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What would you do?

posted 9/4/2008 11:35:38 PM |
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Okay, so you are in a restaurant alone and you witness your brother in law walk in with a woman who is not your sister. They are obviously all into each other and the sparks are just .......well......uhh........sparking. What do you do?

Do you:

a. Confront him?

b. tell your sister?

c. black mail him at the next family ?

d. ignore it cause it is none of your business?

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Sep 4 @ 11:41PM  
I'd walk over to their table and say hi! Let him deal with it from that point on. But I would not tell my sister.

Sep 4 @ 11:43PM  
I would probably tell my sister..... after all...... that is blood....

Sep 4 @ 11:46PM  
I'd walk over to their table and say hi! Let him deal with it from that point on. But I would not tell my sister.

That is kind of what I was thinking.... walk up... introduce yourself to the new girl and he would forever know that I know....but I wouldn't say anything.

But heaven forbid your sister finds out you knew about it.

Sep 4 @ 11:50PM  
or you could
"hey bro - guess who I've got on the phone -
oops - dropped the call - wanna call her back?
or should I?"

Sep 4 @ 11:52PM  
But heaven forbid your sister finds out you knew about it.

Why should I be the one to let him off the hook? He might just change his ways too. Fortunately I haven't been confronted with this.

Sep 4 @ 11:59PM  
a. Confront him?

b. tell your sister?

I would more than likely do both of these.

Sep 5 @ 12:03AM  
Walk up and say hi.. Will make him wonder if you would tell your sister or not...
But being me after I walk away I would be on the phone telling my sister..

Sep 5 @ 12:17AM  
yeah, just let him know you are aware of it then leave the rest to him, whether he tells your sister or talk to you or not, it's enough he knows you are aware of it.

Sep 5 @ 1:18AM  
No matter what you do you are going to get the shit end of the stick.
Perhaps a conversation and request for an explanation from him later.

Another thought: Maybe she would offer to do you too and at least you'd be happy.

Sep 5 @ 3:13AM  
Kind of a combo of some of the other comments.

I'd call sis and when I got her on the cell phone I'd walk over, hand it to him and say, "Sis wants to talk to you" and see how he handles it and if he tells on himself since I didn't tell her what's up.

Sep 5 @ 4:26AM  
I'd take some pics and email them to him with the message

"Remember that money I loaned you five years ago?"

Sep 5 @ 6:38AM  
I have to agree with the room, i would do the same thing.

Sep 5 @ 8:54AM  
My first thought... if he's rich and you hate him, blackmail him for a while, then tell her. But in reality, tell your sister. The worse thing anyone can do is not tell their own blood. I would risk my sister getting pissed at me.

Sep 5 @ 9:31AM  
Well first I would walk up to the table and hug the woman and say OMG Sis its good to see you.........and then step back with a dumbfounded look on my face and say OMG im so sorry I just assumed it was my sister kissing on my brother n law.......and than i would turn to him and say choice is yours you tell my sister or I tell my sister.........if sister gets upset at me for telling her...........chances are she already knew about his infidelity and just didnt want to admit it or have anyone else know about it................

Sep 5 @ 9:44AM  
Yeah.. both A and B... cuz cheating is wrong. If they don't have an open relationship it's not fair to either of them to let this behavior go on.

Sep 5 @ 9:58AM  
I'd confront him with....either you tell your wife or I will. You have one week and that's being more generous than you deserve.

If I was the wife....I'd want to know.

Sep 5 @ 11:55AM  
Well he's in a public place so he has to expect someone will recognize him. Go up say hi and ask where your sister is, but no need to start a ruckus, maybe that's his sister not bloody likely.

Sep 5 @ 1:53PM  
I would confront her, but I might not tell my sister in case she has her own little side buddy she's seeing.

Sep 5 @ 5:04PM  
Order surf & turf and send the check to him???

Sep 5 @ 5:20PM  
Order surf & turf and send the check to him???

My favorite answer yet!!!!

Sep 5 @ 7:12PM  
I'd walk over and say hi.

Would I tell my sister? Not at first, I'd let him squirm for a while...and give him the chance to come clean on his own. And if he didn't, I'd tell my sister.

Sep 5 @ 7:34PM  
I'd call my sister and ask her to meet for dinner

Sep 5 @ 7:53PM  
I'd go take a seat at the table and say "Oh, hey "so and so" where's your wife? My sister?? Oh and by the way (while shaking the womens hand) I'm Bobbie"

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