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posted 9/21/2008 7:48:28 PM |
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I don't think I will ever understand men, or people in general for that matter. There is a man that i've been talking to on yahoo messenger, who for some reason decided today that he's pissed off at me because I haven't been able to get to the post office to see how much it will cost to send back a suit he left at my house quite a while ago. Granted when he left it here we were in a serious relationship and thought we would be spending the rest of our lives together. I can even understand him being upset, since he's asked me several times to find out what postatage is. My problem which i have explained to him, is that i don't have any money, and no gas in my car because of lack of said money. I don't go anywhere, and don't have much of a social life because of this. Maybe i'm wrong, but in my opinion he should at least have the courtisty to wait til i can get packaging together and am able to get to the post office to send it back. All I got today was a "what do you want' and "i'm sick of peoples bullshit, including yours". I'm not perfect and have never claimed to be, but i'm not sure what to think at this point. As far as I know he's blocked me from messenger. Any suggestions on how to deal with this???? All comments will be posted, even if i don't like what you have to say.

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Sep 21 @ 8:00PM  
If he is that worried about the suit and needs it now, I think he could take the initiative knowing your circumstances. How about he go to his postoffice and have another suit weighed so that he can send you the money or money order made out to the post office so you can send it on your way to the store or other errand you find necessary since it is your time your money and your gas. The same could be done with Fed ex. They can COD a package and he can ask them to bring the right container to your house to have it packed in. Then you have nothing out of pocket. He left the suit, it isn't your responsibility.

Sep 21 @ 8:19PM  
How about he go to his postoffice and have another suit weighed so that he can send you the money or money order made out to the post office so you can send it on your way to the store or other errand you find necessary since it is your time your money and your gas.

Exactly how i would have said it. Kudo for you.

Sep 21 @ 8:20PM  
Anyone who will fly off the handle like this is not very stable is he? Send him an email saying that you will send it general delivery to his city as soon as you can afford it.. or.. you know.. there is always that dumpster option..

Sep 21 @ 8:30PM  
The dumpster option is good too! I do like skwirl's way of thinking!!

I'd tell him to bite me about that suit... he should have been more careful with HIS belongings and not expect someone to watch after him..... he is an adult isn't he??

Don't sweat it belle!!!

Sep 21 @ 8:31PM  
As far as I know he's blocked me from messenger. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

umm sounds like problem SOLVED blocked equals suit in da' trash

Sep 21 @ 8:39PM  
He's blocked you? Then he really doesn't care about his suit.

If and when he unblocks you, tell him to send you a money order for 30 bucks. Estimated weight 10 lbs. UPS Ground 13.37 (plug in your actual zip codes). 6.63 for packaging materials, 10.00 bucks for gas (though you can probably use UPS pickup).

If he balks, his only other option is to pick it up himself before you donate it to Goodwill.


Sep 21 @ 8:40PM  
Head is bowed in a moment of gender embarrassment.

Sep 21 @ 8:43PM  
Got a Fire Pit? Trash Barrel?....Burn it..and send him some ashes ...just a tablespoon.. in a envolope!! With a Note....Here is Your Suit !!!
My 2 cents

Sep 21 @ 8:47PM  
toss it in a bag
have him send a call tag
ups - fedex - dls
whatever he chooses
you can always fill the pockets with the shit he's been dishin'
before you toss it in the bag

Sep 21 @ 9:24PM  
what size is it??? i need a new suit

Sep 21 @ 9:37PM  
Tell him to have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.

Seriously, if the suit is that important to him he'd make arrangements to get it himself. He sounds like a really unstable person.

Sep 21 @ 9:53PM  
Way I see it...if he wants it so bad....let him come and get it himself, or, send you the money so you can ship it to him.

Sep 21 @ 10:06PM  
Ok I'm feeling rather nasty tonite, towards men (the incompetent dryer guy that made my dryer sicker this weekend is male) I vote that you fill the pockets of the suit with something HEAVER than the shit he's been feeding you and mailing it C.O.D. back to him.

Sep 22 @ 6:57AM  
I always thought he was an asshole. Apparently he hasn't done anything to warrant me changing my opinion of him.

Sep 22 @ 9:32AM  
If he wants his suit that bad, he should send you money. It's his problem...not yours. I say screw him!

Sep 22 @ 9:37AM  
Next time you see your mail delivery person....ask them for a COD form. You might also be able to down load one online. Pack it up and then give it to your mail person.
If he asks about his suit can tell him he'll find out how much it cost when he picks it up at the post office.

Sep 22 @ 10:02AM  
People don't take sides in an arguement you've only herd one side of.

We have no idea why he blocked her ass on messenger, or why he needs that suit so fucking badly.

Isn't there a way to have him pay the shipping upon delivery...some pod or cod or something? That would appear to be the way to handle this.

Make him pay shipping and all is square right? That is unless your keeping his clothes as a leave behind or something...

People are strange

Sep 22 @ 10:27AM  
Some of us, Beefy, have had dealings with this person before and know what a pinhead he is. Belle isn't withholding anything for spite or to try and keep him. Take your own advice.

Sep 22 @ 12:53PM  
I made zero assumptions. I simply added that at the end as a joke...she doesn't seem to be all that amused with him (probably doesn't want he comming around).

On another note, even if you know both people, you shouldn't take sides without hearing from both. Staying neutral is usualy the best policy in relation to dating advice anyway, as you never know who's going to hook back up later (some of the most angry spiteful couples, they go back for seconds).

Besides seeking advice on the internet isn't all that wise

Sep 22 @ 5:38PM  
If he's so damn adamant about getting this damn suit HE left behind, then he shouldn't have a problem sending you a check to your your time, effort and gas!

Sep 22 @ 8:53PM  
Like I told you in response to your first comment Beefy, you're right in the aspect that when you only hear one side of a story you can't automatically agree with it. And that there are 3 sides to every story, his, mine, and somewhere in the middle is the truth.

I didn't expect to be defended when I posted this, I just wanted some advice on what to do with the suit hanging in my closet. I looked on the net and found an address, but i'm not sure if it's the correct one. I was trying to get that information when I was told I would be blocked.

I know I should have sent his suit back to him long before now, however I told him NOT to leave it here and he insisted. I don't want it, don't need it, and would love to be rid of it. Unfortuatly i'm not the kind of person that will give it away, or donate it, or burn it (although right now that idea sounds better and better). My biggest mistake was letting him leave it here, if he had just taken the damn thing home with him, this wouldn't even be an issue.

On another note, thank all of you for your advice. I'll be looking into several of those options first thing tomorrow morning.

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