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Dear Mr. Right

posted 9/18/2008 4:55:59 PM |
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Opinions and assholes, everyone has one. Yours happens to be that no one who is not just looking for a quick and cheap tumble belongs on AMD. What makes you so sure that your opinion is the correct one?

If all the women who were not looking for JUST a quick tumble suddenly left this site and went over to regular matchdoctor, you guys would be left wanking for each other. Pretty much the only women left here at all would be scammers and cam girls.

Also, just because we are ultimately looking for something more, doesn't mean we would be totally adverse to a quick tumble with the right man... however, your attitude makes certain that it won't be you. Congratulations for showing us your ass. Be well aware that we WILL take notice.

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Sep 18 @ 5:00PM  
Another case of self inflicted suicide noted on AMD..........poor bastard..........his mouth over runneth his brain.............cut down in the prime of his life...........Oh well...............NEXT!!!!

I just sent him a url to Sugarnspices last blog on the subject...............

Sep 18 @ 5:08PM  
cam girls.......WHERE

Sep 18 @ 5:09PM  
cam girls.......WHERE
right next to the sheep

Sep 18 @ 5:10PM  
wooo hoooo...................sheepys on cam

Sep 18 @ 5:11PM  
right next to the sheep
Hey Now..............I dont cam with anyone.....................anymore.

Sep 18 @ 5:18PM  
Dear Mr. Right
Psssssssst.............his first name isn't any chance?


Sep 18 @ 5:20PM  
Yup I'm guessing that's prolly his first name..

Sep 18 @ 5:22PM  
jus so ya know....its mrknowuwell...........not mrknowitall.......

Sep 18 @ 5:45PM  
Yeah!! What the Skwirl said!!!

Good job Skwirl...couldn't have said it better myself!

Sep 18 @ 6:00PM  
Out of curiousity where did the suicidal mr.right post his note? I for one already figured out he was not right somehow, but now i want the proof. Oh and good blog too, greenie for ya.

Sep 18 @ 6:01PM  
The sad thing is you will keep right on getting the same cheap pick up lines everytime from these kinds of guys. They don't take the time to get to know a person they just jump right in. Good blog skwirl.

Sep 18 @ 6:02PM  
Chances are..the dummy who SHOULD read this isn't going to, but, I'm going to put on here anyway.

AdultMatchdoctor's mission is to provide an interactive place where people can meet, communicate their desires, get laid and maybe even fall in love, for free. All basics on AdultMatchdoctor - mail, profiles, searching, blogs, forums, etc., will always remain totally free to our members. We do offer an optional gold membership to help support our cause, which can enhance your online experience. This upgrade costs significantly less than most adult sites charge for one month of access. The members that do upgrade are usually thrilled with their choice, blogging about it and telling other members that being able to post pictures in comments, having a private photo gallery and using the other benefits is definitely worth the few dollars a month.

We will always listen to all the feedback and constructive criticism we receive in order to provide you with the changes you wish to see. We promise to continue to be a safe haven where members can communicate and express themselves while in turn meeting all sorts of interesting and unique people from different walks of life. We hope you enjoy the site as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. We look forward to the future, and thank you for your support.

Now please...where does it say this site is EXCLUSIVELY, as in, YOU MUST BE WANTING TO FUCK, site to place an ad?

Sep 18 @ 6:10PM  
Well,if their junk didn't rule the extent of their common sense most men would know that places like AFF and here are dating sites as well as hook-up sites as for the fact that they include other things as: "long-term relationship" option...

I may "kindly" direct these people to meat markets like for example,they have likeminded folks there.

Sep 18 @ 6:15PM  

Sep 18 @ 6:19PM  
I guess there's always gonna be those one here who see only what they want to see. Oh well...their loss if they don't want to take the time to get to know others here. Losing out on the chance to make great friends. I know I've made some great friends here.

Sep 18 @ 6:32PM  
Do you think he will figure out it is him you are writing about ???

Sep 18 @ 6:54PM  
Next blog down Zara...

Sep 18 @ 7:01PM  
ya just can't fix STUPID

Sep 18 @ 7:29PM  
dya think mr buddydumbfuck will approve our comments?
I don't think mr buddydumbfuck is ready for the onslaughty of shit that's headed his way
I'm thinkin'
he shoulda kept his head up his ass til he was well passed here
but nooooooooooo
mr buddydumbfuck hadda come up for air here
I doubt mr buddydumbfuck will be here long
let's have fun with him whilest we can
everybody spam him
ok - on the count of three
a one
a two
a . . . . . . . .

Sep 18 @ 7:55PM  
On this site "ADULT" does mean over 18. No confussion there...

100% Free Adult Dating & Sex Personals
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I missed the part where it said I can only be here if I want to only have sex.....
If this site were ONLY for sex it wouldn't include the options to be LTR or just friends......

Sep 18 @ 8:19PM  
LOL T talking about letting your mouth overload your he gets lots of "buddies"

Sep 18 @ 8:19PM  
Well said my furry friend. It's unfortunate that the person/persons this blog is directed to probably won't take the time to read it. He's prolly waiting for someone to respond with "YES, jump me now, don't wait, don't get to know me, just fuck me then jump off a bridge" yanno?

Sep 18 @ 8:25PM  
so... do you really think that if I fucked him he'd jump? It might be worth it..

Sep 18 @ 8:37PM  
I would..jump that is (for joy) . I dunno, i think these losers that think we are only a set of tits and a vagina need to get a clue, I think maybe you can buy one on one of the infomercials on t.v. late at night (gonna have to check that out)


Sep 18 @ 9:37PM  
You Go Girl ----- errrr,,, Skwirl I meant!

That's da way to school 'em !! You, sir, have been skooled by a skwirl


Sep 18 @ 11:07PM  
Yanno, the problem with some men is they equate adult with only physical doesn't seem to cross their minds that adult includes jokes, language, erotica which can't squeeze through the censors in MD. Many of us are here because we like the words we use and want to use them freely. It has nothing whatsoever to do with fuckin'.... there's that word again....

He needs to raise his scope of mentality to above his beltline...yes?

Good job skwirl.....

Sep 19 @ 1:34AM  
Why am I hearing strains of Another One Bites The Dust?

Sep 19 @ 1:38AM  
Congratulations for showing us your ass. Be well aware that we WILL take notice.
So..all this means I AINT Getting Nun....huh? lol Damnit!!!! (...thinking back to Dayna's "Photo" games last year..!! Hell I showed everything but ole Leroy!)

Sep 19 @ 1:45AM  
Hell I showed everything but ole Leroy!)



Sep 19 @ 4:29PM  
I wouldn't be so sure that the real girls are looking for commitment... If I've learned anything from this site its that most are just looking for attention. Some are looking for cheap thrills, and a few are looking for long term relationships. The ones who say they are...well they are usualy not. The ones who say they arn't and usualy are. It's confusing and rather annoying.

Personaly I have givin up on the illusion that this place works (as far as meeting people...well 99 percent of the time). Your odds may be better if your a women looking to meet men... but then if you had taste in men you wouldn't be looking online.


Sep 19 @ 8:45PM  
but then if you had taste in men you wouldn't be looking online.

Well,thats just like your opinion,man...

If that's the case,why are you here?

Sep 19 @ 11:24PM  
One day there was this drunk man sitting at a bus stop surrounded by people. He had been sitting there all day and just watched everyone. Then he saw a man walk up to a woman and whisper, "Tickle your ass with a feather?" To which the woman quickly spun around and said, "WHAT?!" The man simply replied, "I said, isn't this peculiar weather?" The woman relaxed a bit and said, "Oh yeah, I guess" and quickly walked away. Then the man went up to another woman and said the same thing. "Tickle your ass with a feather?" "What did you say!?" the woman replied. And again the man said, "Isn't this peculiar weather?" The woman agreed and walked away. The man moved on to a third woman and whispered, "Tickle your ass with a feather?" The woman replied, "Okay." and the two walked away. After seeing this the drunk thought, hey 1 outta 3, that ain't bad, I could do that. So he got up and stumbled over to woman. After nearly falling on her he said in a loud voice, "Stick a feather up your ass?" She jumped back and shouted, "WHAT!?!" The drunk simply answered, "It's mighty fuckin' cold."

Sep 23 @ 11:32AM  
I wrote a blog about this about a year and a half ago...and got pretty much the same response.
Unfortunately skwirly-girly...some things never change.

But you still RAWK!!

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