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#600 Blog---A Re-post Must!!

posted 9/21/2008 10:08:05 AM |
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tagged: rant, vent, sunshine

OMG, I have to rant again. I am SOO tired of this...and it seems it's happened more in this past week. Get a clue.... Read this and fuck off, would ya?

Ok....8 years and 600 blogs later.....I have to rant. I'm so tired of getting messages from guys, especially ones with NO pictures and they have the audacity to ask me to send them pictures they can't see to their personal email.
I was nice a few times and sent some out. Never to get anything in return. Frankly, I give up. I'm not sending ANY pictures out to ANYone, ANYmore.

If you can't see them, not my problem. I don't care. There are plenty of porn sites
you can go to and oogle at the myriads of nekkid women. But, I'm taking a stand. I'm not gonna be one of them. So, tough to you. No, I won't feel sorry, no I won't care and no I won't back down. I never ask people for pix. I can see everyones nekkid pix even though I'm not a gold member. Yes, I was granfathered in.

No, I don't want to trade pix, I don't want to see your cock. After awhile they all start looking the same. And while I'm on this rant, I have to add....and I know this isn't going to change, but I wanna bitch about it....I'm tired of people not reading profiles. It clearly states I'm not here to cam, trade pix or chat. So, go take a fuckin' hike!!! that I got that off my chest. I feel better.

I do want to say, thank you all here on AMD for being my friend. For reading my blogs and for the special people who...well are just extra special. You know who you are.

Cheers to you all and may the party never end!!!

So, just to clear up any of this in case you didn't understand......NO, YOU CAN"T SEE MORE!! Got it?

****And off topic, I heard I am now top blogger here....I got more blogs than Shawn (aka Straddle) I bet once he finds out, I'll be right under him again. (Hey, I like the position!)

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#600 Blog---A Re-post Must!!
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Sep 21 @ 10:17AM  
I'll be right under him again. (Hey, I live the position!)

wow! i'm a fuck up too!! i love when shes on top

Sep 21 @ 10:21AM  
Oh, just in case someone is really thick headed.....

'm not sending ANY pictures out to ANYone, ANYmore.

............ .............. .............. ................ ..........

Sep 21 @ 10:33AM  
I have come to learn, as we all have, that the people that need to read a blog like this are not the ones who are going to read it.

Sep 21 @ 10:49AM  
I have come to learn, as we all have, that the people that need to read a blog like this are not the ones who are going to read it.

I have come to learn it too, but I felt the need to vent!!

Sep 21 @ 11:04AM  
I totally am on your side.You go girl!!!

Sep 21 @ 11:08AM  
Queen Blogger.....................Congrats.........

Sep 21 @ 11:10AM  
can I repost a pic request on a repost of a no more pic request blog?
no more pics - really?
ok then - wanna cam ? ? ?

Sep 21 @ 11:23AM  
Givem hell Lady!!!!
You can see everyones Pics? Hmmm I'm getting cheated then!! But this is free.. !! Damn, I cant complain to anyone!!
Oh...By the way.... um.. can I see your Pics? or ya wanna... Cam? Just asking!!!!
Ok ....ok about ...ummmm Ya ... Wanna Fuck?
Congrats on the 600th blog you have been a busy girl!!

Sep 21 @ 12:00PM  
This is an unfortunate negative of public forums. If only one would give the individual the courtesy of reading the person's essay all or most of this could be avoided. I hope this will not continue for the blogger and ruin her enjoyment of the site. As another poster mentioned, the people that need to read this bog will not do so.

Sep 21 @ 12:40PM  
Right on!

Great blog girl!!! Kudo for you!!

Sep 21 @ 1:30PM  
see if i send u a pic of my................dork

Sep 21 @ 1:34PM  
Yes it's too funny when someone writes and asks for more pics.....and they don't even have one up of themselves!!

Sep 21 @ 5:31PM  
So, just to make sure I have this straight...I can't see more?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Sep 21 @ 5:38PM  
I have pictures to send in return...realy I do.

I won't hesitate to take my pants off for a camera, realy and truly.


Sep 21 @ 9:58PM  
I remember that blog.

Oh yeah...Congrats on being top blogger!

Sep 22 @ 4:20AM  
Congrats on the 600th blog and being top blogger, Sunshine!!
There are a lot of laughs in thsoe blogs......Thank you!!

Sep 22 @ 2:41PM  
Congrats on number 600. Now send me some naked pictures to celebrate LOL.

Sep 22 @ 2:52PM  
So, are you our official Blog Whore? And, to think, you were on my friends list even before you became famous!

Sep 24 @ 6:30AM  
Sunshine, you took the words right out of my mouth! I had the same problem when I had a great profile posted and now that I'm seeing someone from this site (who shall remain nameless), I changed my profile to say that I'm seeing someone and I'm not there to cam, trade pics or chat PLUS I won't be responding to their emails. The ones that kill me are the ones who write that they loved my profile and would like to get to know me better. They want me to send them more pics and they have no pics posted on their profile. Others will give me their phone numbers and email addresses in the very first message - if those are their REAL phone numbers and email addresses. WTF??? I'm sure that most of these are from scammers anyway - bad grammar, spelling, conjugation, syntax, etc... I got to the point to where I just read the messages and totally ignore them. Me and my boyfriend get a good laugh reading them.

Oh, congrats on being the Blog Queen!

Sep 24 @ 7:32AM  
I figure the neanderthals need a bit of help, so I sometimes quote my essays in a very brief reply.

What do others do that irritate you?
It irritates me when I take the time to describe myself, my thoughts, my values, and I get messages from ppl who tell me nothing about themselves in the message or on the profile.

And I took down my interesting pics a long time ago. All it did was attract the cammers and knuckle-draggers,

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#600 Blog---A Re-post Must!!