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Do you own an I-pod?

posted 9/17/2008 3:32:13 PM |
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tagged: straddle, fun, music, songs

Geez, with all the technology out there these days it gets a bit annoying to some of us. Like most everyone these days, I have a cell phone. I'm okay with others having them until I see abuse with them such as driving and talking on them, loud conversations, and the lack of respect out in public. I-pods are getting a little annoying as well. I know the younger generations are more likely to have I-pods than people over 40. Just for the record, I don't have one, but seeing them in stores I will have to admit those are cute little things. lol How many of you have an I-pod? What color is it and how many songs do you have stored on it?

Okay Bruce and Luna, you can't say that you have seen a blog asking this one (I think) with my input as well.

Okay, I'm a little bored right now and thought that I would do a blog, even though it's pretty lame.

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Sep 17 @ 3:48PM  
Is it just me or have you also noticed that people can't seem to live or part with their little gadgets while always out in public? Damn, I miss the times where people would communicate with one another face to face out in public instead of operating cell phones and I-pods while ignoring everyone around them.

Sep 17 @ 4:15PM  
I don't have an I-pod. I think they are annoying and should be banned from the workplace and in cars. I see so many people...if their cell phone isn't glued to their head, it's an I-pod. We have forklift operators at work that wear them. I think this is totally unsafe. I yell at them and they can't hear me WTF???

Annoying little

Sep 17 @ 4:19PM  
I don't have an I-pod either and don't intend to get one.

Sep 17 @ 4:39PM  
Don't have one, don't want one and had to have my arm twisted to get a cellphone!!

Sep 17 @ 4:49PM  
My daughter has one and it drives me nuts!

Sep 17 @ 4:57PM  
*checks blog over* Nope,no repeats job here is done.

I don't like iPods not because they're an annoyance and are a distraction to productivity but because I read that Apple Corp. is the devil with alleged slave labor...and iPods are pretty shitty for being so expensive. There are much better mp3 players outhere...I want a Sony so bad,I can taste it.

Also,you could be distracted with a walkman or discman on,imo...but who uses them anymore?

Sep 17 @ 5:32PM  
Nope, don't have one. Don't plan on getting one either.

I've got close to 1,000 albums, about 78 cassettes, and 107 cd's that I don't listen to much. I don't need a little Ipod sitting around collecting dust too.

Sep 17 @ 5:38PM  
I don't have one either, and if i did I would only use it to drown out the annoying people who think i'm friendly in the morning on the bus. I don't have a cell phone either, or rather one with minutes and have no plans on buying any at anytime soon.

Sep 17 @ 5:54PM  
I have an mp3 player yeah.. but not an I-pod... apple pisses me off.. and no I don't wear it when I'm around people.

Sep 17 @ 6:17PM  
I have an I-pod, but I didn't buy it. It came free with my Macbook Pro that I got for college last year. I pretty much only use the thing to pass the time on long car trips or something like that (not when I'm driving, but when somebody else is. I can't drive anyway.). I'm not one of those people who has their I-pod with them all the time.

As for song content, I maybe have a few albums worth of songs on the thing and that's it. Since you wanted to know.

Sep 17 @ 7:36PM  
dont have, and dont want
Prefer car, or home stereo

Sep 17 @ 7:48PM  
I refuse to own an iPod and I'm a computer geek. I'm sorry, but just because a gadget comes out doesn't mean I need to get one.

Besides, until they can make one that will hold the 22,000 or so songs I have backed up on my computer, I don't see the point.

Sep 17 @ 8:28PM  
I have an i-Pod and I like it. It was a gift so I didn't purchase it and thought I never really needed one and would have never purchased it for myself.

As of right now I have 1294 songs on it and it's still not full. I was also given the Logitech portable speaker system so now instead of loading my cd player here at home I play the i-Pod. It's easy to create playlists to suit your various moods from the songs loaded.

Most hotels now have their radios in the room with the i-Pod hook up so it travels with me as well when I am out of town.

What I don't do is walk around with it listening to music. I have never liked music directly into my ear so I won't wear a headset of any kind.

I don't see how they can be construed as a nuisance to other people if the user is listening quietly to the music with an ear piece.

For those of you old enough to remember, the Transistor Radio was an annoying little device yet every teenager had one stuck to his/her ear.

Sep 17 @ 9:54PM  
For those of you old enough to remember, the Transistor Radio was an annoying little device yet every teenager had one stuck to his/her ear.
Kind of hate to admit to it..but yes I remember those well..... and when we all carried them around for everyone to hear..

I don't have an i-pod but I have an mp3 player. No I don't use it while driving. I use it to be considerate when I have the doors and windows open but a neighbor is still sleeping and I feel like listening to my music a little loud.

Sep 17 @ 10:20PM  
Don't have one, don't want one, and BTW, I still have a few 8-tracks.

Sep 17 @ 11:21PM  
They are soooo annoying. I was at the hardware store this afternoon and this kid had it so loud I could hear it from 5 ft away. I bet this kid is going to be deaf in a year or so.

I don't own one nor do I want one but I am taking advantage of the trend by making custom embroidered Ipod cases with al kinds of trendy designs for the xmas shows this year.

Sep 17 @ 11:49PM  
I have and MP3 Player..and LOVE IT!!!! I use it while I am cleaning and working around the house, and while mowing the Lawn..and when I go in the woods to take wildlife photos.. , when I go for a walks, Hell Im fixing to go get it now while I'm online!!!!
But I dont take it in Public..!
Mine is suppose to hold 750 songs... and its full! But I dont think its that many ,

Sep 18 @ 12:00AM  
even though it's pretty lame.
Hey, its getting comments! But who am I to argue with an honest man?

No I don't have an iPod. Haven't considered getting one. No need to.

the Transistor Radio was an annoying little device
I recall a kid bringing one to elementary school and we all listened to the world series on it at lunch (the games used to be during the day). He got busted for it and was the first kid I recall ever getting suspended from school.

For whatever I don't have on CD, I have on YouTube playlists.

Sep 18 @ 1:14AM  
My cell phone is also a MP-3 player and I don't use it. Why would I get a player? Okay, when I buy a car that is MP-3 compatible, then, yeah, I will break down and buy one. So much easier than having a bunch of CDs in the car (and, I imagine, safer). And, as for the cell phone, I use a bluetooth when I talk on the phone in the car. Frickin' love my bluetooth headset!

Sep 18 @ 8:03AM  
Well, as far as technology goes I don't own a cell, ipod or any other gadget's that are new. I recently heard about a woman who was on her cell phone constantly & it caused her to have brain cancer. She had the thing that attached to your ear, it caused her death her husband was trying to make public awareness about it on tv. I am not sure what program it was on so please don't ask.

Sep 18 @ 8:28AM  
I don't own a Ipod...Don't want one.
My daughter has a MP3 player. She can listen to her crappy music so I don't have to hear it.

I love my cell phone..Now I am getting good at text messaging..Never thought I would...

Sep 18 @ 8:56PM  
Yep- and it's an incredible machine. It consists of:

2 Gemini turntables
a mixing console
an EQ
2 vintage solid state amps
2 pairs of 12'' 3-way high output vintage speakers.
A spare bedroom half-full of shelves and crates of vinyl records.

It's got great sound quality, can be louder than my apartment's windows could probably take, and it holds tens of thousands of hours of music. Only problem is, it's not too portable.

Sep 18 @ 11:11PM  
Nope don't have one.......although i do want one, just haven't had the money to get one yet.

Sep 19 @ 12:06AM  
an I who??

Sep 23 @ 11:39PM  
an ipod shuffle, nanno, video ipod except the touch pod, psp, x box . . . this is for making up from my deprived childhood, they always thought women are suppose to play with dolls, learn to cook, clean , go to school, dress up and do laundry. I did all those but wanted my water gun, toy guns, wooden guns and guitar, they never buy me those...they thought those are just for boys.

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Do you own an I-pod?