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What if....You've never had sex........???

posted 10/1/2008 9:55:57 AM |
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tagged: sex, serious, questions, sunshine

What if you are a grown man or woman and you've never had sex. Your still a virgin. Do you think you would crave sex?? If they are virgin's would they know what they were craving? Would they know what they were missing? Do you think they would want it?

Is someone who's never had sex before able to crave sexual feelings?

Your opinions?

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Oct 1 @ 10:05AM  
Hell I dunno!!! "Fantasy" is there somewhere I guess!?

Oct 1 @ 10:19AM  
Good question! Any virgins out there?

I bet a lot of virgins masturbate, so my guess would be they do crave it.

Oct 1 @ 10:26AM  
Who gave me a kudo....

Oct 1 @ 10:38AM  
I bet I know who gave ya a kudo lol

Oct 1 @ 10:43AM  
Well I know that before I had sex I craved the fuck out of it. Now that I've had sex I crave the fuck out of it. So I guess it hasn't changed anything for me

Oct 1 @ 10:47AM  
Yes I think they would. When they get turned on by someone and things get all hot in their pants....that would be the craving. I have it right now as a matter of fact.

Oct 1 @ 11:12AM  
I know the longer I go without the easier it is to do without. Guess my body has a fail-safe to forget what it's missing. Fortunately, it's been awhile since I have had to go without for very long.

I can't even imagine being a virgin again. It's getting close where I can actually say that I have not been a virgin 2Xs as long as I was one.

Oct 1 @ 1:19PM  
Virgin? What's that?


Oct 1 @ 3:54PM  
Do you think they would want it?

[QUOTE]Is someone who's never had sex before able to crave sexual feelings[QUOTE].

Yes they do, i met a male in his early twenties who swears I was his first & he never once masturbated. He was constantly horny & was always thinking about it.

Oct 1 @ 5:06PM  
As I understand it, when we are young most of are cravings are hormonal. Very natural, and happen regardless of our experience. Later they are more associated with our experiences and memories of what has excited us before. And when we're older, they're more a related to what we want; while some of our sexual cravings are really cravings for companionship and acceptance.

Or not...some of us are born horny and will die horny

Oct 1 @ 6:14PM  
Well......interesting pondering, my friend.

If you have never been there, I would think it is more of a curiosity backed with instinctive drive.

If you have been there, the curiosity is replaced with the craving.

This is what they are missing!


Oct 1 @ 6:42PM  
To be honest, I have no idea what it would have been like...

Oct 1 @ 6:45PM  
This is what they are missing!

Oh, no! Midget porn is back!

Oct 1 @ 7:40PM  
Before I lost my virginity (which wasn't until I was 18, btw), I most certainly craved it, even if I didn't know exactly what it would feel like. I was horny all the time.

These days, nearly 20 years after I joined the sexually active, I'm horny all the time.

The longer I go without it, the hornier I get.

The more I get it, the hornier I get.

My sex drive hasn't slowed down since I was 18.


Oct 1 @ 7:45PM  
I was 19 before I lost mine, and didn't crave it before then. I've had spells of at least 2 years a couple of times and after the initinal month or so it doesn't bother me. Right now it's been since i found out I was pregnant which was august last year, and i'ts not like i'm going to jump the bones of the first guy I see. Would I like to have sex, sure, can I live without it? sure.

Oct 1 @ 8:37PM  
Mixed bag;love it and hate it. Love it because its the most personal physical release you could have. Hate it sometimes because of the emotions,actions,emotions of people,and the emotional actions of people. Sex is more powerful than what people give it credit for,which makes me disgusted sometimes at how some take it for granted...

Short answer: Meh,I like it a lot,but I wish I had of waited a few more years for a guy I loved to take it from me...but I guess at 22,I wasn't gettin' any younger.

Oct 1 @ 8:58PM  
This question reminds me of another that has crossed my mind:

Is it possible to have cyber sex with a virgin? So much of it is reliving past sexual experiences..

I am only interested in R/T these days, but before I separated I got lured into cybersex without even knowing that such a thing existed. I have to admit, it was pretty hot, but mostly because I had memories and experiences to draw on.

I was in a chatroom with a guy who said he was 18, and I thought "OMG. What if he is a virgin?"

.. which made me wonder if a virgin can really have cybersex? Sure they might jerk off to some erotic words and suggestions, but is that really cybersex?

Oct 1 @ 9:02PM  
is this like the tree falling in the forrest and nobody there to hear it and asking was there noise...........

Oct 1 @ 10:07PM  
Yep, Virgins can have cybersex as long as you're a competent enough writer and there's been some physical exploration of themselves between the two. If you know what it feels like to be jerked off, have your nipples pleasured, et cetra, everything else is an extrapolation. Oral is obviously going to be hot and wet, same thing with intercourses. You can't exactly describe a sensory input, but you can get in the ballpark. After that it's imagination.

To answer the question, I think it's mostly men that wouldn't know what exactly they're craving. Then again, sex is percieved differently between men and women. The feeling of a vagina can never quite be accurately emulated, but except for minor nuances, the feeling of penetration is quite achievable. Since sex is percieved differently, you could probably sum it up for the cravings of a virgin like this: Sex for men is all about the pussy, Sex for women is all about the man.

Oct 1 @ 11:27PM  
I always had older friends showing me fuck books & talking about sex so as a virgin to fuck was an ultimate goal.....@ 8 I fondled a 15 yr old girls boobs...@ 9 1/2 I had my 1st experience of tasting down South.... @ 10 my first experience of a wet weenie from a 16 yr old babysitter & she got fired after somehow her parents found out & they told my mom.....

Oct 2 @ 3:25AM  
Well its been some time since i was a virgin..............but at my age if nothing else.........I would rather go without than just have sex for the sake of having sex..........if the person doesnt mean anything to me......the sex isnt going to be that good so why waste the time...............

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What if....You've never had sex........???