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Men: What part do you like best?

posted 10/5/2008 1:06:51 PM |
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tagged: funny, sunshine

Just wondering about all you men out there.

Are you an ass man? Do you like them big or small?

Are you a boob man? Do you like them big or small?

Are you a leg man?

Or do you just enjoy women in general? Love a woman's smile or laugh?

What parts are you most fond of??

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Oct 5 @ 1:11PM  
pussy, legs, and feet!

Oct 5 @ 1:12PM  
Leg man here but do very much enjoy a woman's smile and laugh and all the other wondrous things about a woman.

Oct 5 @ 1:18PM  
What about Ladies .....Sunshine ??

I like a Man who fills out his Jeans ......Ass Lady here ....No Droopy pants ....

Smile and laugh also ....

and of course Brains ....

Oct 5 @ 1:20PM  
oooops ....forgot ....No chicken legs a man w/ a nice leg and meat on his bones ....


Oct 5 @ 1:25PM  
Too me it is quality over quantity. For me, the positive is no negative. For example:

Regardless of size, I don't find saggy mushy titties attractive.

I like curves not rolls.

Not interested in an intimate encounter with the Michelin Tire man's sister.

Yeah I am an overweight old guy, but I don't want to be with two women unless they are different people.

Oct 5 @ 1:45PM  
nuttin beat's a great pair of legs
Not interested in an intimate encounter with the Michelin Tire man's sister
i wondered where she went when we split up

Oct 5 @ 1:58PM  
I want to comment too

Ok I will

I am always looking at a man's ass..Nice pair of tight jeans turns me on

Oct 5 @ 2:00PM  
I want to comment too

Ok I will

I am always looking at a man's ass..Nice pair of tight jeans turns me on

Oct 5 @ 2:04PM  
A man who can fill out a pair of blue jeans is nice........but to me.........its the brains, the attitude, the sense of humor.........

Oct 5 @ 2:10PM  
A lot of people get pissed and take it personally even though they have preferences also. Also, I may be brutally honest, but I am honest. A lot of guys will respond politically saying what they think women want to hear.

Oct 5 @ 2:11PM  
I Love a Sweet Smile!!! and a Nice ass is good too! and Of course I Love tits also.... WTF?? OK I Like the whole Package!!!
But a Smile gets my attention Quicker than anything!!

Oct 5 @ 2:16PM  
I hate to have to say this, but it is more fact than fic....Look in the mirror! Your not going to get much better than you look yourself. So keep on loving what you want, but your only going to get your equal.

Oct 5 @ 2:23PM  
I hate to have to say this, but it is more fact than fic....Look in the mirror! Your not going to get much better than you look yourself. So keep on loving what you want, but your only going to get your equal
Works for me!!!!!
Now, where is that Super Horny Lady at?

Oct 5 @ 2:34PM  
I hate to have to say this, but it is more fact than fic....Look in the mirror! Your not going to get much better than you look yourself. So keep on loving what you want, but your only going to get your equal.

Wise words, but I will suggest that a large bank account and assets can offset pounds.

Oct 5 @ 2:36PM  
beauty is in the eye of the beholder. the study of aesthetics
is interesting. i've been married to women my friends
and relatives thought were totally ugly. but i thought
they were the most beautiful women in the world.
is there objective beauty? or is it subjective?
the fanny is important to some. fannywhapper.
the whapping of the wienie on the fanny.
i've whapped the wienie on small and big alike.
its one of attaining relief. sex relieves tension.
junior high saying. i'd have to say, just women
in general are attractive. they are the fairer sex.

Oct 5 @ 2:39PM  
just women in general. aesthetics is a good subject to study in philosophy.
beauty is in the eye of the beholder. my relatives say that women
i feel are extremely attractive are the ugliest they have ever seen.
so many different tastes. my friends thought all my girlfriends
were ugly as can be. but to me they were the most beautiful in the world.
is there an objective beauty? or is it really more subjective.
the fannywhapper is fun to do. i did that with marsha a lot.
she had a small butt. big butts are fun too. so sex over 40
is rather rare actually. unless you have a big bank account.
wine dine me sixty nine me was peach piezz's mantra.
if you have a million dollars to blow on dating, you might
get blown. otherwise, you can enjoy looking at your
menfriends at the union rescue mission and having nice day dreams.
why women always hunt for men in homeless shelters? sure. dream on.
wanna go for a dreamsicle at rite aid? we'll splurge or go dutch, or we'll
finance it? i'm trying finance a trip to the park. 4 miles away. i never
wanna be in debt again. i've climbed out and am debt free. never again. i owe
no one. and i'm keeping it that way.

Oct 5 @ 2:51PM  
Money can't change the fact your in bed with the Michelin mans brother...ewwwwwwwwwwww...gonna get what ya look and feel doesn't get it...Ya can't take it personally.

Oct 5 @ 3:14PM  
i'm an ass man all fuckin day long.

ain't gotta be big

ain't gotta be small
just gotta fit the girl it's on

don't get me wrong....I love me some titties...but if I gotta choose...ass...all day long

Oct 5 @ 3:18PM  
I'm a crotch guy. Absolutely love the pussy. Boobs are okay as are legs, but it's the pussy that makes me want to talk to chicks.

Oct 5 @ 3:19PM  
Eyes for me. Guess I'm old school.

Oct 5 @ 3:22PM  
Legs. Looong, curvy legs. A woman's supposed to have curves, IMO; skin and bones
doesn't cut it...

Oct 5 @ 3:24PM  
How come... when someone asks MEN a question us women throw our two cents in? Reallyyyyy what about ladies?

Oct 5 @ 3:31PM  
OK Hevn...what do YOU like?

Oct 5 @ 3:46PM  
hey ...How do you interview a pussy? You can usually see the eyes, smile,breast size, build, ass and legs..even feet quite easily by the way a woman dresses, but the pussy isn't sitting on her shoulder waiting for everyone to inspect. I am lucky as far as being able to check the cock for my satisfaction because men on a regular basis like to show it to me. I don't mean just here thru pics either. Those cocks could be any ones.But, back to the question...hey Detach, how do you interview a pussy?

Oct 5 @ 3:49PM  
Like most guys, I'm visual. Maybe more so than most. I enjoy a woman that's outgoing, nice smile, sexy eyes, neat, ect. I have to admit, I'm a leg and ass man. I have no preference as long as they are shapely. Boobs are great, and their size is really not that important. I'll follow a woman around with sexy ass and legs just to discreetly admire her walking.

Oct 5 @ 3:52PM  
OMG Bunny, I was just thinking the same thing. Ummmm exactly how do you see a womans pussy without talking to her first????

Oct 5 @ 3:56PM  
ok, let's pretend I am a man no Shawn, only pretend. . . I am a woman ok!!! we gotta make that straight...I like the ass and the boobies, even as a woman, it makes me turn and . . . . does it really make me a bi? BUt I like a dick. . .period.

Oct 5 @ 3:56PM  
ROFL Bunny! You always make me laugh. Barring tight pants that outline a crotch or skirts with no undies... there's no way to tell, anymore than there's a way to know what shape boobs are going to take once released from the confines of a bra.

Oh... and RNJ? I'm not a man to answer what men like.

Oct 5 @ 4:02PM  
no hevn....i was asking what YOU like...not what men like

Oct 5 @ 4:03PM  
ha! I knew he would run and hide...all the girls in his neighborhood and hang outs chase him around with their panties off screaming..."look at my puss...look at my puss...hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out my puss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ha! Imagine the riot...screaming, chasing, confronting one another and fighting over detach's personal interview!

Oct 5 @ 4:04PM  
See Women, all men aren't dogs & the stereotyping has got to go!!!! We are not just interested in the main course ...the pussy.... I like the whole package .... I could say a lot but if she don't have a good personality it spoils all the meat..... Well a chic w/no tits & ass would look like a stick w/ an opened clam attached to it

Oct 5 @ 4:09PM  
And what would a really fat guy with an itty bitty cock look like?! name got the adjectives going...hit me! HA!

Oct 5 @ 4:18PM  
Oh, WTF, damn blog is being hijacked by women, anyway, lol

RNJ... my favorite body parts... "lips and tongue," however... they must pass the kiss test because, honey, if that kiss can move me to shut-eyed ecstasy.... I'm not going to give a damn what the rest of the body looks like -- male or female.

Oct 5 @ 4:43PM  
I am with you on that! Hev! I love lips...full, soft, and a tongue that knows how to move me into shut eyed ecstasy! You said it all!

Oct 5 @ 4:44PM  
fuck man...I can kiss....and it dont even matter what the rest of me looks like

Oct 5 @ 4:58PM  
Ya...butttt.........ha! me and Hevn have to interview your lips first...don't get too excited...cause just thinking you can doesn't cut it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 5 @ 5:06PM  
Eyes, smile, hair, breasts, ass...and in that order.

I just can't resists a sexy pair of eyes.
I can resist, but it's difficult, a sweet smile.
I love to run my hands through hair.
Breasts, if they're all natural, are a wonderful thing.
And if there's something to hang on to, I really go for a nice, but not tight (as in athletic) butt.

And I like "big" women so if there's more of her to love, I'm willing to love all of her.

Oct 5 @ 5:19PM  
i love lips a set of pouty lips is so sexy to me cause you can do so much with them and boobs and butts are good but its the lips that get me

Oct 5 @ 10:29PM  
If I had to choose a physical aspect, I'd have to say curves. Nothing is sexier than that hourglass figure. I'm tired of seeing these women that are straight as a board. Honestly, my kingdom for a girl with hips. I understand girls that want to be thin and healthy.

What gets me going is a confident woman. Someone that's not afraid to go after what they want, instead of waiting for it to come to them. All men love strong women.

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