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Need suggestions for relaxing.

posted 9/9/2008 2:25:12 PM |
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I was informed that my stress level is way too high. I was told to try to find some ways that I could de stress myself. One suggestion was meditation. It has to be something I do for an hour by myself to help me calm down, that in anger stages I can use to help me remain as calm as possible. I would appreciate any suggestions & for all the naughty minded people out there, it has to be something I can do around people & my family to help me not sex .

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Sep 9 @ 2:47PM  
Hmmmmmmmmmm was gonna say masturbating works. And believe me, I outta know. Okay, Got a fish tank? Heard those are good for the old stress............

Sep 9 @ 2:51PM  
I suggest boating

Sep 9 @ 3:02PM  
you need a quiet space
someplace that's yours only
where you can close the door - settle in and chill
a place where nothing gets touched unless you touch it
nothing gets moved unless you move it
we all need "our own space"
where we're surrounded by "our stuff"

Sep 9 @ 4:17PM  
Find a very quiet, very secluded space that nobody knows about but you. This could be in your own home, way out in the country in the middle of a field or something of that nature. Somewhere nobody is going to find you for that hour or however long you have set aside for yourself.

You should only take with you to this place things that have happy memories attached to them. Nothing that involved any sort of strife, conflict or sadness. A cherished gift from a relative, friend or lover...a book from your childhood that you remember taking you places vividly...anything that will help calm your mind and relax you.

For the time that you have set aside, relive those memories. However, I do not mean that you try to relive them as you did then. Relive them in the sense that you remember whatever good feelings you had then and the reasons these items brought you these good feelings.

Or, you can just take with you your mind, your imagination and your thoughts. However, from experience, I know this can be as bad as it is good. Some thoughts or memories, as well as the imagination itself, tend to have a life of their own and refuse to be omitted. As long as you can keep yourself separated from those feelings and thoughts and keep an objective outlook, this can also be therapeutic. It can be very relaxing to go over past events that weren't so happy or didn't provide good memories and think over why they made you feel the way you did then.

Of course, these are merely things that I have done, and still do when I can, when I really need to sit and just relax.

Sep 9 @ 6:16PM  
First take a shower and use a new Luffa sponge. Scrub your self every where, don’t miss a spot. Now have 1 glass of very chilled white wine ready. Fill you tub with water as hot as you can stand it. Add some Lavender bath oil to the batch water. Play some Johann Strauss Waltz nice and loud! Turn the phone off for a couple of hours. Get in the tub slowly have a small towel to use as a pillow, now lean back and let the heat and the music take you away!!!

Sep 9 @ 6:19PM  
Could always smoke a joint outside and watch the nature!!!

Ok, no...really. Just take a nap!

Sep 9 @ 6:23PM  
Deep breathing exercises. I hate to admit that yoga practitioners have something going. Breathing can be done anywhere, alone or in a crowd, as part of exercise or relaxation. Really works.

Sep 9 @ 7:00PM  
You could try something that I learned last year called visualization. It involves sitting in a quiet, comfortable place by yourself and visualizing yourself in a relaxing situation, such as floating on a cloud or lying on the beach. Try to use all of your senses when imagining this scene (what do you see? smell? hear? etc.) Eventually you'll feel like your actually there and will start to feel very relaxed.

Don't forget to focus only on the imaginary scene and to clear your mind of all distracting thoughts.

Sep 9 @ 8:13PM  
Regulate sleep patterns , a healthy diet & find what relaxes you & do it more often .... Cayenne Pepper & Garlic helps w/ high blood & cholesterol if you have it..... try to avoid situations that gives you stress

Sep 9 @ 9:13PM  
Trashy romance novel, cuppa tea or whatever non caffienated warm drink you can stand.. warm cider is nice.. bubbles.. warm water.. candles.. scented candles..

works for me hon...

Sep 9 @ 10:59PM  
I'm w/ the skwirl... Thats what I do whe I need to relax..

Sep 9 @ 11:49PM  
Okay, you can't do it alone or at a moment's notice, but I would suggest getting a massage. It will relax you like nothing else and the good feelings do carry over. If you need more information, send me a message. (I am a Licensed Massage Therapist.)

Sep 10 @ 12:46AM  
how about taijiquan, and qi gong? that helps me out a lot!

Sep 10 @ 2:14AM  
I take a Long hot bath.. with Bubbles...candles... music ..Wine and Just kick back and enjoy the music and wine!
My 2 cents!!!

Sep 10 @ 2:53AM  
they're talking old school Go find a friend, ask her to go to a karaoke bar, drink Vodka and redbull, like ten of them and sing the night away, don't worry about your voice, people are too drunk to care about that, sing your heart out, have fun, then in the morning all you think about is get rid of the hang over if you still remember stress at least you forgot about it for almost 24 hours

chill people was just trying to have fun, actually i did that tonight

Sep 10 @ 12:43PM  
WOW! thanks a lot you guys. I really appreciate all the opinions I will definitely be trying some of them. Glad to know there are decent people in this world.

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Need suggestions for relaxing.