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September 11, 2001 Where Were You?

posted 9/11/2008 7:26:03 AM |
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I know that there are already a couple of blogs out there about today being 9/11, but last night as I couldn't sleep, this blog just kept going through my mind, so I must post it whether it "steps on" other blogs or not.....

I had been in and out of doctor offices for two months, on the morning of 9/11 my mother and I were headed to yet another doctor office to get a third opinion on what was wrong with me.... that dr. is in Albany, NY, which is about100 miles north of New York City....

As we listened to the horror on the radio, my mother began trying to write down directions in her head using back roads, that she thought that we could get back home on, because she just knew in her heart, that they would be closing down the major traveling roads etc....

I remember being early for my dr. appointment, so the two of us sat in the car, and suddenly a low flying airplane came flying over the car.....we grabbed each other, and said "I love you"....

My appointment went fine, I liked my new doctor.... but what really touched my heart was when we came out of the doctors office, and the next building over is a Red Cross building, and there was a line of people that wrapped all the way around the building waiting to give blood.... now damn....that did the heart good! And on the way home, people let you cut in front of them without them blowing the horn, people waved, and were all so kind........

My mother and I got home safely that day, but many people did not....... the next day I got a phone call from my new doctor telling me that I had a brain tumor and had to have brain surgery..... I made it through surgery, and am here to tell about it today..... God Bless those people and their families that were not able to go home that day....may they rest in peace!

Where were you that awful monring 7 years ago while our country was under attack?

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Sep 11 @ 8:26AM  
I was asleep. I lived in Connecticut at the time. I remember my boyfriend woke me up and it was plastered all over the news. I was scared shitless. What I was thankful for was the day before 9/11 I met my brother for the 1st time. And to know that all my family was ok was a really good feeling. All of us will have an attachment to 9/11 thru someone. We will mourn for the rest of our lives because of this terrible event.

Sep 11 @ 11:18AM  
I already told my story in Ewe's blog.. but it's not a day I will ever forget.. Nor the weeks following when the entire US seemed to pull together in the face of adversity and become, for perhaps the first time since the 40's a cohesive unit.

People suddenly remembered to be kind to one another, to appreciate what they had, to be thankful just to be alive.

Sad, though, that it takes something horrifying like this to remind people that we are all in this world together.

Sep 11 @ 11:38AM  
I was in the bathroom fixing my hair. Just outside the bathroom door sat my husband watching t.v. He said.."look at this..." I stepped out and watched a replay of a plane hitting a building. I thought it was a movie and asked what he was watching. When he told me it was real I was stunned!

For the longest time I couldn't wrap my brain around it. I sat and watched in horror and disbelief and fear gripped my heart along with compassion for the agony I was seeing.

These things will be etched in my mind forever. And so will the coming together of this country, united and filled with people giving their all in a time of need.

Sep 11 @ 12:51PM  
I was at work and 1 of the bosses, who was also from NY, came in and said "Richie, they just flew a plane into the WTC". A lil bit later he came in again and told me about the 2nd plane. After that we pretty much sat in the office all day watching the tv to find out what was going on. I couldn't stop thinking about my uncle and neighbor who were both fireman in that area and was relieved to find out later that both were ok. I also had friends who worked there but thankfully were also ok.

Sep 11 @ 6:08PM  
I had stayed home from work that day. My late fiance', Mick, had gotten up and turned on the tv to the weather channel. He always had the tv loud because his hearing wasn't the best...all those years working as an electrician for rock bands,. Anyway...the noise of the tv woke me up some..and I was laying there just listening to it when I heard one of the meterologists say something about all flights out of LaGardia (spelling?) were being halted due to a plane hitting one of the towers at the World Trade Center. That got my attention. So I got up, turned on CNN just in time to see the second plane slam into the other Tower. I was stunned....I could not believe what I had just saw.

That whole day was horrific...and I can't even begin to imagine the horror the victims experienced, their loved ones, those in the immediate vicinity seeing up close and was horrifying just sitting here in Michigan watching it on tv. My heart will always go out to the families and friends of those lost that day. And I truly appreciate all that our military does to keep up safe from another 9/11. I said it in Dayna's blog..and I'll say here...Our military is the best!

Sep 11 @ 7:23PM  
i had just walked in from working third shift..........needless to say i did not sleep that day..........

Sep 11 @ 9:09PM  
I was at work,the boss called all of us into the cafeteria to watch the tv,we sat there the rest of the day in tears and he paid us for that day and gave us the next day off with pay,he lost his son that day,his son worked on the 51st or 52 floor,,while we were sittng there watching the horror,,I became overwhelmingly proud to be a christian and a american,I feel that the loss of life that day was as personal as if it were my own family

Sep 11 @ 9:27PM  
I know that there are already a couple of blogs out there about today being 9/11
We can never be reminded enough of what we learning from history hopefully it will never happen again.........

Sep 11 @ 9:30PM  
I was at work when one of the ward clerks came in and asked us if we had heard about it, which we hadn't not having the radio on at that time. She told us the patients and nurses where watching it on tv. My co-worker and I turned the radio on and the one and only time she had it loud enough so I could hear it in my office was that day. At that time all the concealed weapons permit requests made in our state went across my desk and we went from a couple hundred a month to a few hundred a week. But we also saw a huge increase in patients in crisis due to all of this. Ok i'm rambeling but i did have a point and that was that 9-11 had a huge impact on our country then, still does and probably will for a long time.

Sep 11 @ 9:38PM  
I was still in seventh grade on the day of the attacks. I remember people at school saying how they were scared because some plane or something had crashed in New York. At first I thought to myself "so what? Planes crash all the time" just because I wasn't aware of all of the details yet. But when I heard that the planes that crashed were hijacked by terrorists who wanted to bring down this country, that's when I finally started to share in the terror of my fellow middle schoolers. I also remembered that my sister was in New York with my aunt no more than a month earlier and I was thankful that they were still here with me today.

Sep 11 @ 9:46PM  
I had gotten off work and was in my second hour of computer classes. Of course, we had the 'puters on all kinds of sites just watching the horror. When class let out there was a strange silence. The school is right across the street from one of the Northwest Airlines repair buildings and was jammed with planes. Later that night around 12:30 AM I heard a jet buzz low over our neighborhood, again at 2:00 and at 3:30. I called the airport commission and asked why the jets were flying low with no lights. The response was " we are at war and don't need any lights".

Nov 13 @ 8:12PM  
I was crossing the I 35W bridge (the same one that collapsed last year) when the guy on the radio announced that some Idiot crashed into the World Trade Center.
He thought it was a singe engine plain. It wasn't until I got to work and the news was on in the break room till I knew the severity of it.
Management in my department was trying to get the big screen TVs on the floor changed so the customers wouldn't get distracted from spending money.

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September 11, 2001 Where Were You?