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Meaning of life?

posted 10/4/2008 9:35:33 PM |
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What is the meaning of life? Most of us have asked this question.
It is something I have reflected on whenever I am bored and cant sleep or whatever.

To me the meaning or reason of life is whatever you make of it.
The way you go about things.. Everyones life is different, unique, and simply theirs.

If you have decided to be religious, thats one of the things providing a meaning to your life. The amount of zealous ambition you pour into that religion is you.
If your bisexual, then that is you.

What you do defines you, and you are your life and it's simple definition. The meaning is to just simply be what you want within earthly and human limits set upon us by whatever supreme being or God that may suit you.

Confused yet?

Think of it this way, your life is yours and not mine. No matter how closely we are alike, same music, same sex preferences ect. SOMETHING will be different and set us apart.
Now some people asking for the meaning of life are asking as if there is a specific goal or something to achieve like an ending to a video game.
The ending or goal is to finish life being happy about what you've done and where you've done it and with whom.
Some choose to ride along on lifes back like it a merry go round ride, others grab it and take control like the wheel of a car, driving it as fast or slow as they wish. And what they do with it makes it theirs!

One of my favorite bands "Walls of Jericho" has a song "The New Ministry" which has a line that I quote often now:
Live out your dream with everything you have inside you, this world cant hold us back forever!
And in following this have begun to turn my life into what I want the "finish line" to be for me. I want to finish this ride like a race car going across the finish line, Digging for that last iota of traction, one the edge of out of control, straining for every last drop of speed / power / control.

Hmmm maybe later tonight I will post another but I think I have splattered enough of my gray matter across this site for the evening.

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Oct 4 @ 9:50PM  
that' s very good in a nietzhchean kinda way. secular meanings of life.
food gives life meaning. but the catholic catechism, says we were
made to love and serve god, our purpose in life. our meaning in life.
and to be happy with him in this life and the next. so many
do follow the monastic path. in other religions too. it would
get to me. i could never be a nun or a priest or a monk or
a hermit in the desert. so i guess as your average run of the mill
sinner, i'm destined for the fires of hell. i probably will have
lotsa company. maybe i'll get purgatory. ya never know.
some religious or monastics go wild, and go straight to the devil sometimes.
the history of the catholic church is very fascinating. oftentimes in church
history monasteries were places of absolute wickedness and wild
sex parties at all hours of the day and night. against the official
catholic teachings. protestants are not holier than thou either.
neither are those islamics. when they start that holier than thou stuff,
it reminds me of swiss cheese. they ain't holier than us either.
they play all sides against each other. let's get 'em. and i'm french swiss
and scottish. or am i? who knows. i don't even know my own origin
for sure, let alone the origin of space? so i've got my red lantern on upstairs,
for another wild night in our 'red' town. they may paint the town pink.
wow what a crowd at the big baseball game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 4 @ 10:07PM  
"I live because none may call me master, yet I shall always serve. And when my body dies, and I find my soul in the clearing in the path, I shall etch my legacy into the dirt, for all to know of, ill or good, my deeds." Anonymous.

"When we die, let our only hope be this: That our name is not said with tears overflowing, but good wine and happy people." Italian Proverb.


Oct 4 @ 10:45PM  
that was a real good one above me there. the good father emphsaized
the old spanish-sicilian proverb--you can do what you want in life,
but you will pay for it. in more ways than one.
so the red lantern on upstairs, many women
formed outside, bidding for me, but i
said, forget it, i'm too old, they were
just making fun of me anyway.
a few offered to throw up a rope
and climb upstairs to see me.
so i just now, put on a green
lantern, took out the red lightbulb
put in a green one. this put
them in a real limelight mood.
they started singing and
dancing outside for lean green.
great show though. they
joke sometimes, call
me the emerald pimpernel.
so many coyotes in our
area here. smuggling
is the main source
of income. its not
really the united states
of america. that's
on the map only.
its more like northern mexico.
if you want american
food, there is tommy's
to go to. but he's
one of the few
american restauruants
in 100 miles from
here. and he's greek,
from corinth. so
you tell me. chertoff
came by to visit
with him last year.
to get his advice.
spies everywhere here.
dope lords in tijuana
murdered forty people
last week, for opposing
them. wish me luck.
the four leaf clover.

Oct 4 @ 10:52PM  
The meaning of life?


Oct 5 @ 12:55AM  

Oct 5 @ 10:07AM  
To live, to love, to laugh and to learn.. that is the meaning of life.

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Meaning of life?