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Don't You Miss Play-Doh??

posted 10/2/2008 10:03:41 PM |
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tagged: cute, memories, sunshine

• Play-Doh was put into plastic cans in 1986, which kept the tightly capped dough soft and pliable for longer periods of time.

• In 1960, the first Play-Doh Fun Factory was introduced. Basically just a souped-up pasta maker made out of plastic, the lever-based device allowed kids to make different kinds of ropes and discs of Doh.

• For years, Play-Doh cans and labels were graced with the impish cartoon of Play-Doh Pete, who morphed from an elf to a beret-wearing boy in 1960 and then traded his headgear for a baseball cap in the 1970s.

• One of the most popular sets ever made was 1977's Fuzzy Pumper Barber and Beauty Shop Playset (known from the start simply as the Play-Doh Barber Shop). The barbershop exists today in a new incarnation-the Fuzzy Pumper Pet Parlor.

For nearly 20 years, Play-Doh came in just four colors: white, red, yellow, and blue. White, of course, was introduced in 1956, and the three primary colors-red, blue, and yellow-appeared a year later. It wasn't until 1983 that four more colors were introduced. Now the kiddie modeling compound is available in 50 colors (including gold and silver), and more than 900 million pounds have been sold in the past 50 years. Factories produce about 95 million cans of Play-Doh annually for 6,000 U.S. stores and 75 different countries.

Do you all remember playing with Play-Doh?? Do you remember the smell?
What was your favorite playset?? Did you ever eat it??

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Oct 2 @ 10:10PM  
Play doh was one of my first attempts at creativity. (the first of many failures) It smelled like crap, and tasted worst. But we all tried it. Heck, there was no internet, no video games, no color television, heck, those four colors were a big deal. But miss it? no. I aspire to more adult games!

Oct 2 @ 10:38PM  
Do you all remember playing with Play-Doh?? Do you remember the smell?
What was your favorite playset?? Did you ever eat it??

Of course.

Yeah,but didn't bother me..also liked the taste.

Playset? I just messed with it straight out the container.

Also,you forgot another question: "Was your mom pissed when it got ground into the carpet?"

Damn right she was!


Oct 2 @ 10:43PM  
I miss Play-Doh!

I loved that stuff. No, I didn't eat any, though I did taste it once out of curiosity. Bleh!

Oct 2 @ 10:56PM  
I loved Playdoh...and my Mom never got mad..she has always been the most caring, sweetest, understanding woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! She understood what being a kid was all about! Playdoh...she would dig right in and play with us. Remember Playdoh?! Remember my MOM!...and yes I ate it!

Oct 2 @ 11:03PM  
Oh I loved that stuff!

I don't remember which playsets I had, but I loved em all!

Of course I just had to taste it, it was yukky.

When I was in college in my bio lab we made playdoh, so I told my kids how to make it, it was never as good as the stuff you buy but it was fun to make!

I had a keychain that was playdoh, had a can of it and one of the playsets in mineature. I gave it to my dad, he collects keychains (he's a locksmith) so it's hanging downstairs in his shop.

Oct 2 @ 11:20PM  
no, i didn't have much of a goofing around childhood, don't remember it.
but i think it was kinda grainy. krazy glue between the thighs to
keep your love in a chastity belt? i had to work from conception
to the present. some enjoy work. others detest it. but
playing around is work too. the best job of all. King of the Road.
just be on the go. i can't wait till i try out my new spaceship
i built in the garage. i'm going back to my home planet xenon
on november 17th. i fear '13 days in november'. the 4th-13th
are gonna be very rocky, shocky. it may be like the movie,
seven days in may. a total military dictatorship in 13 days.
unlike the movie where it is prevented. as if it isn't already.
well, at least right now, there aren't soldiers on every
corner in the usa with submachine guns. john dough.

Oct 2 @ 11:52PM  
Do you all remember playing with Play-Doh??
not to hard to was only yesterday..........i love the vibrant colors they have........and i still love the smell..............

Oct 3 @ 12:03AM  
Great grandma here....didn't have play-doh when I was a kid but my kids had it. It's a bitfch to get out of shag carpeting when it drys.

But...........I do remember wallpaper cleaner and I swear it was just play-doh before they figured out marketing it for kids. Smelled the same and the white play-doh worked to clean wallpaper.

Well duh! Or is that doh..... ???

Oct 3 @ 12:16AM  
I loved Play doh !!!! It was the Bestest toy ever!!! Back in the Old

Oct 3 @ 1:56AM  

I'm not old enough to remember that stuff.


Oct 3 @ 5:26AM  
i was a silly putty kinda guy

Oct 3 @ 5:41AM  
I don't miss it because...

I still have some! And I have the Littlest Pet Shop with the fuzzy pumper. Aren't ya'll jealous? Who wants to come over and play?

Oct 3 @ 8:04AM  
I still have some! And I have the Littlest Pet Shop with the fuzzy pumper. Aren't ya'll jealous? Who wants to come over and play?

I do I will bring my coloring book's and crayon's...

Oct 3 @ 8:04AM  
How about Silly Putty? My brother got some of it in the carpet and an ass whupping from my mom followed. I got swatted for laughing.

Oct 3 @ 8:16AM  
There was this other stuff briefly that was really cool that was sort of like silly putty on better, flubber. It was inspired by the movie The Absent Minded Professor. What was neat was that it could bounce as well as a super ball. But it was discovered to be toxic or something and got pulled off of the market. Both my brother and I loved the stuff and were very upset when our mom took it away from us and threw it out.

Oct 3 @ 8:25AM  
I was inspired to look up Flubber and the story is fascinating!

The product was introduced in September of 1962 and Hasbro sold millions of units. They advertised "Flubber is a new parent-approved material that is non-toxic and will not stain".

But then, reports started to come back that some children were developing full-body rashes and sore throats from the product. The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began investigating the product to see if these claims were true.

The big-wigs at Hasbro were mystified. The product was supposed to be harmless and had passed all of their safety tests.

In March of 1963, a Kansas woman filed a $104,000 lawsuit against Hasbro claiming that the Flubber had caused rashes so severe that both her three-year-old son and the woman required hospital care.

The company decided to retest the product. Instead of testing it on kids, they ended up using volunteer prisoners as guinea pigs (One would guess that they had nothing better to do with their time). One prisoner developed a rash on his head. Why he was rubbing Flubber on his head one will never know, but it became clear that there was a problem with the product. It seems that the hair follicles in a very small percentage of the human population could be irritated by the product.

What to do? What to do?

By May, over 1,600 complaints had been received (although some were for similar products made by other companies). They had no choice but to issue a recall. Thousands and thousands of pieces were returned to the company. Then comes the big question:

Just what do you do with huge mass of reject Flubber???

The obvious answer was to send it to the local dump to be incinerated. This sounded like a good idea until Hasbro President Merrill Hassenfeld received a call the very next day after they hauled it away. The call was from the mayor of Providence, Rhode Island claiming that there was a huge black cloud hovering over the dump. Apparently, the Flubber would not burn properly in the city's incinerator. The remaining material was returned to Hasbro.

Hassenfeld's next step was to call the Coast Guard to ask for permission to weigh down the Flubber and dump it out at sea. Permission was granted, but that dreaded phone call from the Coast Guard came the next day. Apparently, the Flubber was floating all around Narragansett Bay. Hasbro had to pay the Coast Guard and other fishermen to sweep the ocean. You can guess what happened next - the recovered material was returned to Hasbro.

Hassenfeld's next solution was to bury the stuff in his own backyard. Well, not really his backyard. It was more like Hasbro's backyard. He arranged to have several tons of the goop buried behind a new warehouse that the company was building at the time. They paved the whole thing over to make a parking lot.

One would guess that this was the end of the Flubber fiasco, but it was not.

Fast-forward thirty-five years or so to the present. Hasbro employees claim that on a hot summer day the Flubber actually oozes up through the cracks in the parking lot pavement.

Oct 3 @ 9:34AM  
Uhh no I don't miss it.. I have several cans in the living room

Oct 3 @ 11:40AM  
I will bring my coloring book's and crayon's

Um, you don't have to. I have my box of 96 Crayolas and a couple of brand new coloring books...Littlest Pet Shop and Hello Kitty.

I love new crayons. These are mine. No one gets to use them (but I'm sharing with Aly...if she promises not to break them!). But, only Crayola will do. My kids think I am nuts. Years ago, when Crayola discontinued some colors, they put out a tin with a box of the new 64 and it included the box of the 5 discontinued colors. My sister got it for my daughter for Christmas with explicit instructions that I was NOT to get those crayons. Mean, huh?

Oct 3 @ 5:02PM  
yes i do miss it!
i had a nasty habit for many church.....back of the car....
if i was there i was playin wiff the doh........
BTW....its very filling and goes down best with milk

Oct 4 @ 10:03AM  
You are so right L4E,
only Crayola will do
as the colors go on smooth without making a mess like all the other types out there. Yhere is nothing wrong with coloring - great way to soothe the nerves, and my girls like it that I still do.

I have both regular and home made play-doh - yeah, gets in the carpet sometimes, but feels good just rolling and squishing it in your fingers.

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Don't You Miss Play-Doh??