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When does life begin?

posted 9/3/2008 7:54:16 AM |
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tagged: straddle, sex, life, abortion

When does life begin? Are you for abortion, or against abortion? There had been a blog or two along the way asking where people stood with abortion, so I decided to ask this question along with when you think life actually begins. I feel that life begins at conception, when the egg and sperm meet. That's the spark of life. Some will argue this, but that's how I feel. I am against abortion, but I can go for people having an abortion in cases such as to save the mother's life, incest, or for a woman who has been raped and wants to abort soon after the rape. Where do you stand on these two issues?

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Sep 3 @ 8:01AM  
It's a tough issue. I was brought up Catholic. Brought up not to agree with abortion. I do believe it starts at conception though. This is a topic that can go on and on forever.

Sep 3 @ 8:18AM  
Straddle and Sunshine ur correct! It begins at moment of conception, period!

Sep 3 @ 8:37AM  
Life begins at conception. The issue of abortion seems to be in the words...fetus or baby. Just a mass of tissue i.e. fetus..or when is it a baby. I for one don't understand that thinking. It's a baby, a human life and how it can be conceived that it's anything else is beyond me.

I've watched the movie "Silent Scream", I've seen the video of piles of dead babies out behind abortion clinics...I mean PILES of them. It use to be an abortion had to be done in the first they are aborted into the eighth month....pulled out of the mother feet first with the head left inside to have a tube inserted into the base of the babies skull and suck its brains out. As long as the head is inside, it's abortion not murder.

Babies are aborted that are living and set aside to die or smothered to finish the job. It's all so barbaric...and it is wrong.


Sep 3 @ 8:45AM  
Kudos for bringing up a tough subject for some to think about.

Sep 3 @ 8:54AM  
Tough issue Shawn.. But yes life begins at conception..

Sep 3 @ 9:04AM  
Yes, i agree life begins at conception. As for second question - I personally dont think I could go through with an abortion, but I believe it is every womans right to do what she chooses with that issue. I judge no one, that is a painful enough decision for them to make, and it will haunt them forever, so again, its not our place to judge. I am just supportive if I am needed.

Sep 3 @ 9:20AM  
womans right to do what she chooses with that issue.

I feel that since it takes two to make a baby, the most responsible thing, and the right thing to me would be for both the man and the woman to be involved with that decision.

Sep 3 @ 9:28AM  
I feel that since it takes two to make a baby, the most responsible thing, and the right thing to me would be for both the man and the woman to be involved with that decision.

I agree with that - to an extent - sometimes the guy just isnt even around, so there is possibly a reason she has to choose herself. Have a great day - I have to go work now, see if the pain will stay away enough to get through the day

Sep 3 @ 9:34AM  
sometimes the guy just isnt even around, so there is possibly a reason she has to choose herself

Very true, Christine. In a case like that then she would have to choose by herself

Sep 3 @ 10:57AM  
You certainly are brave to bring up this hot of an issue. I'll give you a kudo for bravery.

As to your questions. I agree with the majority here that life begins at conception. As to abortion, while I wouldn't get an abortion myself, I do feel it is a decision that should be left up to the individuals involved for the simple fact that it's their personal life, decision, and others have no need to be getting involved in it.


Sep 3 @ 11:35AM  
Same thing for you, it starts after the union of sperm and egg. Uh. . .Did you sleep?

No abortion for me, heck I wanted so much children in my life, unless of course it's going to cost the mother's life, but for any other reason. . . .no no

Sep 3 @ 11:40AM  
shutting the hell up and walking away from this one.

Sep 3 @ 1:57PM  
Well Straddle this is a toughie, there are going to be as many different answers as there are people!! Everyone has their own opinions. I personally do not agree with abortion, can't even imagine someone having to make that decision, it would be very hard I'm sure. I sometimes work in the clinic that does abortions and believe me the women run a gamot (?) of emotions. I have seen an aborted fetus and some as far along as almost 5 months (hard to believe but true). Very sad indeed. What I disagree with the most is the women who have numerous of abortions,,,,,,,this in my opinion should never happen. In this day and age there is no excuse for numerous of mistakes!! Another sad reality is there are so many couples out there that would do anything for a child and can't have any, sometimes there is no justice!

Sep 3 @ 2:13PM  
Jeremiah 1:5 says, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”
I too am one that believes that life begins at conception. Morally I disagree with “abortion on demand” but believe it is the individual that has to make and live with their decision so I reckon that makes me pro-choice. But somehow I did not expect straddle to be “pro-choice”.

Just something to ponder but technically, at least in the scientific term, the sperm cell itself is a living organism. Short lived but still a living organism. Hummmm, does that mean a man commits murder when he jacks off? And what about when a woman gives him a hand; would that be accessory?

Sep 4 @ 1:02AM  
Oy, here's a good one we can fight over.

As for the "life" part, that's tough- unanswerable, even. For some, it's when the man ejaculates (wrong!). For some, it's when the sperm enters the egg. Metaphysically speaking, this may be true, for not long after that, the genes begin to combine. However, from a biological approach, this is not a very tidy place to draw the line. The majority (75-80%) of eggs fertilized by sperm do not get implanted in the wall of the uterus. They come out during the period, same as an unfertilized egg. A pregnancy test will not come up positive until implantation occurs. Hence we do not say we only have a 75-80% miscarriage rate! Perhaps a more appropriate definition would be to say that life begins when the cell begins dividing, becoming a trus zygote.

For others, life does not begin until they are named. In my religion, a baby is not really refered to in terms of being a definite person until they have been named, and in the case of boys, circumsized, usually about a week after birth. This is left over from the old days when infant mortality rates were sky-high.

As for religious reasons, I can't say too much from the Christian perspective because I haven't read all of the New Testemant, but the Old Testemant, doen't seem too anti-choice, as seen in Exodus 21:22 and Numbers 5:12-28. So I think that to say that being anti-choice is integral to a faith-based worldview or having wholsome family values, as is the popular opinion, is a crock of shit.

Personally, I have very mixed feelings. I consider a person a person when I can percieve them. There could be some anonymous bus driver in Tajikastan who is completely functional, but without me having awareness of them, if they died, I couldn't very well mourn their passing. On the other hand I have sired no less than three children that didn't even make it to being the size of a fingernail before being miscarried (fucking OrthoEvra- doesn't prevent pregnancy, just birth). Now given the situation, we would have chosen to abort them anyway, but I still felt torn up about it each time, and we mourned them just as one would mourn a full-grown child. So I guess you could say I'm anti-life. That is to say, acknowledging that abortion does kill, but still in favor it. If for no other reason, because the planet cannot support infinite population growth and I've yet to see any colonization efforts from the Vatican Space Program.

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When does life begin?