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Cheerleader Uniforms: How short should they be?

posted 9/4/2008 3:24:48 AM |
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Cheerleaders at Grizzell Middle School are not allowed to wear their uniforms to class, and the decision has some parents in the district irked.
On game days, cheerleaders and athletes in the Dublin City School Distict often wear their uniforms to school to show pride, but the school's principal decided to ban cheerleader outfits from class because they go against dress code, 10TV's Tanisha Mallett reported.
The dress code states that the length of skirts cannot be shorter than 5 inches above the knee and clothing should not be a distraction.

Michaela Grandey, whose daughter is a Grizzell cheerleader, said she does not understand the principal's decision.

"(The uniforms) are OK enough to pay hundreds of dollars to order them," Grandey said, "but for some reason they're not OK to wear to school."

Grandey said that other middle schools in the district allow cheerleaders to wear their uniforms to class.

"It's just a non-consistent enforcement policy," Grandey said. "One team is able to wear something and one team isn't. Unfortunately it's very subjective at this point."

However, according to a district statement, dress code decisions are left open to each building's administrative staff. The statement reads, "Implementation of the student handbook and discretion with dress code issues are the responsibility of the building administration."

Still, Gandey said the policy needs rethinking.

"My hope is that the girls can wear the uniform," Grandey said. "They're great girls and they're not doing anything that's risque or unbecoming to the district."

District administrators said they were in the process of looking at the consistency of guidelines in the middle schools around the district. They plan to meet next week to come up with one rule.


My opinion is if these cheerleader outfits have always been the same length for so many years, why change them now? I personally don't see anything wrong with this before it got banned. But hey, if they start banning stuff like this in high school I'm sure there will be a bigger backlash with all hell breaking loose!

My question is, do you agree with this ban? How many inches above the knees should be allowed?

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Sep 4 @ 3:56AM  
Okay, I broke out my old cheerleader skirt outfit and measured. 5 inches above the knees sounds about right. I think that's fair!

I also don't see why they can't be worn in class.

Sep 4 @ 5:37AM  
Let's flip it around. I'm curious as to why it's OK to wear the cheerleader outfits to games even they violate the dress code for school. After all, games are a school function!

The cheap bastard in me wants to know who the hell pays "hundreds of dollars" for the outfits anyway.

When I was in HS, our cheerleaders wore their outfits to class on game day. It was only a distraction for a couple of the girls!

Strad, please resist the urge to post the pic of you wearing your outfit. Thank you!

Sep 4 @ 6:29AM  
Old fuddy duddy reporting in here. Any cheerleading skirt I've seen barely covers the butt. School function or not...if they allow the cheerleaders to wear skirts that short then next all the girls will be saying..."if they can get by with it then we should be able to too."

Nope...rules are rules. Those skirts are SHORT and I know teenage boys. They will be drooling all day instead of paying attention in class. And the cheerleaders, being teenagers will eat it up, flaunt their little butts for attention and the rest of the girls will get all bent outta shape and the war is on.

I say sports uniforms belong on the sports field...not in the classroom. And I say parents that buck the school rules just for their darling little girls need slapped up side the head. WTF's wrong with parents nowadays.... I hope the school doesn't cave in to these idiot parents and spoiled little babies.


Sep 4 @ 6:55AM  
I don't know why they don't compromise and let them wear the tops with regular pants, skirts, etc.

Sep 4 @ 8:39AM  
I can see why they would put the ban on outfits.. I always thought they were to short.
And over the years I have seen some of the outfits get small and shorter.. They push the limit with some of them in the name of sports for these chearleaders..

If the chearleaders are aloud to wear the outfits on game day.. What say other girls not a chearleader can wear the same kind of outfits/clothing to school
and break the rules of the dress code..
Now the school my kids go to the chearleaders have other outfits to wear on game day.. That should be how all schools should do it..

Sep 4 @ 9:18AM  
I don't know why they don't compromise and let them wear the tops with regular pants, skirts, etc
Gotta agree with Bruce here.......Perhaps a longer skirt from the same uniform company for school hours could be an option. jmo

Sep 4 @ 9:53AM  
I went to a Catholic High school, and remember the cheerleaders wearing their uniforms on game days. I'm sure our dress code was alot stricter, but alot of times the cheerleaders would wear leggings or pants under their skirts.

This would seem like a reasonable compromise, they're still able to show team pride while being within the dress code. Either that or just wear the tops with jeans or slacks!

To answer the question, yes I do agree with it. Not necessarily with the ban, but with enforcing the rules of the school.

Sep 4 @ 10:37AM  

Well in my opinion, I see nothing wrong in them being up to a half inch below the ears.

Sep 4 @ 11:57AM  
Let's flip it around. I'm curious as to why it's OK to wear the cheerleader outfits to games even they violate the dress code for school. After all, games are a school function!

Yup! If it is against the dress code and distracting, why is it okay to be wearing to a school function?

Yes, I do understand that while some amount of tightness and shortness are needed for the kids (not all cheerleaders are girls, folks) to perform their routines, do they really need to be as immodestly inappropriate as many are these days? NOPE!

As for school spirit, everyone could be wearing school colors and school shirts...and, yes, since the tops should be appropriate, the kids could wear their tops with a pair of jeans...our football players didn't wear their whole uniform on game day...just their jerseys.

Sep 4 @ 12:17PM  
Okay, I broke out my old cheerleader skirt outfit and measured. 5 inches above the knees sounds about right. I think that's fair!

.......and I must say; you looked simply stunning in it,

Sep 4 @ 12:38PM  
the shorter the better

Sep 4 @ 12:53PM  
I don't know about now....but a million years ago when I was in school, we weren't allowed to wear any part of our uniform unless we wore it all together.
For those of us who are umm "shorter" 5" would be about right...but for those with longer legs 5" would have made their skirts too long to comfortably do some of the moves.

And everyone does realize that there is something worn under the skirts....right?

I don't agree with the ban..BUT, I agree that rules shouldn't be broken for some but not others....
I also think if they can't wear them on game day then they need to lower the prices on them.....well they need to lower the prices anyway,but you get my point.

Sep 4 @ 6:56PM  
I went to Catholic school. Rule was the dress you had on couldn't go any shorter than your fingertips could reach.

I think thats a good rule of thumb (Or

Sep 4 @ 7:08PM  
They don't need to wear an entire uniform all day to show pride. T-shirts, pom-poms, whatever else works.

Sep 4 @ 9:21PM  
Ok..even back in "the good old days", in the 80's...the skirts the high school cheerleaders wore were short...and on game day..they wore their uniforms WITH color coordinated shorts and the football team wore their jerseys.


Sep 4 @ 9:26PM  
the football team wore their jerseys.

Same at my school, but it was the jerseys and the cheerleader tops, pants and skirts were conventional in class.

Sep 5 @ 3:26AM  
hm... how short should they be - or should they be at all?

Sep 5 @ 7:14AM  
Cheerleaders at Grizzell Middle School are not allowed to wear their uniforms to class

There is a difference between middle school and high school. Huge difference. I work in one and we have a very strict dress code. Granted, our cheerleading uniforms comply with those standards.

Call me a prude, but 5 inches about the knee is just fine for an 11-14 year old.

That and the majority of uniforms available for purchase now are much shorter. The longer length skirts are no longer available. Many districts with yournger students are forced to make their own.

Also, many schools have been forced to seperate from many atheltic areas. School budgets and federal funding that do not allow these extra expenditures. So...they allow the comminuty to take them over. This does leave a few problems when trying to blend the two.

Just a few facts....

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Cheerleader Uniforms: How short should they be?