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How long does it take you??

posted 9/18/2008 8:43:05 AM |
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tagged: blowjob, cum

This is a question for the men (and women too!!).

When you are getting a blow job, how long does it take you to cum? I know everyone is different. Does it depend on who is doing it? Have you had different results with different partners? I know some people have said that they can't cum from getting a blow job. Does that happen to alot of guys? I am very interested to see what everyone has to say!

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Sep 18 @ 8:48AM  
I happen to love giving head. My time limit (yes, I'm in the guinness book of world records) is 3 minutes or less and they cum. However I have run into only 2 men that enjoy oral, but cannot get off unless they have sex.

Sep 18 @ 9:13AM  
I'm a pleaser... and I can take or Leave a B J...but I have learned that Most women enjoy doing that, very much!! So ..hey I'm a Pleaser!
If a Woman.. starts with that... I could cum in a hurry..esp times like right now...(when its been a long time since sex! ) and if I can stay in contact with Her body as she does it, then even sooner!!
But if she waits till round 2, 3 or 4...well its gonna be a while!! She will prolly give up!
My 2 cents!

Sep 18 @ 9:20AM  
That depends on the partner. I have blow my man snot in under 10mins. But there have been time when she made it last hours.

OMG, I miss her.....

btw, welcome back Tits

Sep 18 @ 9:21AM  
I shoot my wad pretty quick if the chic is good at it and not all chics are.Takes a little longer if she is giving me head while i'm driving cause i'm trying not to run off the road.multi-tasking i call it. Sunshine Call me!!

Sep 18 @ 9:34AM  
It takes a little while, sometimes more than 10 minutes, for me to cum via blow job. And it's never been under 5 minutes.

Sep 18 @ 10:00AM  
depends on my mood. sometimes i want him and i to enjoy it and sometimes i want to have a quickie. and sometimes i like to tease him untill he begs.

and if he or she is doing me i want it to lassssst

Sep 18 @ 10:10AM  
only takes me.............2 or 3.......decades

Sep 18 @ 10:34AM  
There are few variables involved. Body parts have memories, so if the previous round was great, the load is bigger and quicker. Talent is a big factor also. If the woman wants you to cum in her mouth (yes, we can tell), that adds to it. Ditto for foreplay. I am very visual and looks are a major consideration. For me, all of these factors combine almost as a formula to determine the result.

Sep 18 @ 11:12AM  
3 or 4 minutes if she knows whats she's doing..
5 or 6 minutes if she doesn't know whats she doing..
30 seconds if she uses a finger to massage the prostate!!!

Sep 18 @ 11:31AM  
she said dont cumm in my pussy .she said you cummed in my pussy didnt you?
I said Opps i sliped

Sep 18 @ 12:05PM  
Not sure....want to experiment?


Sep 18 @ 12:36PM  
ive only had 2 or 3 girls make me cum from just head. my ex was by far the best and could get me off in 20 -30 mins.

Sep 18 @ 1:04PM  
You old softy....

Sep 18 @ 3:02PM  
It takes a very long time for me via oral sex as well. Of course, since my partner is indifferent to doing it that may be the reason. Still, finishing inside your lady is the greatest feeling in the world.

Sep 18 @ 3:17PM  
I've gotten complaints and made some dudes jaws sore because I tend to hold out deliberately. I mean,pardon me if I like to savor the feeling and give a big finish..but on avg,15-20 minutes.

Giving to a guy,he would pop in 10 or less. This is no bragging,some guys I've been with lately were "early",if you know what I mean.

Sep 18 @ 4:38PM  
I have yet to cum while being given a blowjob. Kim was close a few times, and I know she did get some precum from me. Would that count?

Sep 18 @ 6:53PM  
my ex was by far the best and could get me off in 20 -30 mins.

20-30 minutes? damn i wish i could get a guy to last that long with me! anytime i've given a blowjob the guy has always cum pretty quick (under 10 min). i've always wanted to find a guy that can last longer because i love to suck cock

Sep 18 @ 9:03PM  
I'm about 20-30 mins usually, have been as quick as 5, or as long as an hour. Depends on when I last got off, and the style of blowjob.

NOTE: How fast a guy cums is NOT a good way to judge the quality of the head. Some of the best blowjobs I've ever had were the ones where the girl took her time.

Sep 21 @ 8:05PM  
Well Fukky i always last at least 25 to 30 mins. :-P

Oct 22 @ 12:11AM  
20-30 minutes? damn i wish i could get a guy to last that long with me! anytime i've given a blowjob the guy has always cum pretty quick (under 10 min). i've always wanted to find a guy that can last longer because i love to suck cock

Damn I really need to meet you

Nov 5 @ 8:06PM  
When you are getting a blow job, how long does it take you to cum?
Until she wants me too

Does it depend on who is doing it?
No - but ow long before I can't wait to please her does vary

Have you had different results with different partners?

I know some people have said that they can't cum from getting a blow job. Does that happen to alot of guys?
I would think as long they know to focus on the head, you can cum

Nov 17 @ 5:23AM  
It depends on who's giving it.. if they're good, not very long, if they aren't, then it's an offort to make them feel like they did a good job..

Nov 29 @ 9:15PM  
My boyfriend had never been able to cum from a BJ before I met him. He thought, in his poor little mind, that cumming was impossible without sex or jerking off himself. Then I met him and now I can get him off in under 10 minutes.

Unless he is drunk... lol

Dec 2 @ 11:08AM  
I've never had any problem with blow jobs, cumming every time. The first time that I actually make love to someone though is another situation. I have trouble cumming.

Dec 2 @ 4:02PM  
is when i'm ready an OK answer

Dec 2 @ 9:28PM  
My last partner for two years got me off in 20-30 minutes regularly. Some have made it last longer. After cumming once in regular sex, my last partner would blow me and it could take an hour or more to cum again.

Her BJs was the best sex ever, even better than straight sex. Damn, I miss her.

Dec 9 @ 2:09AM  
Once I get the feel for the woman, I adjust and my longest is 1 1'2 hours and she had an oral fetish. I miss her.

Jan 15 @ 2:19AM  
Haven't met a gal that can get me off with her mouth. Using the hand too, maybe. But just by sucking? No way. I've had a girl try for 45mins and could not do it. I just told her that I had been under stress from work (which I was) and that was the reason why I couldn't "get there." I just could not kill the poor girls spirit and determination! Even a bad blowjob is great to me. Some girls just need more practice which I'm sure guys would line up to be the practice "partner." I love girls who love to give head. I always return the favor and actually like it as much as recieving!

Mar 9 @ 11:25PM  
It depends. I've ownly gotten a blowjob from two different women. The first was really good and she could make me cum in 10 minutes or so. The second, not so good. Come to think of it i don't think I ever came when she was giving me head. She just wasn't as good I guess.

Mar 10 @ 12:29AM  
i've never gotten off from a blow job

Mar 11 @ 1:26AM  
I think there are allot of variables that can effect how long. Of coarse the girl giving makes a big difference. If she likes doing it it is going to be better and most likely quicker. Every girl has been different. Oddly enough the one who did it the best only got me off once doing it. (could be I didn't want it to end ).

Apr 20 @ 1:14PM  
i love bj's, only had one girl that liked doin it. i can deff cum from one, and it took about a half hour, maybe a little longer. it does depend though on who, cuz my buddy had a girl that sucked at it lol, but his new girl gets him off in like 10 minutes

Apr 20 @ 2:01PM  
Well, It takes me all night if she is slow sucking me...that's the way i like it. sound effects and she really has to be into it. As long as she gives the head a break every now and then, i can last FOREVER!

Apr 29 @ 2:32PM  
it definitely depends on who is doing it, i've had people that put a lot of effort into it, but just sucked at it, no pun intended, but if someone knows what they are doing, and knows what buttons i like pushed, i can definitely get off. Most of the time though, they get tired before i do lol

May 6 @ 4:26AM  
I last as long as I can, but honestly a lot of it has to do with the girl and how good she is.

May 12 @ 3:19AM  
It really depends because I can control when I do cum pretty good and I can keep my big cock hard for about 8 hours before I reallycum a lot

Jun 17 @ 6:07PM  
It really depends on the female giving it. I've had ladies that know how to get a guy off in under 5 minutes and have also had ladies that have taken 20 minutes. It also is all about how much alcohol is involved. The more the alcohol, the longer it's gonna take. What's your take???

Jun 17 @ 6:17PM  
Does it depend on who is doing it?

Very much so. As a guy, dicks have memories, and if it was great before that is momentum moving forward with somebody you have been with. Otherwise, all things being equal, the better looking the woman, the better the squirt.

Jul 25 @ 10:12AM  
I think I need a few more good ones. Volunteers?

It generally takes me a long time except for times with certain partners. Often I've received them from partners that approached it as something obligatory rather than as something they really got into doing for themselves. There is definitely a difference in my response.

Sep 18 @ 6:32PM  
head is amazing, and in my experience, it does matter on who does it... maybe how hard up for action a guy has been.ive lasted as long as 45 minutes with a girl who isgood, i just enjoyed it and tried to last, and also got some the day before. other times, about 10 15 minutes and i was apintin walls lol. it depends on both, tongue play is the best, do that trust me . everyone says "do deepthroat", to me its eh ok but the tongue and regular way with less suction is where its at. thats thwe other thing... if you are vaccuuming to much the blood is left in ther the whole time and the sensations are like gone. when its too full of blood from the suction we cant really feel it

Oct 1 @ 12:41AM  
if she is doing a deep hard sucking it takes me about 20 minutes. if its slow and playful and strokes me as she is sucking about 45 minutes to a hour but man do i blow a load

Oct 29 @ 4:59AM  
It does depend on who is doing it. Also how. I have lasted well over 20 minutes because she wanted me to. Then there are those who are just so intense it takes a few minutes. One gir would keep pushing down on my balls and that made me last a long time. When she felt them rising she wold slow down and push down a bit.

Oct 29 @ 5:01AM  
Last thing, Yes if it is after sex it does take longer and if the girl sucks at it then it takes longer too its the good ones that can make me last

Nov 4 @ 2:17AM  
I've had some women finish me off in about 5-10 minutes, but most have given up: I think it's more of technique than anything else.

Nov 4 @ 7:17AM  
It all depends on how good she is. After all if she doesn't make me cum real good, I'll shoot her in the fucken skull with my nine. So she better be a pro.

Jan 12 @ 12:47AM  
A LONG time. In fact it usually takes sex for me to cum.

May 8 @ 1:09PM  
I never finish til sex. Im looking for someone who thinks they can finish me tho, hit me up

Feb 9 @ 5:58PM  
It takes me an hour to cum when getting a blow job.

Apr 25 @ 4:12PM  
Oh it varies alot. But I have been working on breathing techniques and other ways of control. So if the girl works with me and knows me well. And slows some when I'm about to cum. In that scenario I can go for hours. But If I lose focus and don't do my techniques to last longer right. Then maybe 15 minutes if that.

I Really love playing the game where I see how long I last while she sees how fast she can make me cum. That varies alot too though. Sometimes again when losing focus she can make me cum in a few minutes. Other times even if she is trying as hard as she can to make me cum. If I focus. Breath right. And trust me every guy out there knows this. It is about the hardest thing for us to focus when getting a blow job. But if I do I can go maybe close to an hour. Now before anyone comment back with no way. I'm talking best case fully focused rare scenario.

Sep 13 @ 9:46PM  
I have gotten some phenomenal blowjobs, but never gotten off from one. I also rarely get off with the woman on top.

Sep 14 @ 11:26AM  
if im licking her c lit at the same time I could go gor about 45 min to 1 hr. swoope69

Sep 20 @ 9:38AM  
I usually cum in huge loads,i cum first in about 15 minutes,then have a short break of 10 mins,then I cum in a massive load,the session normally lasts about an hour,ut I have a longer break after that of thirty minutes to replenish my load

Oct 5 @ 7:07PM  
He'll last as long as I want want him to. sometimes when I know he's going to cum I start stop then start again other times I get him off in less than 5 minutes

May 10 @ 9:05PM  
It depends on who is doing it. Some women are more talented then others and they are all different. With me usually if she is good at it. It will take about 20 minutes from limp to huge load of cum. If she is not as talented she can suck for over and hour and still no orgasum.

May 26 @ 9:08AM  
love getting blowjobs, though they feel amazing they do not make me cum, have had an hour long blowjob i love eating pussy so much that i often do for at least 45 minutes. licking a womans g spot is fun. i would love to be quicker though. my quickies take an hour. jerking off sometimes takes longer.

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How long does it take you??