with". If he's as good as he has been,I would catch that bus to Tallahassee just to try the real thing. For non Floridians,from my town Gainesville to Tally..almost 140 miles.

Also,it'd be a chance to go onto the FSU campus and moon them with the UF insignia on my butt and hope not to get my black ass curbstomped.

Oct 10 @ 3:52PM  
Had a guy fly all the way from Houston...but it was for more than just sex so I guess that doesn't count.

Oct 10 @ 5:36PM  
around the block
and back again

Oct 10 @ 7:21PM  
Well if she's standing @ the corner on the way to the store Probably halfway depending on the distance & if it's mutual that it would be worth it or not !!!!

Oct 10 @ 8:29PM  
I'm lazy so they come to me. Plus I live alone so there's never any interruptions and we can enjoy ourselves in peace. I guess I'm worth the trip cos they always come back

Oct 10 @ 9:18PM  
i invented a time machine and i have a spaceship in my garage.
i get laid a lot in other galaxies. and also i went to the end
of time and back, to find the perfect women. that's plural.
women of the future are really far out.

Oct 10 @ 11:13PM  
California to New York and yes it was worth spite of the distance we remain dear friends to this day.

Oct 11 @ 6:33AM  
Kodiak, Alaska to Chicago, Il. And yes it was worth it!!!

He is moving up here and we are getting married!!

Oct 11 @ 11:53AM  
Most the time, I let them come to us, or me. We are that good. Its worth it, we are very much into hopitality, and are good host. But we have traveled up to 3 hours, for fuck parties, because I can handle several women in night. And I like that type fun. Gang bangs are cool also. I like to participate in them. So under them circumstance, we will travel for a lot of fun. My wife can handle 3 or 4 guys easlily in one night. WE get it on together, several times a week, we just have a high sexual desires. Ps, use protection now.

Oct 14 @ 5:35AM  
i went all the way to alsaka....................and someone was in chi town at the time

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How far would you travel to get laid?