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If you had to choose between talking or walking, which would you pick?

posted 9/24/2008 12:28:22 AM |
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This one is really hard for me to pick. Honestly, I'm not sure I could. I'm leaning toward wanting to talk more than walking. What about any of you?

I came up with this question between walking and talking because my great aunt (Geneva....but I called her Gen) ended up with a trach and had a hard time breathing back in 1988 before she passed away later that year on Oct. 3. She was pretty much confined to the bed and wheel chair after all this and wasn't able to catch her breath enough to walk, along with not having walked for a period of time. It would have been great and easy on all of us that was taking care of her to work with her on her walking, but she was more interested in wanting to talk more than walking. She was unable to do both of those. She used to talk up a storm on the phone all the time with her friends and family. After some health problem came to a head where she ended up getting a trach and being confined to a bed for a couple of months in and out of the hospital to where she no longer had the strength in her legs and lungs like she had before. After all that you could tell that her spirit wasn't there like it was before. It amazed me that she cared more about talking than walking at the time. Today, I understand a little more where she was coming from with wanting to talk more than walking. She was like a second mom to me, and I very much miss her today.

*NOTE* I did a blog late last year asking if they had to choose between talking and vision which would it be, and I told this same story in it. So this blog is a little reposting as well as a new question with it.

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Sep 24 @ 12:40AM  
I was a little confused when I read the title to this blog. My first thought was, i can walk and talk at the same time LOL.

Although I wouldn't want to lose either, i guess i would rather be able to talk. I would still be able to get around in a wheel-chair if I couldn't walk.

Now what about sensation? Would I still be able to feel my legs, and better yet would I still be able to have sex and feel it??? That's a little important don't you think??

Sep 24 @ 12:45AM  
Would I still be able to feel my legs, and better yet would I still be able to have sex and feel it??? That's a little important don't you think??

Now Belle, you're putting a whole new twist on the question.

Sep 24 @ 12:56AM  
Well..............those are the kinds of things I thought of when I read your blog.

Hmmmm maybe that should be the subject of your next blog

Sep 24 @ 1:29AM  
I'll let the stroke decide for me.

Sep 24 @ 1:36AM  
I'll let the stroke decide for me

OMG i must be more tired than i thought, i had to read that about 5 times before i got it!

Sep 24 @ 5:55AM  
Well to me that would be a no-brainer.......I would rather not be able to talk. You can always learn sign language and be perfectly fine. Now not being able to walk is a whole new ball game, just going to the bathroom would be a struggle. Not to mention dealing with a wheelchair when you had go out to the store or wherever.

Sep 24 @ 6:12AM  
for me? i can make a living TALKING .........NOT also for me brainer

Sep 24 @ 7:28AM  
Got to be able to talk. I would go bonkers if i couldn't talk. They have prosthetics now for your legs. Kudo for this one.

Sep 24 @ 7:52AM  
Yesterday my Mom and I were sitting in the garage and I was sitting in my brother-in-laws wheelchair. The cement driveway slopes down to the gravel drive and I let the wheelchair roll down to the drive....getting back to where I started from presented more of a challenge than I expected.

I've ridden around in his electric wheelchair some too and it was fun but I'm betting that's only because I knew I could get up and walk away. I'm betting my brother-in-law would choose walking over talking anyday so he could still climb on his tractor and farm instead of having to sit on the sidelines and watch.

I too would choose walking. I can go days without talking to anyone and it doesn't bother me. Probably because as long as I can see and type I can still get my thoughts expressed. As long as I can walk I'm totally independent without all the hassle of trying to get things out of reach, transferring in and out of that chair, manipulating hard to get to places and so forth. I need my legs...I don't need my voice.

I suspect anyone confined to a wheelchair would give up their voice anyday to get their legs back.


Sep 24 @ 8:34AM  
I would go for givin up the legs...I can still laugh at everything in my head ...without a voice to tell you why...keeps me out of trouble!

Sep 24 @ 8:44AM  
I know a Lady who had cancer in her voice box.... The docs removed the Cancer and Voice box...! She cant talk but she is Very happy to be alive!!!
She uses Sign and a Small chalk board.To communicate with, She lives a Normal life for the most part!
So in her behalf... I'll choose Walking!!!
If, I was guifted the choice!

Sep 24 @ 10:37AM  
I'd rather talk than walk.. there are some amazing new chairs and other mobility devices out there..

Sep 24 @ 12:44PM  
I had to think this one over for a few minutes. (thanks alot..NOT!!!!! ) I think I gave myself a headache.

I couldn't handle it not being able to, I would chose to keep walking. I like my independence. As long as I can write or type, I can get my point across.

besides..if I did lose my dogs would love it! I wouldn't be able to holler at them anymore.

Sep 24 @ 11:58PM  
Walking. I can't sit still.

I'll damn sure get my point across. I do very well with my mouth and lips!

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If you had to choose between talking or walking, which would you pick?