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WTF??? Who the fuck are you to say.......

posted 9/24/2008 9:43:41 PM |
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tagged: messages, sunshine, serious

So, Someone dediced to exchange messages with me and is upset at the pictures that I have up. Apparently, I portray one thing and say another. He said he didn't like the fact what my essay says, yet I show pix of my toys. That if I didn't want unwanted messages asking me for more pix, then I shouldn't have them posted. Here is the conversation.

1st: email

Him: Hey Sexy....How are You? Love the pics......

2nd email:

Him: No are you having any luck on here??
Me: Been on here 8 years babe....Yes, I've had luck.
Better luck on your local Craigslist and on www. adultmyspace .com

3rd email:

Him: ohh really? damnn..8 years. Do you have yahoo messenger? Would love to chat...
Me: Yeah, I'm not a chatter....I don't even use messenger

4th email:

Him: Well actually it is a great place to share you have anymore?
Me: LOL....You should read me essay. It's in my profile.

5th email:

Him: I read it......doesnt mean we cant chat! silly girl.....
Me: Nah...I meant about the pictures.....

This might help! (This was a link to my 600th blog about people asking for pix)

But, I don't mind talking thru here....

6th email:

Him: Alright let me just say something...........You dont want men asking you for "private" pics at all and how its annoying and you're NOT HERE for that......................but then i go into your profile and look at your "appropriate" pics and I see a pic of a "toy collection"......If you dont want men asking you for more....then why would you encourage them by posting a pic of a bunch of dildos? If I were you...i would take that pic off and try obtaining the good girl attitude and you may find that a lot less men will ask. Let me know how that works...ok babycakes. Have a nice day.

Me: Yeah, it's not coming down anytime soon. I don't have to explain myself to anyone about why I'm here. I will choose when and if I want to send people pix. I just choose not to. I don't care if you ask, ask all you want. I've been here a very long time and I'm not going anyhwhere. There is a very large community of people here and I'm one of them. Part of the roots of this Deal with it.

7th email:

Him: Thats erelevant to what i was saying to u. People are always going to want those kinds of pics from u as long as you have the dildos posted. Period. Do u understand that? So dont complain that people are always buggin u for those pics.. You're basically asking them to bug u for those pics......but u would never admit that....


Me....I haven't responded yet. What an ass....Whatever...take it how you want it, but I'm not changing shit for no one!!


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Sep 24 @ 9:47PM  
And when a woman wearing a mini skirt gets raped.. that's on her too? Evolve butthole.

Sep 24 @ 9:49PM  
Sunshine, don't waste your time. Guys like that aren't worth the effort. you are who you are. Good enough for me.

Sep 24 @ 9:49PM  
Wow...threw a hissy,pissy fit cause you wouldn't send him pics?

Sounds like someone needs to grow up some.

And damned straight! You don't need to change anything.....unless it's YOU who wants to change it. It's your profile to do what you want. Ignore the fool...don't let him get to you.

Sep 24 @ 9:51PM  
what she said

please forward this comment to the appropriate pinhead
give ya a greenie if ya do

Sep 24 @ 10:07PM  

Good responce, crying shame he's to numb to understand it.

Sep 24 @ 10:27PM  
the dude is a total asshole ,I would tell him to fuck off too

Sep 24 @ 10:34PM  
I thought the pic of the dildos meant...I have all I want or will ever need so take your own cock for a walk...I ain't here to help! HA! So...if you wear a lo cut top it means you can grab my breasts cause I am asking for it?! DER>>>>>>>>>>>no!

Sep 24 @ 10:40PM  

Sep 24 @ 10:44PM  
What a dildo (no offence to your toy collection). Why can't people understand that we as women don't have an obligation to men to show them what they want.

Your responses to his drivel were right on. You go girl!

Sep 24 @ 11:44PM  
Thats erelevant

His spelling offends me.

Anyway,I don't understand this convoluted logic that if women are on here,we "owe" men something...someone done told this assmonkey wrong.

Sep 24 @ 11:52PM  
Givem hell lady!!!

Sep 25 @ 1:14AM  
You said ALL the right things to that guy, young lady. You have every right to show or not show what you want to and people like that guy should learn how to show respect to others here. Kind words cost nothing, but they are priceless. Good luck to you!

Sep 25 @ 1:41AM  
Me....I haven't responded yet. What an ass....Whatever...take it how you want it, but I'm not changing shit for no one!!


or you could say......

'' well thats funny .....before my gender reassignment surgery nobody wanted my pics nor cared bout my pix of dilldo's n now that i've got my tits assholes like you ask all the time...why is that ??"

Sep 25 @ 6:57AM  
Just tell him that your sexual sponsor asked that you post those photos. So that he might have a resource to tap into during extended stays abroad, to jerk off with.

Because, only jerk offs need photos.

Sep 25 @ 7:05AM  
Fuck 'em and feed 'em beans ---- how rude! Can anyone say "CONTROL FREAK" Shit, just think if you were dating this guy all ready - what's next? He decides what you wear, what you eat, whether or not you can use the "can" or not? Dickhead.....

Talk about someone pretending to be what you're not - Dude if you are so Dom - act it and stop trying to come off as Mr Nice Guy!

[His spelling offends me] Yup Luna, I would have to agree with that statement for sure... dude needs a "dick-shon-ary" to look up the propper spellllin of that big ol' word their... (how'd I do??)

Jus keep smiling Sunshine... it ain't but a thing!

Oh, and BTW dude, don't fuck with Sunshine or Ye shall feel the wrath....

Sep 25 @ 8:42AM  
What a jerk. Ignore him. How many pics of you does he want anyways? I think you have plenty posted. I love how everyone on here likes to dictate what you should and shouldn't do.

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WTF??? Who the fuck are you to say.......