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A Fiction.

posted 9/30/2008 11:01:14 PM |
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tagged: fiction, sex, erotica, fantasy

I've looked at some of the fiction and things on this site, and I have to say most of it is pretty good, except there's a lot of "glory writing." Glory writing is adding un-needed details, like the size of one's cock, how big her tits are, how unimaginably wet her pussy is, et cetra. It's deadwood, and a sign of amatuer writing. The definition of the word "writing" in the context of story telling has always been: "To develop pictures in the reader's mind, by means of words."

Indulgences aside, here we go.


I never would of imagined you'd say yes, and how easy it was for you to say it. Things like you saying yes to this make me stop believing in chance, and more in fate. I'm not saying that our having sex was written in the stars, but sometimes, a guy just has to look up, mouth a quiet thank you to the powers that be, and just feel lucky.

It was a quick trip back to your place, and we couldn't keep our hands off eachother the whole way. You're trying to get the door open, which might work better if I didn't have my hands up your shirt, cupping your breasts, but I'm not letting go at this point. But, as the tumblers of the lock finally get into place, and the door swings open, you're lost to my hands for a moment as you walk in... damn it.

I'm not hesitent, not anymore. I'm behind you faster than you can blink, pinning you against the wall, hands at your hips, worshiping your neck and the back of your ears with kisses and licks. Yet, all the while in some distant corner of my mind, that inner voice is shouting 'Fuck yes! Get her man! Get! Her!' while another's roaring 'What the hell am I doing?' I really don't know what the hell I'm doing, having never had sex before, but your moans and playful laughter are affirmation that I'm doing well. I know you're not a virgin, we've talked about that, and I'm weary of my preformance. Yet, even with my fears, you're tormenting me again by slipping out of my hands. You taunt me with a coy grin and a beckoning finger, and that voice. Oh that voice, that sexy, playful voice husky with lust, that could send me over the edge and back again.

I'm over to you in a flash, and you're quicker to follow, ducking to the side as I walk in, yet instantly capturing me with your mouth, your hands roaming everwhere. Go on, I have no secrets right now. I feel your hand down my pants, gripping that ever-so-tender portion of my anatomy, and I can't help but moan as you do. You take advantage of breaking the kiss, immediately attacking my collarbone with hot kisses and long licks, heralded by more moaning on my part. I'm hitting at the brink, and you're about to push me off of it. I'm not going to let it happen, not this early. I grab you, pushing off the wall and in a deft spin, launching you onto the bed with all the force of a professional wrestler, and the ardour of a sixteen year old. What the fuck did I just do? You're staring at me, and then the momentary shock is immediately replaced by that coy look again. You know how bad I want it, and with that same long, beckoning finger, you're calling me to bed.

I get my shirt off, if there was a time for my general shyness about my body, it's long gone. I'm about to go for my pants before you shake your head with a simple "Nuh-uh." A simple sound that sells your intentions straight, you want that joy, and I'm more than willing to oblige. You sit up as I walk over, and no sooner than our lips meeting again are you back down, and I'm on you. Your hands are all over again, in stark contrast to mine wandering up your stomach with the intent of getting to your breasts. You trap them midway, pressing your chest into mine, and largely my fingers on your ribs. Fuck, now I'm really lost. A quick inventory of pleasure points redirects my hands to your back, and slowly down. Now would be a good time to redirect the kissing to, give it variety. I break the kiss, and start shifting down to your neck, you pinch my ass, hard, and then twist. I look up at you with an expression that says it all, what the hell was that?

"Calm down, you're doing fine, just let go and have some fun." you tell me, and I have to stare, if not for a second, in the shock. You said what I needed to hear, even if I didn't know I needed to hear them. Your words did nothing to calm me down, that's not an option with you. But they unlocked what could only be called a floodgate of lust within me. I can't move, it's simple, unequivocable shock. The faint snap of my pants becoming undone doesn't shake me, but the fact you've got me by the balls, literally, and a few moments later by the dick, is more than enough incentive to get the hell back in action. You're getting me hard, and I'm still looking like a deer in headlights.

Ah, fuck it, you said to let go. I'm on you again, trapping your mouth and your tongue with mine, my hands free-roaming now, except for one area. I'm still hesitent, reguardless of your words, but since you raised your hips to collide your crotch with mine, I appearantly don't have anything to lose. I slip my hands across your body, one up, one down, shifting off to the side. I slip one hand down your pants, an appriciable tremor of pleasure wracking my body as my fingers course through the soft down that constitutes your pubic hair. The other to your back, getting this damned bra off. Hell, while I'm at it, might as well get that shirt off to. I lift my arm, getting your shirt up past your breasts, and oh what a sight that is. Perfectly round and dotted by nipples the size of small berries. A quick lift and a pull, and now they're out for the world to behold.

It's time to stop being a sissy. I run a finger through the cleft of your vagina, getting the immediate result of your hips rising to meet it. I slip the finger in, slipping a second in after it, and start rubbing. Your moans are only going to make it worse, and I double my efforts in the fevor. You grab me by the hair, and press my face down onto your breasts. I think I get the message, and begin making my mouth busy on the left, my hand just as busy on the right. It doesn't last long, my fingers are drenched, but you're not ready with just that. You start pushing my head down your body, and I respond, dragging my tongue and kisses along with the flow. I make bare your lower body, and now your pussy's staring me right in the face, you're raising your hips as if to say 'dive in.'

Fuck, now I'm really lost. Alright, dive in, I take a quick lick, collecting the love that's gathered on the sides, oh, yum. Ok, that's all I needed, I think I get the idea now. This clit thing's supposed to be at the top, seems like a good place to start. Fingers too, don't forget fingers. A quick swat to the back of the head tells me you know I'm thinking too much, just before you take grip on my hair and smash my face inbetween your legs. Alright, I get it, I start at the top, sucking first. I think I hit the clit, because your hips just lifted up atlea

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Sep 30 @ 11:02PM  
atleast a foot. I have to wonder, are you playing me or am I doing that good?



Got it.

I start at the top, and your hips are up again, which gives me time to get my fingers in, and start thrusting. I start alternating sucking with licking up and down, covering everything. Your hips keep moving, and you keep pressing your crotch harder on my face, so I think I'm on the spot. Your pulling my hair, digging your nails into the back of my head, but you're moaning like this is God's gift to women. I curl my fingers up as I'm thrusting, finding a rough spot inside you. Hmm, that's interesting, I push it up on it with some force, and you just screamed, and kicked me in the back. I'm taking that as a good sign, so I push harder, using my middle finger to keep the thrusting up. I tentatively extend my pinky, angling my hand so it's just about to breech your asshole, and you push me down further. Ok, not going there, except now you've got a vice grip on my thighs, twisting, and now I'm on my back.

You take an immediate seat on my face, and start grinding like no tomorrow, using my nose like it's a small dick. Hey, whatever gets you off. I reach up, taking hold of your breasts in a way to make sure your nipples are trapped between my fingers. You immediately take hold of my hands and start using them to grabbing your breasts in the way you want. I'm more than happy to be your slave at this point, except breathing is a bit of a task. I start to scramble a bit, and you lift up and provide me a moment's reprive of a lungful of air, before you're back down on me. Your moaning louder, even though I can't hear with your thighs squeezing my head like a cantaloupe, I can hear that much. You stop for a moment, and everything seems to get tighter, your thighs, your grip on my hands, even your pussy on my nose. I hear you like a dull roar, and then you go slack. I keep groping and squeezing your breasts, even though your hands are at your sides. What in the world just happened? How the hell did that happen? What's going on here?

You start grinding me again, if only for a few seconds, and then lift up, sliding your sex down my chest, to the tip of my dick, you have that half lidded, half sleepy smile on your face that makes my dick twitch, and scares me to hell, you lean back, and I take a deep breath of anticipation as you let your hips fall. As soon as I enter that hot, wet paradise, I'm gripping the sheets and moaning. You start rocking on me slowly, not letting me out, but moving enough to start it all over again. I grab your hips, my fingers pressing into your flesh as you come down, and then, that coy look spreads across your face again.

"Mmm... tell me, have you ever gotten a blow job before?" I can't do much but shake my head, I'm scared shitless at this point.
"Oh, we'll have to fix that..." she says in that same husky, sexy voice. Dear Lord, I'm a believer. She rises up, and I pull back down. I've just found that pleasure paradise, and the hell if I'm losing it. You start grinding me again, but pull my hands from your hips to your mouth, biting one of my fingers. "Mmmn, don't worry, we'll get back to that later." she picks herself up, and I scoot up to the headboard, giving her room. She grabs me by the base, using the wetness left from her pussy as lubricant, and I can't help but moan.

"You think that's good..." she takes me down to her hand, running her tongue up against the bottom of my dick, and then starts sucking, jerking, and licking. I can't stand this for long. I grab her hair, try to resist pushing her down even further, and then I feel the build up, not yet, oh no, that's not getting stopped. "Oh God, I'm about to cum... oh..." I get out in hurried words, but she's made no move to avoid, and I can't hold it back any more, leashing my load into her mouth. Now I'm really scared shitless, even I know finishing in a girl's mouth is-- Holy hell what is she doing? She keeps sucking, and jerking me, and I can tell from how she's sucking, she's swallowing my load.

If I died right here, I'd die a happy man.

She keeps going, sucking more feverantly, trying to get every last drop. This is actually starting to hurt. Ok, scratch hurting, this is painful. Scratch painful, holy hell this sucks. I'm trying to keep my cool, keep my legs from twitching, keep from trying to drive her off my dick. She just swallowed me, she can do whatev-- Oh please get off my dick. I'm scrambling now, and she looks up at me, the pained expression on my face, and sucks one last time before releasing me from her mouth, with, much to my limited amusement right now, sounds with an audiable pop. "Was that starting to hurt?" she asks, concerned, I merely nod, my brain still rattled from recieving the the ultimate pleasure, and then mind-destroying pain. She slides back up my body, that smooth skin hairless skin like silk in contrast to the scarred, hairy chest of my own. Her nipples just barely trailing up as she reaffirms her position on top of me, her lips and eyes millimeters from my own.

"How was that, lover?" I don't waste time with words, but kisses, wasting no time occupying her mouth with my tongue. She hesitates, but doesn't fail to return. Yet, instead of reveling in the kiss, I mearly think 'Holy fuck I shocked her! Score one for me!' and I can't resist a slight fist-pump, before returning my hands to her ass, squeezing and pulling ever so slightly. She moans and presses into the kiss deeper, and I come to a strange realization. I can taste my cum in her mouth, which isn't entirely unappealing, just... strange. It's no disservice, in fact it's getting me hotter, until I realize a problem, I'm not getting hard anymore.


I start playing with her more, running my hands along her body, pulling and squeezing her ass every time I come down, trying to get things back into order. Now I'm panicing, and I squeeze too hard, and she winces. Oh now I've gone and done it, fuck, game over man.

"What's your fucking problem?" she asks in an insulted tone, and I'm just staring at my dick, trying to things back up. She follows my glance, noting my member's now flaccid state, and it clicks. "Oh," she reaches down, stroking me lightly, but it's the greatest sensation in the world. "Guys are slow on the pick up." she says, matter-of-factly, and that, for me, constituted a mind-fuck. I look at her, my head tilted, the scientist in me is coming to the surface, and she ju

Sep 30 @ 11:03PM  
scientist in me is coming to the surface, and she just laughs, and begins stroking me harder.
"You know, sometimes it's hard to believe this is your first time..." she grins, and starts stroking harder, kissing me again. Things start feeling normal again, I never thought having someone jack me would feel so great, but this is definately near the top of the list. A few minutes of fooling around, and stroking or none, my dick has reasserted itself from flaccid to full-metal.

Alls right with the world now, and you lean back, rubbing my dick with your pussy. I groan a bit. You raise up now, taking hold and guiding me in, and then pressing down, causing a moan from the both of us. You start grinding, another grin creeping across your face in the midst of your pleasure. It's your tell, even in my sex-addled state, I can tell that much. "Mmm... great fit in there..." and I'm speechless, because last I checked, moaning and saying 'Oh god' over and over again didn't constitute speech. No wonder most cultures regarded sex as sacred, I haven't said anything but.

You sit straight up, and start bobbing. I try to lean up, but you push me back down, I try to reach up and grab your breasts, but you push them down to your hips, using me to add motion. Ok, good enough for me. I start timing, pulling you down and raising my hips when you come down, and lifting you up on the rebound, and soon I'm lost in euphoria. That hot, wet, tight pocket completely encompassing my cock. The resistance every time you come down, like your trying to push me out, but tugging every time you come up, not wanting to let me go. Time becomes an illusion, hours become hours, and before long I feel that familliar building up at the base of my balls. Not yet, this can't end yet. I bear down, moans now coming from gritted teeth and clenched jaws. I'm screaming in my mind 'Fight it! Fight it!' but it's not working, I grip the sheets, balling my hands into tight fists, my face contorting into any number of looks, You're locked in pleasure, and thankfully spared from the sight. I'm glad there are no small children, because they'd be running for their lives if they saw my face. You change position, and I immediately turn my face stotic, which isn't helping. Your riding me faster, pressing your crotch into mine, and every iota of my mind is thinking the same thing. Not yet, can't cum, not yet.

That lasts for about thirty seconds, and then my mind unlocks, my hands find their way to your hips, pressing you down. Thank God for the Pill, or otherwise we'd be having an immediate pregnancy scare. I fire my hot, sticky load into you as deep as I can, and my body takes on a mind of its own. I look more akin to someone having a seizure than someone in absolute rapture. I'm going crazy, and yet somewhere I manage to pull you down close to me, and start thrusting like a madman. Passion, lust, that's been gone with about twelve shots of cum, now I'm simply insane with preserving the feeling, I completely forget about you for the moment, I'm just trying to fuck my way to the next load. It doesn't work, of course, men are slow on the pick-up. Yet, in my efforts, something good stemmed forth from it. I feel your pussy tighten up, your grip on my chest hair has gone to full-blown pulling, and you're moaning louder than before. You go limp again, falling off of me to the side. I'm at a lack for words, but you pull my arm around your shoulders, and lay your head on my chest, looking up with that same, sultry grin.

"So, how's that for your first time?" you ask between pants, and I can't come up with anything, until words I didn't think escape my lips.

"Oh man... am I dead?"


If you've gotten to this point, then you have my sincere gratitude. I know it's long, but as you may have guessed, this is fantasy transcended into narration. I understand much of it may be cliche'd, but I believe that there is no such thing as original work, just different ways of writing the same thing. I guess a little background information is in order. I fantasized about my first being a girl that's very close to me, someone that knows me better than I know myself. I've known her for many years, and I can say with no hesitation that I love her, truely.

Now that I'm a man, I'm forever plagued with thoughts of what could of been, the risk I didn't take, and the stupid reasons I didn't take it. As a teenager, in our search for an identity, we begin to assume roles. The flirt, the jock, the silent guy. As a product of my lonely upbringing, my mother never home(I could never blame her. She kept a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food in my stomach), I decided that I would remain outside of it all, and lend my hand when I could do good. She had helped me forge myself, my true self. She went so far as to call me an Earthbound Angel, HER Earthbound Angel. Even now, as I think of her so fondly, my heart is torn apart. One day, if our paths cross and we're both single, I'm going for it. That day is long off, if it exists, but I await it if it does.

If you're still reading, take these words to heart. Ask them, take that risk, because getting burned is worse than never knowing at all. Never knowing will haunt you, as it does me, six years later. I have no tears left to shed, but if I did, they would be streaming down my face.

To generations yet to be forged, take these words, in hopes you will understand mine.
Better free an outcast, than an accepted slave.
Ad Astra per Aspera, to the Stars through Conflict.

Sep 30 @ 11:04PM  
Edit: I know it's broken up, but bear with me and the blog lengths on this site.

Oct 1 @ 6:59AM  
You write exceptionally well!!

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