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Ever been cheated on? Ever cheat on someone?

posted 9/17/2008 2:05:52 AM |
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tagged: love, couples, relationships, straddle, anger

Have any of you ever been cheated on? Have you ever cheated on someone else? If you caught your lover in bed with someone else as you walked in, how would you handle it? What would you do? Would you turn violent on both of their asses? I'm very thankful that I have never been cheated on, nor have I ever cheated on anyone that I have been involved with. If a day came to where I walked in on my lover and the other person, I think I can pretty much handle it. I would probably go get some acid and throw it on both of them. No no, I'm just kidding. I actually can't see myself being violent at all. Sure, I would feel very betrayed and my heart broken somewhat, but I would also know that I'm strong enough to move on and try to heal. I may be a little less trusting when I first meet someone new, but that wouldn't last forever.

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Sep 17 @ 2:17AM  
I've never cheated on anyone

I had someone who was very special to me ... after we broke up and got back together .. tell me that he wasn't seeing anyone.

he told me the truth later ... when I told him that I would never have sex with him again .. it was lies .... what I though was reconcillation ... was him cheating on two women at the same time.

He doesn't remember the cheating because he was drunk ... so he doesn't remember that night ... December 24th...

Merry Fucking Christmas..

we are still friends...he is my best friend .... but he destroyed what faith I had in trusting people ... worst part was that he could have compromised my health because we had been exclusive ... or so I had thought and had been told

I was so naivee ....


Sep 17 @ 2:25AM  
What I did, would depend on the situation. I can't imagine that I would be a very nice person about it.. But the relationship would definitely be over.

Sep 17 @ 3:01AM  
Uh..wasn't something like this asked by you already? Sorry to be a "Bruce" about it.

Sep 17 @ 3:15AM  
all 39 of my x wives were porn stars. and i'm supposed to get violent
or angry at them for cheating on me? get real.

Sep 17 @ 4:53AM  
Uh..wasn't something like this asked by you already?

Ummm...I don't think so. I don't believe I have ever done a blog like this. Someone else may have some time ago, but not me. And if someone has it's not the same because I put my own thoughts and this.

Sep 17 @ 5:34AM  
Catching them in the act would be great makes everything cut and dry. As for my reaction well he'd be dead meat. Would depend on if I caught him with a friend of mine or someone I didn't know. If it were friend you can bet your lunch, that she,or he for that matter, would understand the term, I'd be on you like white on rice. But a stranger I don't have a bond or committment with they'd be fine as long as they stayed out of my way.
I have never cheated but have been cheated on, and would never inflict that pain on someone else. It's not so much the act itself but the selfishness of it. When confronting my ex I said he wasn't thinking of what we had and didn't think about how it would make me feel when doing what he did. His hurt response was, But I did think about it, and I knew it would hurt you but I thought I could keep it from you. Omg how selfish is that.

Sep 17 @ 5:45AM  
Ever been cheated on? Ever cheat on someone?

for ME all this ^^^ represents is a lack of character........jmho

and i'd not be a plesant man to be around if i caught my woman with someone .........nor would i do it to her....... unplesant is a real understatment

Sep 17 @ 7:50AM  
Yes i have been cheated on. You feel like your heart is being ripped out of your chest & you want to tear them limb from limb.

Sep 17 @ 8:24AM  
Yep it's happened to me twice. That's why I noiw have 2 exes. First one was really bad. Well the second wasn't much better actually. The first one was with my first wife. I was working a graveyard shift job and came home early sick one night. I thought I would be nice and not wake my wife up so I just got undressed quietly and got in bed but when I laid down there was someone else already there. I jumped up turned on the light and it was my brother. End of marriage number one. The second one had to do with a guy my second wife worked with. Him and his wife had split up and he seemed to be so heart broken. I tried to be his friend and even offered to let him stay at our house until he found him a place. The only problem was I didn't know he was fucking my wife at the time. End of marriage number 2. So yes I find it very hard to trust anyone.

Sep 17 @ 9:31AM  
Sorry to be a "Bruce" about it.

Gee, thanks. There are worse things to be called. But then again, I was thinking the same thing. A lot of reruns today.

But to address the issue presented, please see my comment on the previous blog on this subject.

Sep 17 @ 9:42AM  
I looked at the listing of the last two months of your posts and I couldn't find one that you did on this subject. But I am certain that one on this subject was done within the last two weeks. The other was almost identical plus there are so many posts related to it.

I am thinking about assembling a FAQ sheet for commentary. Same question, same answer via copy/paste.

Sep 17 @ 9:48AM  
A joke from Larry the Cable Guy. Yeah, it's a rerun but what isn't today.

Two buddies were hunting in the woods near one of the guy's home. One of them says, "Look in the window, your old lady is doing another guy. If I were you, I'd blow her head off and his dick off!" The other guy raises his rifle and replies, "That's what I'm going to do, and I can do it with one shot."

Sep 17 @ 2:59PM  
Gee, thanks. There are worse things to be called. But then again, I was thinking the same thing. A lot of reruns today.

You know I lubs ya Bruce,right? I had to find a way for it to be into the AMD lexicon somehow. I know you weren't the only one who spoke up about rerun blogs,but it sounded kind of catchy...I guess.

I figure if anyone wants to attach my name to something,that's fine.

To pull a "Luna": Self-loathing rant with colorful language. There you go.

Sep 17 @ 3:10PM  
Oh good lord, people. How many rerun blogs have I done that someone else has done recently? True, I do repost some of my older blogs from time to time on here, but not having been on here all that much in the past two weeks it would have been an innocent mistake on my part that someone else has done a blog somewhat like this.

Sep 17 @ 4:03PM  
I plead the 5th against all questions!

Sep 18 @ 2:25PM  
i caught my ex in my bed with a girl! i got off work and came home to find her purse on my table, went to my room to see them sleeping, i turned around and left and never looked back! now its so hard for me to trust any man! but ill get over it!

Sep 18 @ 2:38PM  
What I really want to know is...who has the fucking balls to sleep in someonelses bed after they get thru fuckin...I mean to take another to your house is one thing, but to be relaxed enough to take a nap afterwards?!!!!!!! Takes alot of balls...or it is just plain fucking stupid!

Sep 18 @ 4:07PM  
Heyyy...why did Bunny leave?

Anyway,never been in a relationship to have been cheated on,but if I were in such a circumstance...actually,I don't know.

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Ever been cheated on? Ever cheat on someone?