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Reality vs Fairy Tales

posted 9/19/2008 3:26:01 AM |
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In a lot of the old fairy tales they all seem to end with 'And they all lived happily ever after'. Then everyone in the audience, or at the end of the book, claps and just knows that they went on to be happy together until the day they die,,,,,The End

That's great for fairy tales...I mean it's not like they can say, he became addicted to ganbling and drugs and in 3 years they lost all the money and the castle...or she had an affair with a neighbor and 2 of his brothers and they had to go on Springer to see who was really the babys father....

But in this everyday life we call reality, How many really believe that happily ever after does or can exist?

I don't mean that you get to ride off on a white horse together or that everyday of your life is picture perfect with no problems, no arguements,or you never need to worry about paying the bills, etc. I just mean being happily in love and wanting to share the rest of your life with this one person, and making it happen.

Is there such a thing as happily ever after? Do you believe it can happen?
In todays throw away society where if we don't like something we just throw it away, including relationships....and get a new one, how many people actually still believe in the real version of fairy tale endings?

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Sep 19 @ 3:33AM  
I still do but it's takes a long hard slog to keep it together and make it work.

Sep 19 @ 3:37AM  
If I adopt or have little girls,they will not be raised on fairy tales. It gives women a complex about "being rescued" and "playing the victim". Most of those old ones were written in the 18th,17th centuries when females were mostly subjugated by men.

Growing up on Disney cartoons like that gave me a false impression of how things really were;it isn't like my mother took me aside and said that guys aren't really like that,I learned on my about your cognitive dissonance.

Sep 19 @ 3:51AM  
I don't believe in being 'rescued' (nor do I think I need to be) but I do believe in love, happily ever after. I know it's not going to be easy to find and I know it's not going to be easy to keep. But I know it's going to be worth all the dragons we have to slay together.

Sep 19 @ 4:01AM  
,they will not be raised on fairy tales
Luna, I didn't say living in those fairy tales, or being disillusioned by them...I said in reality and happily in adults.
I can kind of see your point, but from another angle today many little girls grow up believing that there is no such thing as lasting love, or someone you can depend on. And that has nothing to do with being rescued or playing the victim.

said that guys aren't really like that,I learned on my own...
Most of us have learned that on our own. Hell I probably wouldn't have listened to anything my mother told me. But I've also learned from experience that some guys really are like that.

Sep 19 @ 4:05AM  
What I dislike about those fairy tales is they brainwash us into thinking that "happily ever after" implies being married. Ugh!

Sep 19 @ 5:04AM  
I do believe in happily ever after ..... well, sort of . I mean is not going to be easy ...nothing in life is . You are going to have to work .....and in the end if your partner works as hard also live a wonderful life together .

I know this couple .....and when i read your blog they came to mind . I`ve known them my whole life . They raised three children and a big farm ....well, more than one farm . You could tell they loved each other ....She was the Grandma type . He was the strict Father ...... well, he acted like it . I think deep down he was a softy . So, it is out there ..........

Sep 19 @ 5:49AM  
Yes it CAN happen, it occassionally DOES happen, it MIGHT even hapen to you or me. It even happens to AMD couples when all the stars are in alignment. But as everyone says, it takes time, work and commitment. How hard would YOU work for it? Mst people won't, so even if the perfect match comes along, they won't work hard enough for it.

Sep 19 @ 6:14AM  
Yes I think it can happen for some people. Maybe a better question would be do you think it could happen for you? If that had been the question my answer would of been I seriously doubt it, but it could happen for someone else in all honesty.

Sep 19 @ 8:05AM  
Good Blog!!
'And they all lived happily ever after'
Its no fairy can and does happen!
We all Speak of Relationships..being Hard work.... to those of us that know...what that means...its really not that hard!!!
Give and Take..and devotion is what its all about!! and the Willingness to do where the work comes along!
To truely Love someone with all of your heart, and they Love you with all of Gods greatest guift to us Humans! So it see it!
Love is real...and we all can have it!
We make Love out to be a Bad thing, in our crazy world today. We make Love out to be something hard to find...and even Difficult to Keep, but its real and Ever Lasting! We just have to find that Special heart willing to recieve ours/and ours theirs, and to be Devoted to each other!
When we do.. we can Rest our hearts in each others....Breathe....Exhale, just being content,Knowing that this heart will still be there for you tomorrow, if tomorrow comes!
I'm not speaking of Lust..cause that comes and goes, Love Last forever!
Sure we ppl fuck up and Cave in and toss the Love of our Hearts away....!!!
Thats when you get a big stick and beat the Hell out of them!!!
Just joking!!!!
Thats were the devotion comes along.. we have to make sure we dont put ourselves in that situation!
My 2 cents!!!


Sep 19 @ 10:21AM  
I really want to believe, but currently I do not believe it will happen for me.

Sep 19 @ 10:42AM're THE MAN!!!

Sep 19 @ 10:55AM're THE MAN!!!

lol ....thx Lady... just being honest!!!

Sep 19 @ 11:22AM  
How many really believe that happily ever after does or can exist?
Well all i can say is as long as I believe it will, life is worth living....................

Sep 19 @ 11:29AM  
I don't necessarily believe in 'happily ever after' but I do believe in reasonably content ever after. Why? cuz I'm living it.

Sep 19 @ 1:39PM  
Luna, I didn't say living in those fairy tales, or being disillusioned by them...I said in reality and happily in adults.

It wasn't a swipe at your blog,I was just relating some anecdotal evidence. I personally don't believe in the term 'happily ever after'. I do however like how Skwirl/Sam put it. Sorry,kinda of pessimistic on those things,lol

Sep 20 @ 7:53AM  
I'm still looking for it...........

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Reality vs Fairy Tales